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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What about Elie Saab's show? The vogueys will continue to trash him every chance they get - AW won't easily forget the "Halle Berry Oscars gown" debacle - or that he is a real threat to major Conde Nast advertisers - and always makes sure her pathetic lackeys post negative for the models, those who watched the Saab weekend special on FTV probably noticed that his mods used to look entirely different in past years...he now uses "standard issue" NYC hip names, like everyone else. Aside from Ai Tominaga, Michele Alves, Rianne, Hana, and maybe Zelyaeva, the rest don't really belong in a (real) Couture show...they simply look wrong in the clothes.
Sao Paulo FW was a real stinker - most top names didn't bother to even show up. If the FW casting director wanted to make the event resemble a genuine "high fashion" FW, he succeeded. It was just as boring.

I bet Katie didn't take any drugs for at least a week, since she knew she had to visit a police station for questioning - and what was that white powder anyway?


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