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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Is Yogi Berra still alive?

The dude who runs received the following cease-and-desist

Carolyn Murphy/ICG - DMCA Notice
As you know, we are litigation counsel for Carolyn Murphy. As you also know, we sent a DMCA Notice to you earlier today. If you do not remove the copyright-protected video of our client from your website,, immediately, our client will sue you and anyone working on your behalf or in concert with you for millions of dollars and injunctive relief.

Govern yourself appropriately.

P. S. Berra

Right...I dunno if the comic relief you get from watching Ms "US Fantastic mother of the Year" -or similar- will offset the "injuctive relief", but you can rest assured that this blog, which respects US copyright laws, will not link to any C Murphy video...just use the mule or any P2P s/w...

Are these lawyers for real? I would suggest to the dude who talked to them on the phone to investigate whether the phone numbers are registered to a certain NYC model agency, or a company which employs an editrix who used to party with Bob Marley in the 70s...

His original link was this - who the hell are "Ljuba and Juliana"?

btw here is C Murphy with her ex, the surfer boy who sold their "home video" to ICG after they had certain "disagreements" - which were covered here extensively...whether the action was filmed in Barbados or his surf camp in Costa Rica, I dunno

He looks more like a "manly man" than a "socialite man" - I am referring to the sort of men featured in the voguey-friendly fashion section of the NY Times

For people who don't know shit about C Murphy (almost everyone) and who want to see the "perfect mom" -according to the Lauder heiress- in (modeling) action, I am posting again the infamous MaxMara campaign pic, where someone decided Ms Murphy would match the interior decoration better if she was varnished as well...the year was could say she looks somewhat "wooden" in the pic


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