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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

SI Swimsuit 2006 stuff

As jb mentioned:
New in 06 - Carla Campbell, Pania Rose, Brooklyn Decker, Aline Nakashima, Yesica Toscanini (and Maria Sharapova as the celebrity model)
Missing from last year - Michelle Alves, Jessica van der Steen, Jessica White, Michelle Lombardo, Alicia Hall, Frankie Rayder, Shakara Ledard

Aline Nakashima was reportedly 25 yo in Sept 2005 (Sao Paulo media)- she really exploded in 2000 and has worked a lot in NYC since then. Yesica is 20 yo, from Argentina. Pania Rose is 20 yo, from Perth, Australia.

In general, all new faces look respectable, and like they belong in a smimsuit issue.

Ana Bia pics are better styled this year - there is an obvious effort to "glamourize" her and the results are quite good. Someone thought "cute Kathy Ireland, circa 1986" - makes her look less intimidating...she wears some transparent stuff, which allows those who don't know her work well to better appreciate her curves...


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