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Monday, March 27, 2006

According to the NYT, zombies are very big in the USA right now. It is no coincidence that many recent NYC biz "discoveries" look like they spend some weeks ten feet under, before they started winning all those "major show" casting calls (that was an esoteric joke). H Bratton, M Perez, etc look like scary shit indeed. But this is not all - the really undead ones, from the darkest days of the late 90s, are also returning to the high fashion stage - years after they were unceremoniously buried in the high fashion modeling graveyard.
Eco-friendly Angie Lindvall headlined Chanel PAP, we have the never-ending quest of securing appropriate employment for Guinevere V S, Maggie Rizer is on the comeback trail - and even Malgosia is re-emerging. Malgosia was actually a very good model, but after spending time in NYC she started campaigning for the Democratic party, touring the world for months with lesbian photographers - and then disappeared, as Meisel and Co went wholesale "edgy" and switched their attention to maturing Belgian part-time "models".
The only Meisel/AW oldie fave we haven't seen ressurected yet is Sunniva Stordal - her whereabouts are unknown.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Some in the UK media are concerned about the social implications of Katie's latest statement - here is the story:

Now, it is reported, the supermodel has asked her ex-partner Jefferson Hack to father another child with her.
The response of long-suffering steady-eddie Hack, seen quietly toting their three-year-old daughter Lila Grace around while Kate is on another photoshoot, has not been recorded...

I guess that was after Potty Pete kicked someone's head in public while screaming "I love Kate" - and before the news that Katie is now partying with erotic home video star Colin Farell.

The NYC "Mary Poppins" family values crowd remains unfazed - they may claim that women in swimsuits is a sinful concept, but nothing Katie says or does will make them love her any less.

Roberto Cavalli was convicted - I bet the judge refused to accept his decision to hire Katie to impersonate the "Cavalli woman"
ROBERTO CAVALLI was sentenced to 14 months in prison yesterday after a Florence court found him guilty of tax evasion. However, a technicality in Italian law means he is unlikely to spend any time in jail.

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Adriana Lima GQ interview. Am I surprised? - not really...all the iBooks and iPods you see models carrying are presents from admirers, but very few managed to score with for "boyfriends", most are glad to just get the mod's attention...and won't take any risks. Of course we are talking about teenagers here, but there may be a few older ones who have been too busy working to settle down and have any real relationships.
If you wonder about her sex "experiance level", Adriana says she is "not very experianced" - which should give you some clues...but sex, as defined by Slick Willy, it is not.
She shows up precisely on time—for breakfast. At ten o’clock on a Saturday morning. In Midtown Manhattan. (This alone tells us she is not your average supermodel.) But wait. Adriana Lima, the Brazilian beauty, the ninety-seventh highest-paid famous person in the world according to Forbes, the reason our nephews spank away to Victoria’s Secret catalogs, has plenty of surprises. (Unfortunately, no surprises about her famous ex-boyfriends: We are told ahead of time that any questions about Lenny Kravitz, the model-collecting rocker with whom she was allegedly involved, are “off-limits.” Ditto for Derek Jeter.) But did we mention she’s a virgin? Hey, that’s her story—and she’s stickin’ to it.
How old are you, anyway?
Um, my age, I’m gonna leave, like, free for everybody to think about. I’m gonna leave it a secret, so when I get old, nobody will know.
Did you always plan on being a supermodel?
When I started, I was too young to know what I wanted. But today I would like to be a doctor. I want to be a pediatry…how do you call it, pediatrician?
Yeah. Pediatrician. So you like kids?
Not really. Depends. If they act well behaved, yes. When they start screaming, I don’t like them. But this is my plan. I might change my mind. For now, God has given me a lot of work.
I take it you’re religious?
Yes! I am Catholic. [she pulls out the cardboard scapular hanging around her neck, under her big gray sweater]
Wow. A scapular. Do you go to church?
Of course! Every Sunday.
Is there anything in the teachings of the Catholic Church that you don’t agree with?
Are you pro-life?
What do you mean, pro-life?
How do you feel about abortion?
I think it’s a crime.
Okay, so let’s get started. You know the theme of this issue, right? Love, Sex, and
Uh-huh. Yes. God.
Which category do you want to talk about first?
I figured. Okay. Have you been in love a lot?
I’m in love now.
Were you ever before?
No! I believe love just happens once. You can be mistaken, you can think you are in love, but after a while you discover that you’re really not. Real love is different.
Are you a one-guy woman?
Of course! I’m a Catholic.
Look, I’m Catholic, too, but there’s a lot of things about the church that make it hard to date within its rules, don’t you think?
Like what?
Birth control, premarital sex…
Well, you know, sex is just for after marriage.
Say what?
Sex is for after marriage.
Are you saying you’re not going to have sex before marriage?
You mean you’ve never had sex?
That’s why I have to say.
You sure about this?
How do men respond to the fact that you plan to, you know, wait?
I don’t care. They have to respect that this is my choice. If there’s no respect, that means they don’t want me.
Who was your first boyfriend?
I have just three boyfriends in my life.
Get out.
And this is the third one now.
Did you ever have your heart broken?
By my two exes, yes.
They dumped you?
Noooo. They did not dump me. But… It just did not worked. It did not work. You know?
Were you depressed?
No, not depressed. I don’t have depression.
You didn’t crawl into bed for a week and cry your eyes out?
Well, I felt sad, you know, but what am I gonna do? What’s crying and crawling and locking myself in gonna do for me? Nothing.
So except for the man you’re so in love with, who is your idea of a really hot guy?
My man.
Besides him.
I can’t look at another guy! I can’t. I swear. I’m blocked. I cannot look.
But how do guys—when you’re out and you’re at a club or a restaurant or an event, how do guys approach—
Don’t approach me.
They don’t approach you?
No, I say: Do not.
I know you don’t sleep with anyone, but just for the sake of argument: Who would you rather sleep with, Bush or Clinton?
Ohmigod. They’re too old for me!
Any other thoughts about sex?
I’m not very experienced, okay?
I guess we don’t have much to talk about, sexwise?
I don’t think so.
So…any beauty tips?
I don’t work out.
And is all of you natural?
No, it’s all fake. From my hair to my toes to my nails. Everything’s fake. Everything! Even my heart is fake.
Okay, got it. But if you could improve one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Patience. I’m very impatient. I like everything now. I want it all now.
Except sex.
I’m talking about work.
Of course.
No more details!

