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Monday, March 06, 2006

Did you know that Diane Kruger was in the French film (Joyeux Noel) nominated for a Foreign Film Oscar?
I doubt too many people noticed - she has gone low-profile since Troy so she was not a media "target" - Diane showed up in 100% Chanel, but remains too elegant for the voguey crowd, so don't expect to hear much about her from the Conde Nasties...I did see K Kurkova, who was planted on the red carpet to add some classic glamour, since Hollywood actresses look less than exciting these days - but no Gisele in babydoll this year...
Diane Heidkrueger is my fave chilly blonde ever since the 90s supermod era - I used to post her ed pics long before she won the casting for have to give credit to J Casablancas for making her one of the best known models in Paris in the mid and late 90s...


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