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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This is scandal season in Italy...the big football scandal, involving the Juventus director and many others, is followed by raunchy exposes featuring some well-known local personalities:

It seems that the ex-King, Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, "helped to procure prostitutes for an Italian casino" - more about this debacle here...his son is the equally infamous Emanuele Filberto, a major asshole...
Classic dialog involving the ex-King, on R&R to Milan:

A conversation with Venetian businessman Ugo Bonazza:
VE I’m going to Milan . . . and I’ve got three quarters of an hour now . . . I wanted to go to a whore . . . to go again to . . . what was her name?
Bonazza Alice, Alice. [supplies the address]. She’s there, ring the bell, number 18, where it says “Yoga”, you remember?
VE I’ll give her €200 and no more, eh?
Bonazza No no, you don’t have to give her anything. Just a wave, a little kiss. Tell her I’ll sort it out later

As they say - "pay no more than 200 euro"...

An even spicier affair just exploded, with state TV (RAI) executives allegedly asking various aspiring starlets for sexual favors in exchange for their very own show on RAI of the names mentioned is Elisabetta Gregoraci who is often seen next to Flavio Briatore...she started as Miss Calabria, did the usual nudie calendars and even some Wonderbra ads before jumping to TV and cinema


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