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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yep - by amazing coincidence, the Milanese once more "adored" the same familiar faces we all love, so....

A Jay McCarroll(?) reportedly called Heidi Klum a "twat" after she asked him to design an Emmy dress worthy of a "red-hot mama" - just for her - and then chose a Dior dress for the event...

Twat is a "derogatory term for a person whoose behaviour is considered to be extremely or intolerably ignorant, obnoxious, offensive or moronic" - and also a slang term for the female vagina...
Another term used to describe morons is "twit" - a few years ago, Lady whatshername was declared by UK Vogue to be the "It girl of the year"...the Mirror then run a poll asking their readers to vote for the "Twit girl of the year" - won by the same Lady...not everyone is being as respectful to Conde Nast faves as NYC "fashion journalists"...this is what I reported back then:

...Remember the top Vogue "It" Girl in recent years, Lady Victoria Hervey? She is the one who took over Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's (whose claim to fame was her appearance on a security cam video blowing Prince Willy) column in the Sunday Times. The Lady somehow appeared topless in the Sun - the heading read "Top Toff Totty". After she complained about paying taxes and criticized poor people and the homeless, she became the "Twit Girl". In fact, nine out of ten Mirror readers voted her for "Twit Girl of the Year". I think she is nowdays someone's fashion muse...
The Lady was involved in many bizarre episodes, inc one with Ronaldo - as the Scotsman reported:

"....Last week Hervey was in a Monte Carlo night club after attending the Laureus World Sports Awards, whatever those are. One tabloid, under the headline "No go for Ronaldo", described how the Real Madrid striker asked Hervey to accompany him on an intimate trip to the casino. She refused demurely, saying she fancied an early night.
Another gossip column ran the titbit under the headline "Lady V scares ’em off". They claim she made a beeline for the football ace, but "as soon as the annoying socialite started stroking his head, the Brazilian star decided to get out of the penalty area". A third, fairly similar version ran under the surely libellous screamer: "Twit makes a pass at Ron," asking, "has she no shame?"
Based on these newspaper reports, the only thing I know for certain is that she was photographed wearing what passes for clothing in the celebrity world - a few sheer handkerchiefs held together by a prayer, with a bit of dental floss covering her nether regions, and a necklace that weighed considerably more than her entire body mass. Ronaldo was certainly there too, for they were pictured together. Though not together together, by any stretch of the imagination.
So maybe they shared a banquette and some banter. Beyond that, it’s anybody’s guess. Perhaps Hervey was waving a cigarette around and Ronaldo backed off to keep from singeing his head. Maybe they gave each other the rapacious once over, or maybe they sat and chatted about the glorious weather in Monte Carlo at this time of year. By the time this brief encounter wound its Chinese Whispering way back to the UK, you could choose the variation on the truth that best served your prejudices about Ms Hervey..."

Stroking Ronaldo's head? Is that code for something?


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