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Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Things I would never have known if it wasn't for pro fashion journalism" dept...apparently, NYC FW "celebrated feminine passivity" - no word on what Amanda Moore has to say about that.
We also learn that "...If there is anything in the success of "Transamerica," "Brokeback Mountain," a spate of transsexual plot lines on cable television, drag kings in cabaret and movies like the new Miramax production "Kinky Boots," it seems to show that Americans are regaining their interest in cultural flux..." - I guess you can't have any serious "flux" without Lady Bunny, in hip NYC circles...
After much researh on NYC FW (10 min of my valuable time) I noticed some "portents and signs" - despite yet another season of Gemma-noids on the attack, ye olde NYC faithful refuse to be sidelined. Nothing can seemingly dislodge such legends as Tasha T, Trish Goff and Missy Rayder from "major" shows. As for the scary shit award - M Peres, A Dejanovic and H Bratton were tied for 1st place.
Men's fashions - the Milanese are unlikely to feel threatened by the designs shown, with looks which ranged from BluesBrothers extras to Angus Young wannabees. IMG once again failed to produce the massively popular Guinevere V S - who reportedly charmed the Parisienne during the Pirelli calendar launch... Where was Gisele?


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