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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Zonies go home

...seen on a bumper sticker in San Diego once...Katie is drug-free(?)- she left the picturesque Arizona desert behind and is reportedly gearing up for a "triumphant return"...her "high fashion" fans can't hide their excitement...
Eco-friendly Amber V is concerned about the dangers of mercury in foods...
Liz Hurley blasted Sienna Miller - no wonder the vogueys claim Liz will never be an "It girl"...
Sonia Rykiel, just back from interplanetary travel apparently, made the following statement, which qualifies for our "what else is news" award:
"...The Queen is one of the worst dressed people in Britain...She should stop wearing those garish suits and hats immediately. A woman in her position should start dressing in a more sober fashion..."
The Parisienne will never understand the British sense of fashion - and what "edgy" is about...

Robbie doesn't like girls?
Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher believes Robbie is confused about his sexuality - and says he is more famous for his personal life than his music.
He told Australia's Daily Telegraph: "I feel sorry for Robbie Williams because nobody once ever mentions his music.
"I wouldn't walk a mile in his shoes because he seems to be a very lonely and unhappy, very confused young man.
"He doesn't know whether he's straight or gay.
"He's forever going on about wanting a girlfriend and seems to be a lonely, sad man."

Friday, October 28, 2005

Natalia Vodianova before "high fashion" discovered her...doing what she does best.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Anyone knows whether this is from the current Rampage campaign - feat Katya Bespyatikh?
Is she still together with the VP of Metropolitan Paris?

Monday, October 24, 2005

This Blog loves the classics...

Leticia Birkheuer is to appear in a top Brazilian TV series - she probably is taking her acting career seriously, which is why IMG NYC removed her from the "hip in NYC" model lists...other Brazilians, like Marcele Bittar, Liliane F and Carol Ribeiro also suffered the same fate - to clear the way for Kate Moss "lookalikes", various "bug" mutations and other nobodies that local "pros" love so much...Leticia's sister, Michelle, is a well-known actress in Brazil...Michele Alves is also slated to appear in the TV series "Belissima"...Ana Beatriz and family, along with Mariana Weickert and other mods, were seen attending the Tim Festival in Rio this weekend...the Strokes opened that one...

More Raica pics from the Lenny shoot in Brazil...

Friday, October 21, 2005

AW, the NY Times and the almighty dollar

The NY Times parent company reported over 50% lower profits for the 3d quarter - they say they are determined to seek "new revenue sources". The effort is apparently under way already, since one of the articles in the NYT fashion section starts with "Any woman worth her weight in back issues of Vogue will tell you..."

Does the US Vogue reader really know all about fashion? If you remember when Halle Berry appeared in a Elie Saab gown for the Oscars ceremony, avid Vogue fans didn't know shit about what she was wearing - coz Cruella Wintour ignored the designer and never mentioned him in her rag...she probably remains jaded after that embarassing episode, since her lackey who does the Paris FW reports thought Saab's fashions were suitable "for Arab princesses" only...the fact that E Saab, like R Cavalli, remains the biggest threat to the talentless sister of Gianni Versace, also has something to do with the decision to ignore him...

You heard about how fab the Sept US Vogue issue was - turns out AW's pathetic rag still performs miserably, despite the Wal-Mart ads...check out the 2005 data, all the way through September - for yet another year, InStyle whips AW's ass in both ad page count AND ad revenue...

AW, C Murphy, the heiress and the almighty dollar

Wot - Guinevere V S will be in Pirelli? Ivan Bart and his IMG NYC friends worked hard to discredit the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, by planting the frigid "model mom" on the cover page last year - now they are trying to do the same to the Pirelli calendar?

Speaking of Carolyn "I am gonna nickel and dime you to death" Murphy - Pagesix has more dirt on her:

GORGEOUS Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covergirl Carolyn Murphy is the star of a sizzling sex tape apparently stolen from her ex-husband.
We're told beautiful blonde Murphy, 30, the face of Estee Lauder and Fendi, is completely uninhibited in the video she made with her surfer dude ex-husband, Jake Schroeder, in 1999.
The two hours of footage, shot over 17 days in Barbados during the couple's romantic romp of a honeymoon, is packed with hardcore sex, we hear.
Steamy sessions in a variety of poses are the highlight. Some footage shows the supermodel dancing naked against a backdrop of beautiful tropical scenery — kind of an X-rated version of some of the fashion ads that have earned Murphy millions.
It's unclear when and how the video could be released to the public, but there's bound to be considerable interest in it — and a lot of money to be made if it hits the market, insiders say.
Schroeder says he's not too upset that the tape might get out. "Yes, a video was stolen," he told PAGE SIX. "But let it be in the public eye. It doesn't really affect my life; it's Ms. Murphy who has to worry. I'm sick of her bull[bleep]."
He fumed, "She barely lets me see our daughter, Dylan. The most I see Dylan these days is in the pages of Vogue — something Carolyn promised she'd never do. Carolyn is as fake as her new t - ts. She's just about the almighty dollar..."

