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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Damn, I knew someone in Nick Nolte's entourage looked familiar...Olga K is yet another mod who is modeling for over a decade (she was on the cover of US Glamour back in 1998) with many major campaigns but is ignored by the Gemmanoid-loving vogueys ...who gives a #@&% you ask...certainly not Olga, who after a lead role in a 2005 movie which made a big splash at the Toronto film festival, shows up in 'Paris Je T'aime', along with Nick Nolte, Bruce Wiilis and many others..

Olga Kurylenko in Cannes, from the movie premiere

Noemie Lenoir who also has an acting career, is more visible thanks to L'Oreal - I love her new hairstyle..

Friday, May 26, 2006

Victoria S decided to wear this outfit in the Cannes AIDS gala yesterday - I am not sure how it can promote the fight against AIDS...

Petra Nemcova was also there...Noemie Lenoir finally changed hairstyle...various NYC voguey characters showed up too, since AMFAR is involved in the charity...Mariacarla wore a 95% transparent dress...thirtysomething Adriana Sklenarikova still looks unreal, while some 90s French top mods I saw on Canal+ looked like a very mature Molly Russians whatsoever, except a Svetlana Metkina, who is said to be an actress...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ana Beatriz was seen in Cannes a few days ago, she was in the big Cardin party with Jeisa...they were originally supposed to fly to Nice (the Nice airport serves Cannes, Nice and Monaco) from Sao Paulo along with Alessandra Ambrosio, Ale says in her forum that she will be a guest of BMW-Sauber for the Formula One GP in Monaco this weekend...I suspect all three may show up in Monaco, so check with the BMW-Sauber press office if you are in the need to get tickets for the big race, I bet they will be making lots of appearances tomorrow and Saturday as well...Ale is scheduled to do an ed for Vogue Italia, perhaps with Michel Comte, who worked with her in a BMW-related shoot before

Big movie directors usually don't get photographed with their girlfriend next to their major Hollywood star - but Alina Puscau is an exception. Alina in Cannes, with Brett Ratner and Halle Berry for "X Men"...I've met Alina, she is a very nice girl and I bet Rattner is in a blissful state of mind...

The mods who made the most impact in Cannes - Victoria Silvstedt, who outboobed the competition, and Adriana Sklenarikova...sure, MariaCarla was in town too, along with members of the Roitfeld clan, but "high fashion" afficcionados are few and far between in the Riviera, so the bombastic blondes got the spotlight...

God almighty...the French were speechless...and she looks twice as tall as Pam Anderson

Typical crappy NYC model story - tells you how much the "pros" know about the top mods...

SUPERMODEL Karolina Kurkova is in trouble with Simon Doonan. The Czech catwalker was reportedly due to present the famously outspoken creative director of Barneys with a Fashion Maverick Award at the American Image Awards in New York last week – but she pulled out at the last moment. And he was taking no prisoners once he got onto the stage of the Hyatt Regency to pick up his gong. "Miss Kurkova was scheduled to present the Fashion Maverick Award to Simon Doonan tonight," he said, according to PAGESIX.COM. "And, in typical model fashion, she cancelled. Needless to say, this is something she will live to regret… Miss Kurkova pulled out at the last minute. Her excuse? Very interesting. She said she had to dash back to the Ukraine because of 'an immigration issue'. For those of you who are not in the fashion industry, allow me to explain: When an Eastern European supermodel claims she has to 'dash home' because of 'an immigration issue,' this can only mean one thing - it means she is heading home to avail herself of some free socialised dentistry - anything for a freebie! These hussies make a fortune, but they can never get used to paying to get their teeth scraped."

Of course, K Kurkova has nothing to do with the Ukraine - she is Czech, as the piece itself states in the beginning!!

As for why she gave Doonan the two fingers - she flew to Athens, Greece instead, to catwalk for a local Couture designer and make some serious money...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Boy, this is a nice birthday present...Ana Beatriz, who will be celebrating her bday this weekend, gets not only the Elle Spain cover, but also appears in a great bikini ed inside..add to that Diana Kovalchuk and Talytha, and you have another must-buy Elle ES issue...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The June issue of Elle Spain is out - Ana Beatriz gets the cover...G. Bensimon remains in a creative coma, with dowdy Hollywood celebs dominating the US Elle covers

I noticed Isabeli in a Revlon product launch, for the new Flair fragrance...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

New model name - 26 yo Alexandra Paressant joined Team L'Oreal 2006, is in Chanel Reves and looks like a cross between Isabeli and Rianne...interesting. She was also in several Paris shows last season, 1m78 tall and 90-62-92.

The Milanese think "rules" may be the problem - for the fact that people care little about Milan anymore... could it possibly be that the problem is elsewhere - in that they choose to accept and represent shitty models, blindly following the biz rules that NYC sets? Unfortunately for them, hip NYC types know how to play the "high fashion" game much better than they can...

MODELS, photographers and stylists in Milan went on strike for three hours on Wednesday to protest against the lack of rules governing their industry. "When you go to New York or Paris, there are rules you have to follow," says Guido Dolci, president of Assem, which represents some of the fashion agencies there. "You need a visa to work, or a license. In the Eighties, everyone was here, all of the most famous models and photographers. Everybody worked in Milan. Now everyone shoots abroad and our economy has fallen."

The local offices of IMG and Women NYC continue to make good money though - so maybe the losers should ask Rowland and Co how come the lack of "rules" in Milan doesn't seem to affect them...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pagesix discovers C Murphy home movie - she had the surfer dude busted, but the tape got leaked...

Jake Schroeder - who was arrested on extortion charges in January after he tried to sell a graphic sex tape he made with his ex-wife, supermodel Carolyn Murphy - says he's sorry he ever tried to hawk the homemade porno. "Do I regret it?" he asked us. "Damn straight I do." Schroeder claims all he was really trying to do was recoup $200,000 he says Murphy owes him from a hotel they planned to open in Costa Rica together. The surfer dude, who is the father of Murphy's daughter, Dylan, 5, was bailed out of jail by Internet Commerce Group, the company that tried to market the two-hour video, parts of which have already been leaked on the Web

Thursday, May 11, 2006

AW went to LA fashion week (despite what her avid fans may think about it) and now NYC exports its high fashion "Mary Poppins" values to LA as well:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Missing: scantily-clad females hawking the latest in electronic toys for the boys.
The video game industry's annual trade show in Los Angeles opened its doors to its exhibitors on Wednesday with organizers ordering women staffing the booths to cover up or face a $5,000 fine.
Banned are nudity, partial nudity, bikini bottoms or any sexually explicit or provocative conduct, according to the handbook from The Entertainment Software Association, or ESA, which owns and operates the E3 Expo.
Pauline K, who declined to give her last name, wore a white shredded tank top with an exposed midriff, short mini skirt and knee-high leggings as she handed out fliers for a company that makes custom face plates for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 game machine.
She said another of the models received a warning from show organizers for showing too much skin. "Apparently her cleavage was a little too distracting," she said.
"Last year there were a lot of complaints about how the models were beyond, in many cases, what was decent," said ESA President Douglas Lowenstein on Monday.
Despite the new rules, there was no shortage of exposed skin, patent leather and knee-high boots. Many exhibitors dressed women like video game heroines and there was a group of women wearing sexy nurses' outfits.
"They're wearing slightly more clothes this year," said Gail Salamanica, an exhibitor at the show, "But not much."

This reminds me of Leticia Birkheuer (some others probably think of Karen Elson and Erin OC in sexy lesbian nurse drab) in these infamous pics from her blond days...