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Friday, June 09, 2006

Fashion mods and World Cup - unfortunately(?) the Germans failed to consult with NYC modeling biz "professionals" and so Julia Stegner won't show up anywhere...Claudia S still looks good, as evident from her Cannes appearances, and she will be the German beauty representative...
You probably saw this in the evening news - "...Triumph International is presenting an unusual and very special fashion show in Munich to celebrate the 2006 World Cup. The fashion show will be held in Munich. The highlight will be the presentation of exclusive football bras, specially designed for Triumph and modelled by the girlfriends of some of the world's best footballers. The internationally celebrated top model Raica Oliveira, girlfriend of Brazil's international player Ronaldo, joins Alena Seredova, girlfriend of Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and Pamela Diaz, wife of the famous Chilean player Manuel Neila of Union Española, will present the creations of football bras...As a big fan of the German national team, Lena Gercke, winner of the successful Heidi Klum TV Show "Germany's next Top Model" will be present to support the top class trio on the catwalk..."
Raica looks rather glamourized lately...and she even helped Ronaldo with his blisters:
Raica, 22, spent Monday with Ronaldo at the Brazilian team’s hotel in Konigstein, Germany, before heading back across the Atlantic for modeling assignments in New York and Rio de Janeiro. ‘Raica, the solution for Ronaldo,’ Folha said, noting that she had helped him deal with his blistered feet. He has been recuperating from blisters on both feet but resumed training with the team on Tuesday, Brazil’s squad doctor Jose Luis Runco told reporters in Germany...
She also stated she is not much fond of Milan (who is?) and would rather live close to a beach..."...Ronaldo's fiancé, Raica Oliveira, admits she doesn't want to live in Milan and would prefer to see Ronaldo playing for a club by the sea. Raica said: "I just don't like Milan. He goes where the job takes him, but it's not a pretty city. I much prefer the sea."


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