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Sunday, May 21, 2006

New model name - 26 yo Alexandra Paressant joined Team L'Oreal 2006, is in Chanel Reves and looks like a cross between Isabeli and Rianne...interesting. She was also in several Paris shows last season, 1m78 tall and 90-62-92.

The Milanese think "rules" may be the problem - for the fact that people care little about Milan anymore... could it possibly be that the problem is elsewhere - in that they choose to accept and represent shitty models, blindly following the biz rules that NYC sets? Unfortunately for them, hip NYC types know how to play the "high fashion" game much better than they can...

MODELS, photographers and stylists in Milan went on strike for three hours on Wednesday to protest against the lack of rules governing their industry. "When you go to New York or Paris, there are rules you have to follow," says Guido Dolci, president of Assem, which represents some of the fashion agencies there. "You need a visa to work, or a license. In the Eighties, everyone was here, all of the most famous models and photographers. Everybody worked in Milan. Now everyone shoots abroad and our economy has fallen."

The local offices of IMG and Women NYC continue to make good money though - so maybe the losers should ask Rowland and Co how come the lack of "rules" in Milan doesn't seem to affect them...


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