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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

AW's pathetic performance for 2005

The mag sales data for Jan - Dec 2005 are in.
Incredibly, the usual Conde Nast dirty tricks couln't hide the miserable performance of A Wintour's mag, compared to Jan-Dec 2004 - US Vogue posted a 1.8% DECREASE in ad pages vs a 4.0% increase for InStyle, 10.7% for Elle and 6.5% for H Bazaar.
Of course, thanks to the Wal-Mart deal and other similar tacky campaigns that do not belong in fashion magazines, AW's rag claims a 9.4% increase in ad revenue - vs increases of 18.1% for Elle, 12.1% for H Bazaar and 9.8% for InStyle.
For yet another year, InStyle whips AW's ass in both ad pages and total ad revenue - 391 vs 345 mil and 3,503 vs 2,958 pages.
AW's lackeys could claim the overall market is "soft" or maybe bird flu hurt luxury fashion sales and the like, but they have to explain (to the nominally intelligent people outside the fashion world) how Vogue's competitors do not seem to be affected...


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