LISA DEPAULO is a GQ correspondent.

Told ya so...

I told you something was about to hit the "high fashion" fan...
Trash always meets trash - and yobo McQueen and Co are so predictable...

CAN you imagine Jordan making it onto Anna Wintour's list?
The 27-year-old glamour model and mother-of-two is to feature in the US edition of Vogue for its "shape issue", which advises women on how to dress for their shape. Describes in the magazine as "top heavy", Jordan is photographed by David Bailey looking demure in a Lanvin dress. For the benefit of the American audience who may not yet be familiar with her, she is referred to as a "living brand" and the article also defines the word "chav": "Chavs is the latest moniker for Britain's underprivileged white youthquake… stereotypical adjectives are bing-drinking, bling-loving, boob-displaying, Burberry-wearing." Jordan also has a chance to plug her lingerie range and her books, which she says she writes by using a tape recorder. "I talk," she says. "I'm not going to say I sit there with a pen and paper – I don't think anyone does that, do they?"

My fave Jordan story has to do with her fake boobs making funny noises during a flight - apparently, there was a real danger of a boob explosion inside the cabin...the hazard did not go away though:

Jordan's silicon-enhanced breasts could explode during I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!, doctors have said.
The model has vowed to strip off as soon as she enters the camp in the heart of the Australian jungle, but if leeches decide to feed from her, her breats will become inflamed, growing even bigger.
"She'd need to be treated quickly if she was bitten on her chest," a medical expert told the Daily Star today. "I dread to think what would happen if her breasts started swelling. There is a danger they might explode."
Meanwhile, fellow contestant Lord Brockett has said he will use Jordan as a float if in water. "If I've got to swim in crocodile infested waters I'll cling to her," he said. "She'll be the last thing to sink."

