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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The geriatric set is staging a big comeback this year - the Rolling Stones are on tour, Sharon Stone is in the news (I hear Basic Instict II bombed, dunno about Dior sales) and 90s "top models" are back in fashion - from Katie to Stella Tennant. I ran out of Stella T jokes long ago (I still like the beer) but I will comment on this - as you may have sensed, high fashion is one great swindle, and the official Stella T "discovery" story (the genious of S Meisel was credited for it originally) is not an exception from the rule. The truth is very different, and as you can see from the hilarious "My husband ran off with a lesbian" story on Isabella Blow (one of the few people whose fashionable diktats even AW follows) Stella was her "discovery" - the specifics are detailed in another article...
Ms Blow, Sophie Dahl and many of these ladies (and I suspect AW too) have something in common - they were hated (or at least ignored) by their fathers, which partly accounts for their mentality IMO...
Stella T recently said (Jan 06) that she now has a "real life" and doesn't miss the catwalk...wasn't she in the F/W 06-07 shows just a couple of months later?

In other important news - the Swedes decided to officialy add the letter "W" to their alphabet. Why was I certain the Swedish Chef used Ws in the Muppets? The Germans btw think the Danes are funnier, and have the Chef singing in there is a version of Google in bork-speak, here


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