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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Damn - even when you don't want to believe conspiracy theories, they smack you in the face...Brazil just lost to France, and I am glad I didn't bet money on a Brazilian World Cup win like most...

There was the affair of the 1998 WC final, when Brazil played shitty football and lost to France - Brazil then wins the 2002 WC in Korea easily, and we get to 2006, with major WC sponsor Adidas behind Germany, Spain, Argentina and France (from a total of 6 teams) big rival Puma sponsoring Italy (among 12 teams) and Nike dressing Brazil and Portugal (among 8 teams).

Argentina, easily the best Adidas team, plays shitty football against the Germans, their coach makes childish mistakes, the best Argie players miss their penalties, and Germany advances...both Adidas teams, but Germany has to be one of the two finalists. Portugal beat sorry England earlier today, and a Brazil win would result in two Nike, one Puma and only one Adidas team in the final four.

France plays well, but the Brazilian defense clears the ball easily almost every time - then Zidane takes a foul kick, five (!!) Brazilian defenders go to sleep and leave only three teammates chasing five French players toward the post - nobody follows Henry, who scores easily. The Brazilian coach replaces Kaka who was among of the best up to that point, and leaves tired Ronaldo in the game...the Brazos look like a mess all evening and can't even shoot straight (the French goalkeeper, Barthez - also known as ex Mr Linda Evangelista II - has a very easy day)

What about England, the sole team sponsored by Umbro? They are so pathetic, they probably wouldn't score against Portugal even if they kept playing for another 24 hours...Portugal is a mess, but at least they know how to score from the penalty mark...

Semifinals - Germany against Italy, France against Portugal...looks like a Germany vs France final.

Spice Boy is finished, the talk is that he will move to the USA next year to play football's reportedly up to Posh Spice to decide if she likes NYC (Red Bulls) or Los Angeles (Galaxy) better - Beckham has already opened a football academy in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson with the owners of the Galaxy...


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