Maybe Gisele should be certified explosion-proof as well...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I highly recommend getting the March issue of Elle Spain - it includes a massive mode supplement and the most visually pleasing set of ads I've seen in the last five years...the good thing is that fashion brands produce alternative versions of their campaigns, for markets like Russia or Spain where consumers don't identify with the crappy aesthetic of Meisel, Bart and Co - not to mention that the editors of Spanish mags tend to pick the more tasteful and elegant model pics, even if you can't really escape from Gemma's clueless stare wherever you go these days...
Excellent pic of Fernada Tavares on the cover - Bensimon may be in creative coma for several years, but the Spaniards are alive and kicking. The ed was shot in Ibiza in late December, especially for Elle Spain and features not only Fernanda T, but also Talytha Pugliesi (whoa!) and Fernanda Motta (whoa!!) People would pay money to actually be around that shoot - I am glad that Talytha escaped NYC and is chilling out in Biarritz, and I am also grateful to the guy who conviced F Motta to try modeling...
Tons of other interesting stuff inside - btw who is the one in the LaPerla PaP campaign pic with the flowers?
Spring is around the corner, and the obligatory "Brazil specials" are already appearing in all sorts of mags - the April issue of US Elle has a theme ed with Ana Beatriz (not shot by brain-dead Bensimon though) while the March issue of German MAX has "MAX goes Rio" printed on the cover page. The model is Cris Noronha, with 40 Graus agency - also known from her MissBikini pics.
MAX comes with a small booklet which had to be glued on a mag page - they chose to glue it on Gemma's face, in that hilarious CK Obsession Night for Men (!) perfume ad, where a naked Gemma emerges from a dark lagoon, to the amazement of a dude who was obviously expecting something else...hey, fashion people may have proven to be 100% pathetic, but there is still comic relief to be found in browsing mags...

In the pic, Cris Noronha from last years Rio carnival:

Saturday, March 11, 2006

People are wondering whether the voguey crowd will love or hate the upcoming movie (expected release this June) based on the "Devil wears Prada" book - so here are 2 eurocents worth of my opinion...

Don't confuse the book with the movie - movies many times have little or no relation to the book on which they are supposedly based. The reaction to the book was downright nasty in NYC circles - from a 2003 article on how the NYT treated the book:

"...The fact that the paper (me says: the NYT) twice reviewed a literary debut by a previously unknown author would be noteworthy in itself; what's unprecedented is the fact that its reviewers twice ripped the book to shreds — arguing not simply that it fails as literature, but that it should never have been published in the first place...Given how many books are published each year, and how few the Times actually reviews, why would the paper twice in two days go out of its way to hammer a first novel by a hitherto unpublished writer? (Another point of disclosure: The Times did not review my first novel last year.) The answer cannot be that The Devil Wears Prada was heavily promoted . . . since even a cursory glance at its own bestseller lists will reveal many mega-hyped books the Times wouldn't touch with a ten-foot highlighter."

Meryl Streep (the editrix) and Anne Hathaway (her assistant) from a movie still

The answer is that AW's minions were really pissed by the book's treatment of...themselves. They did their best to trash Lauren Weisberger, who committed the "cardinal sin" - as K Betts put it, "..."I have to say Weisberger could have learned a few things in the year she sold her soul to the devil of fashion for $32,500. She had a ringside seat at one of the great editorial franchises in a business that exerts an enormous influence over women, but she seems to have understood almost nothing about the isolation and pressure of the job her boss was doing...."

We are talking about the sort of people who publish articles (which are of course approved by higher management)in a paper with very expensive real estate, just to blast those (PETA members mainly) who love to throw all kinds of stuff at A Wintour during FW - and not at other fur wearers around if anyone really gives a shit. The NYT has now become "AW's Defense League"?
So AW's lackeys hated the book and the author - but what about the movie?
It is entirely possible that the movie will present a totally different image of the alpha female and those around her. It all depends on how likeable the main character - the editrix - ends up being. Meryl Streep IMO is a rather unlikely choice for the editrix role.
Hollywood treats movies as products to be sold to a certain demographic - the actors are chosen to appeal to the movie's intended audience. Meryl's traditional fans have little to do with the voguey crowd and the educated and more cultured people in NYC tend to view fashionistas as lepers - the problems US Vogue had in convincing NYC museums to hold fashion-related exhibitions are well known. Will this audience appreciate any "positive" messages about fashion? Or is the movie supposed to appeal to Anne Hathaway fans? She is hardly "high fashion" material - you would expect a WASP/JAP blonde to play that role.
AW herself is not dismissive of the movie openly - and she has made ambiguous statements about it so far. Radar claims that she is pissed - "...When Wintour got wind that producers had been recruiting major designers for walk-on roles, sources close to the film say she unleashed a flurry of phone calls intimating to the aspiring thespians that they’d be persona non grata in the pages of her high-end glossy if they participated..."
The bottom line is - we should really wait for the final edited product and see what the merchandising spin is, before deciding which way it goes...her minions claim that "Anna’s happy about anything that supports fashion" - we'll find out fairly soon.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Yes, there was a Paris coverage was at an all-time low, and few people care anymore...

