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Monday, July 24, 2006

Yeah, I know, Carine Roitfeld is no longer popular with AW's cronies - the same people who used to adore her style now question her aesthetic and Paris Vogue cover choices.. What changed?
It can't be just that AW is pissed with the fact that "...Bee Shaffer, Anna Wintour's debutante daughter, at the Crillon Ball, appeared in the middle of an 'erotic-chic' edition of the magazine..."

...'Unfortunately,' Roitfeld winces, 'just after the most erotic picture in the entire magazine.' There were diary stories claiming Wintour was horrified. 'And of course some nice people left this story on my desk. But really I wanted to do something beautiful for Bee. I was very shocked… I sent Anna Wintour a note and she sent me a note back: "Don't worry, we love the pictures."
(If looks could kill, UK Telegraph, 13/11/2005)

So AW loved the pics - but not Carine any more, since her minions at the NYT and elsewhere no longer pay any attention to her...

Carine also made a serious blunder in that interview last year - she said "...I prefer to have my hands in my pocket than to have a nice little bag. So I am not good for all these fashions. They have to sell bags, bags, bags, bags, bags, bags. I hate handbags...."

Oh well - this kind of talk will get you in trouble with major Conde Nast advertisers, like LVMH...after all, Vuitton fashion exists just to help sell their bags...

From the days when AW's fans loved everything about her:

Gorgeous v cool
Gorgeous is so 80s. To be today's hot item you need to be cool

Shane Watson
Friday March 30, 2001
The Guardian

Last week I found myself queuing for the chairlift alongside Carine Roitfeld. The name will mean nothing but it's enough to induce serious collywobbles in the fashion world for Carine is the most stingingly hip of stylists and editor of French Vogue.
Naturally I was mesmerised. You could have waved Benicio del Torro in front of me and I wouldn't have been distracted from the very important business of soaking in the constituents of Roitfeld's "look". "That", I hissed to my companions, "is the coolest woman in the world". They looked puzzled, gazing straight past her at the pretty blonde in the pastel all-in-one.

Honestly. I had to stand next to her and jab my thumb in her direction before they got it and even then they refused to believe that someone with a face like Iggy Pop's, legs like Rumplestiltskin and the expression of a childcatcher could be the icon of fashion girls world over. "That", said one of them, "is the scariest looking woman I've ever seen". But isn't that the thing about cool? It is prized beyond rubies by a few obsessive individuals and is absolutely incomprehensible to everyone else.
Gorgeous, as Anna Wintour might put it, is so 80s. And gorgeous is too easy.
In Cool World you can have a face like a goat and a brain the size of a raisin but if you're achingly thin, suitably detached and you were the first to cut your jeans down to your pubic bone then you'll command respect. Cool is the reason why sane, grown up women worship Kate Moss (achievements to date, modelling and looking good in own clothes) and not Claudia Schiffer, never mind Cherie Blair. Cool is the reason why most of the population flick through the pages of fashion magazines thinking, "Christ! Who would wear that?"

It's why Armani has linked up with I-d magazine to sponsor a street-style exhibition next week and Chanel hopped into bed with the bi-annual Pop - two of the biggest, richest designers in the world grovelling at the doorstep of two Brit low-budget publications simply in order to bask in their reflected cool.


Yep - gorgeous is so 80s...dunno if comparing Carine to Rumplestiltskin was a bit too harsh, but adopting Iggy's hairstyle didn't help with that comparison...btw you can bet you won't see these sort of articles from any American "fashion journalist"


At 7/25/2006 7:38 AM, Blogger Gabriel said...

Carine indeed has the face of Iggy Pop, but she's also terribly vulgar, and lacks the elegance of Iggy. She's a serious burden to the world of Parisian fashion. When you mention her name, people roll their eyes.

At 7/25/2006 8:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps "cool" as described in this article is what's important- but only to the fashion-obsessed. Gorgeousness will always overthrow bizarre in the real world. Does the average man know Carine? No. Nor does he care. Nothing is more intimidating than a beautiful woman.


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