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Thursday, June 08, 2006

I've been busy lately, and missed the start of Fashion Rio (June 6th-11th) - but even Brazilian fashion shows as not as exciting as they used to be...Gisele will be the star model once again for Colcci while Raica will be the TNG star...someone booked Kim Noorda (!!) and a Romina as international "guest models", so it's a safe bet that the locals won't go wild any time soon.
Cute Carol Trentini got a nice beautyfying job for the cover of Vogue Brazil and is the main star for a 2nd year, along with Raquel Z, who remains largely unknown in Brazil...Gianne Albertoni is not only a carioca, but also celebrates 11 years in the biz - she was hailed as the "Milan lolita" at 13, back in 1995...
Raquel Zimmermann btw lives in Williamsburg and her bfriend is Cuban-American photographer Ruy Sanchez Blanco...Fernanda Motta is also there, but she is even lesser known than Raquel Z locally...Carol Francischini heads for California on June 16th to be photographed for a Victoria's Secret catalogue...Leticia Birkheuer is of course a major TV celeb, while Izabel Goulart is expected to walk for Lenny and JeĆ­sa Chiminazzo for Animale...Michele Alves, Juliana Imai, Fabiana Semprebom etc are also in Rio.
If this is true, you may hear a lot more about Emanuela de Paula soon - apparently A Wintour compared her with...Liya Kebede ! (I guess coz they are both dark-skinned)-Emanuela is better model material and far more impressive than Liya IMO

Fun-loving teens in Fashion Rio...Schynaider, Bruna Freire, ? , Emanuela and Cintia Dicker


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