The semi-official UK Conde Nast mouthpiece details the extent of the alpha female's micromanagement of everything in the fashion biz - it should help you understand why certain nobodies suddenly get lots of hype:

Let's see if you can figure out the clues to why "Englishness" will be hip next season...

"....Years ago, during some of John Galliano's darkest hours in Paris, when money was drying up and the showing of his collection was unlikely, Wintour rustled up a backer and, subsequently, championed his debut as the new "star" of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy - first at Givenchy, and then at Christian Dior (both of which are owned by the group).

She has similarly boosted the careers of Michael Kors, who was also the former creative director of Celine, and Marc Jacobs, New York's design darling, and the current name behind Louis Vuitton. Proenza Schouler, Trovata, Derek Lam, Behnaz Sarafpour, Tuleh and Rick Owens have also made Wintour's hot list.

In 2003, her passion and networking zeal led to the creation of the Council of Fashion Designers of America-Vogue Fashion Fund, which provides an annual award of $200,000 - together with professional mentoring and editorial coverage in Vogue - to the best emerging young label, chosen by a panel of industry experts. Proenza Schouler won in 2004, with Cloak and Habitual as runners-up, and Trovata won last year, with Derek Lam and Thom Browne in the runner-up spots.

Some of the names may be unknown here - for the present - but, with the endorsement of a woman as powerful as Wintour, that will not be the case for long. In their winning year, Proenza Schouler were taken on by 100 new stockists, with the help of their mentor, Rose Marie Bravo, the chief executive of Burberry..."

Burberry probably got a lot of free coverage in return - all this may be illegal in other business sectors, ie having a virtual monopoly which favors certain business interests and engages in constant manipulation of a supposedly "free" marketplace, but the NYC elected officials (who are often seen enjoying themselves in CN - hosted parties) obviously don't agree...

Did the modeling biz ever have a reputation? And if so, when exactly did it lose it?

Andre Leon T impersonates Mr. Potatohead during Milan FW

If you ask the usual NYC/London "pros", they'll tell you about the TV exposes featuring playboy agents allegedly lusting after teenage models - and pretend there is really nothing wrong with drug use, as illustrated by Katie's troubles (even when everyone seems to be making drug jokes as soon as "fashion model" is mentioned) - or anything else in the biz...

The truth is that the coke-supplying grannies who still run the "major" London agencies and the motley crew (ranging from "Mary Poppins" puritans to militant lesbians and Warholite Lady Bunny afficionados - the only thing they have in common is their aversion to women in swimsuits) that controls NYC "high fashion" were almost wiped out back in 1997-1998 by the "heroin chic" scandal. If you look at press reports from the era, you'll see that AW and her lackeys received constant abuse from the mainstream media, criticizing them for allowing their mods to become drug addicts - and promoting superwaifs as the female body ideal...even US presidents joined in the condemnation:

Clinton Condemns "Heroin Chic" in Fashion Industry Following New York Times Story

A Death tarnishes Fashion's Heroin Look

It is obvious how hypocritical all these "magazine editors" etc were - the "healthy images" they promised to deliver were quickly forgotten when they felt they could get away with it.

The hypocrites tried to shield their faves - who disappeared from the fashion scene for a few years, with C Murphy going boho in Costa Rica, etc - by putting the blame on upcoming models, like Amy Wesson, who was blackballed by S Meisel and his Warholite pals when her drug problems became too public - the same hypocrites who "ignored" Katie's troubles had nothing good to say about Amy, whose career was destroyed in the US market (she continued working elsewhere, and showed up in the campaign for the top-selling perfume "Angel")

The "heroin chic" episode killed the glam modeling biz public image and led to major changes - Elite Models, the dominant agency at the time, had effectively collapsed in NYC even before the BBC TV "expose" exploded in late 1999, mainly due to greed and inept management. Their successful affiliates in other countries died for similar reasons - but mainly because their markets could not sustain the inflated fees they demanded for top quality models. The talent that originated from their model contests carried a high price tag but the demise of the "supermodel" could no longer support that. The "virgin mods in distress" BBC story never aired in the US, so there was really no major public outcry about any "sex troubles" over there. Still, it serves as a useful tool and is often used against the old enemies - but few straight men would be interested in the sort of models that Bart, Rowland and the like produce nowdays. The BBC later admitted that the story was false and never touched the subject again.

These days, the biz people (NYC now controls the biz in every respect, with Paris and Milan quickly disappearing from the modeling biz map) prefer to keep a low profile and use bland models that won't draw much public attention - which also suits their mentality. A couple of "mainstream" faces (ie Gisele and Natalia Vodianova) are used for PR purposes and that's about it.
In this context, it will be interesting to see how they handle the upcoming "Devil wears Prada" movie, which can potentially cause them a lot of trouble if it focuses mainstream media attention to biz practices and makes people realize that AW and her minions "forgot" about all the promises they made back in the late 90s...

Monday, March 06, 2006

After Katie did her "rehab" in the picturesque Arizona desert, she got a lot of support from the Conde Nasties and some of her contracts back - even the firm that carries the name of Calvin Klein (CK himself was last seen chilling out somewhere in Brazil) is thinking about signing her for a second time...

Today, the SUN just dropped another bomb, with new coke stories - check out the report:
(in addition to Naomi and Katie, Christy Turlington was also there in 98)

" The picture on Page One of The Sun newspaper shows her in a hotel with cocaine chopped into four lines on the table.
The supermodel, 32, is holding a rolled-up tube ready to snort the killer drug in another night of wild partying.
We can reveal ‘Cocaine Kate’ even took it at the home of the then South African president Nelson Mandela — moments before meeting the great man.

And our probe also shows Kate:

BLEW an estimated £500,000 on the Class A drug.

BECAME so desperate for a hit she once hoovered up a massive line off a dirty floor.

MAY kill herself if she ever goes back to the drug, pals fear.

NEEDED coke so badly she would brazenly snort a line every five minutes in front of others.

HAD ready supplies in a new city thanks to her management sending out for it.

The latest revelations come as the mum-of-one battles to turn her life around after being pictured snorting coke at a recording studio last year.
She spent weeks in an Arizona rehab amid the furore that cost her deals with top names.
But today a former member of her inner sanctum reveals just how tough her battle must be.
Model booker Gavin Maselle, 36, said Kate was high on cocaine EVERY time he met her during their eight-year friendship.
He added: “Kate has been addicted for years. I truly hope she stays off coke because if she ever goes back, it will be the end of her.”
The front page picture was taken in a room at the exclusive Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, in February 1998, when the model was 24.
Another picture shows Kate bleary-eyed at the hotel during the same trip.
She was in the country for a fashion show and to meet Nelson Mandela for a formal evening at his mansion.
Other models there included Naomi Campbell.
But despite the glittering occasion and meeting one of the world’s most respected men, Kate could not resist drugs.
Gavin, who was with her at the party, revealed she suddenly yanked him into a toilet while the South African president greeted his guests.
She chopped out a line of cocaine — and snorted it from the seat. Gavin said: “She was insatiable I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. We were there at Mandela’s house in the Bishop’s Court area of Cape Town — and Kate was doing coke.”
Gavin first met the model in September, 1997, when she jetted into Cape Town for an event organised by her agency Storm.
Within minutes of being introduced at a lunch she followed him into the gents and snorted coke in front of him.
Gavin revealed: “I heard this tap on the door and this squeaky English accent saying, ‘It’s Kate. Let me in’. So I let her in. She did a line of cocaine and we sorted of bonded there and then.
“She wanted to hang out with me all the time. I was in her inner sanctum for years.”
The next day Gavin arrived at Kate’s hotel and a party was soon full swing again after the model “ordered” a massive five grammes of cocaine. He said: “She got f*****. I stayed with her until we both crashed out.”
But that was just a warm-up for the main event on that trip.
The following day was the show for the launch of Storm Models South Africa, which Gavin was helping to organise.
He said Kate was so addicted she had to have a line just ten minutes before the start of the event at Cape Town’s Velodrome sports stadium.
Gavin revealed: “She was running around backstage looking for somewhere to do the coke.
“It was pandemonium, just minutes before she was due to open the show. She pulled me into the changing rooms and when she saw that there was no toilet seat or other surface to chop up the cocaine she just said ‘f*** it, the ground, let’s do it off the ground’.
“The cocaine was thrown on the floor, not even chopped up and divided into two. Then she bent over, bum in the air and snorted half in just one go.
“I could not believe it. It was gross and unhygienic but she didn’t care.
“I thought ‘my God you will collapse’. But she laughed and went straight out on to the catwalk and was seamless.”
Afterwards Kate partied hard into the night with a multi- millionaire businessman, a world-famous rock star and a host of A-list models, getting through several more grammes of coke.
The model — who now has three-year-old daughter Lila Grace — and her entourage ended up at the Table Bay Hotel after running out of cocaine backstage.
Gavin said: “Kate and I, and about four other top models all piled into a convertible car and drove back to their hotel.
“It was crazy. I was in the front with Kate on my lap and the millionaire was in the back squashed between other models. More cocaine was picked up and we returned to a suite at the hotel.
“The other models were openly racking up lines of coke on the coffee table in the sitting room.
“But Kate wanted to be more discreet. She and the businessman locked themselves in the bathroom. Kate snorted more lines. She let me in and we sat on the edge of the bath chatting. I remember thinking how surreal it all was.
“I was locked in a bathroom with Kate Moss and this famous businessman and the cocaine was flying around.
“More cocaine was delivered and we partied until morning.”
A chauffeur who ferried Kate around during the 1997 trip said she would snort coke even on the short trip from her hotel to the shops.
He added: “She would do a line every five minutes. It became clear that as soon as she arrived in Cape Town her management here sent out to get her the cocaine.”
And Gavin warned last night: “Kate needs to realise what is real in her life, what is good and what is bad — and stay off coke.”

Did you know that Diane Kruger was in the French film (Joyeux Noel) nominated for a Foreign Film Oscar?
I doubt too many people noticed - she has gone low-profile since Troy so she was not a media "target" - Diane showed up in 100% Chanel, but remains too elegant for the voguey crowd, so don't expect to hear much about her from the Conde Nasties...I did see K Kurkova, who was planted on the red carpet to add some classic glamour, since Hollywood actresses look less than exciting these days - but no Gisele in babydoll this year...
Diane Heidkrueger is my fave chilly blonde ever since the 90s supermod era - I used to post her ed pics long before she won the casting for have to give credit to J Casablancas for making her one of the best known models in Paris in the mid and late 90s...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Leticia Birkheuer was a pro-level volleyball player in Brazil before she was discovered, and it shows...she has no trouble parading along with the usual shapely ladies in the sambadrome...with high visibility thanks to her successful acting career, she doesn't seem to need the services of IMG NYC anymore...
Isabeli with hubby were also there - and Raica, of course. No Gisele and no other models of note - unfortunately, AW and her lackeys have succeeded in bringing back modeling to the 80s and the resulting worldwide drop of interest in anything fashion-related also applies to Brazil...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

NYC experts have finally acknowledged the existence of Eastern European models, even though the ones they are aware of are just as mediocre as everyone else in "high fashion" - of course such mods constitute over 70% of the model population in Paris and Milan since the late 90s, but that detail escaped the pro's attention until recently...not too many years ago, one of the local biz experts was telling Paper mag that Elite Models didn't have an office in Moscow because there were no worthy models there...the fact that several Russian models represented by Elite's old affiliate in Moscow, Red Stars, were winners of Elite's own model contest in the 90s, was obviously not widely advertised in NYC...
Meanwhile, Gerald Marie is reportedly getting together with Jean-Luc Brunel, the only other surviving "mediterranean playboy" agency boss, of the type that so horrified London and NYC agents in past years mainly because they promoted sensual and appealing women...
Roberto Cavalli reportedly could face two years in jail if found guilty of fraud - the fraudulent depiction of Kate Moss as a "Cavalli woman" deserves a stiffer sentence...