Yeah, like AW won't milk the last dime out of her fave chilly bitchy blonde - the one she foisted on the hapless heiress... who can appear nude in "artistic" shoots in certain fashion mags, without the Lauders getting upset, as they allegedly did back when Liz Hurley was wearing those sexy Versace dresses...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

VS Show

The supermodel-turned-America's Next Top Model creator will appear in her final Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, to be broadcast Dec. 6 on CBS.
In addition to creating, executive producing and starring in her reality series, Banks is the host of her own daily talk show, The Tyra Banks Show, on which she recently underwent a sonogram to prove once and for all that her breasts were the real deal.
Said mammaries, along with the rest of Banks, have been a fixture in Victoria's Secret catalogues and fashion shows for years, as Banks was the first African-American woman to model for the bra-and-panty purveyor.
Banks will be backed by Heidi Klum, in her first post-pregnancy modeling gig, as well as by other Vicky S. regulars Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima.
The catwalk special will also serve as the public's introduction to the next generation of Victoria's Secret Angels, including Selita Ebanks and Izabel Goulart, who will be making their fashion show debuts...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Recent reports from Brazil mention that Women Models and Viva Paris (DNA in NYC) are interested in opening Brazilian branches...
Also, J Casablancas may be ready to open his own model agency in Brazil and start a new model contest...

I had to buy Spanish Elle - their people are not brain-dead like G Bensimon and Co (yet) and Dani Lopes with that push-up thingie on the cover was too much for me to resist...their Beauty special is coming up, I think Mariana Marcki will be in it, looks like another good buy...Oct Italian Elle was a good one too - almost 900 pages and dirt cheap - but most new Euro campaigns are still a month or two away...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Anti-fur group cream pies American Vogue's Wintour

French anti-fur activists said they struck Anna Wintour, editor of the U.S. edition of Vogue, in the face with a cream pie on Saturday to protest against her support for the use of animal fur by the fashion industry.
Wintour, dressed in a fur-trimmed black jacket, was hit in the face with a tofu cream pie as she left the Chloe fashion ready-to-wear show at the Tuileries Gardens in central Paris, members of the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said.
It was the second such attack this year on Wintour, an unapologetic fur supporter decried by animal rights groups as a "pelt pusher."
"Wintour is fur-bearing animals' worst enemy because her magazine continues to feature dozens of pags of pro-fur editorials and advertising each year," PETA campaigner Yvonne Taylor told Reuters by phone in Paris.
"She takes big glossy advertisements for fur and she refuses to run any anti-fur ads, even paid ones, so she's a big fur supporter," Taylor said.
Wintour was unavailable for comment on the incident.(AP)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Exciting news for "21st century model" fans and people who get goosebumps from the current "A-list" faves - some biz experts are quoted in the NY Times on the quality of the latest model crop from IMG Models and Co:

Cintia Dicker - backstage in NYC
"...The feminine ideal at this particular moment in fashion is epitomized by Sasha Pivovarova, a young woman from Moscow who affects an unblinking robotic stare on the runway and who walks in an ungainly goose step that makes her look radio controlled..."I don't know what it is with these girls," said Hal Rubinstein, the fashion director of InStyle magazine, referring to a group that some of the still photographers who track the global fashion circuit have taken to calling moodles (as in poodles). "We had a show in New York, and they told me, 'We can get you all the big girls,' " Mr. Rubinstein said, referring to a benefit runway presentation InStyle staged to inaugurate the spring 2006 season. "Then I went backstage, and I couldn't tell one from another."..."

Allegedly, the "designers" don't want mods who may "distract from the garments" - the truth is that all these designers are complete idiots who will just take what the agencies and production people offer them as the "models of the season". In the 90s, they championed the "drop dead gorgeous woman" because that was what the top agencies and their playboy bosses wanted to promote - and they are in no position to dictate what the mods should look like, assuming they ever cared to.

The moronic nature of fashion people is illustrated by a comment Elbaz (a designer who was "stale and boring" when he worked for YSL, according to Cruella Wintour and her lackeys, but is now in the Vogue "10 best" list, since he is employed by a major Conde Nast advertiser) once made on FTV - "I had so much trouble getting the top girls for my show and was so upset that I decided to forget about them and select my own mods from what else was available instead" - he sounded like he launched his own little revolution against the fashion world...

Raica, from a shoot she recently did for Lenny, in Brazil

The voguey crowd is horrified by "nudity" and is known to have blacklisted lesser models whose drug habits had inconvenienced their business, but they have no such trouble with iconic habitual drug users and their chic antics - Conde Nast's W mag has Kate Moss on the cover (on purpose) and Galliano's advisers "...put on his runway women who look enough like Ms. Moss for them to be promoted as doppelgängers...". Maybe some fashionable asshole will come out and proclaim, in JFK fashion, that "We are all cokeheads". Sharon Stone, who looks like a shark when she opens her mouth, thanks to a terrible lift job, also "supported" Katie - she, of course, happens to work for Dior.

Word is that Katie was planning to leave the UK for good (and maybe move to NYC where Conde Nast was cultivating her "fashion queen" status?) so the Mirror thought it was the proper time to hit back at her.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New Ana Beatriz candids, I think from a recent shoot for Intimissimi along with other mods...her boobs shrunk or what?

Venus in fur

Isabella Blow (!!) is a shadowy "influencial" character, responsible for supplying NYC anglophiles with crappy non-models for some two decades - this is what she had to say about her close pal, Kate Moss:

"... "She's like a very intelligent shrimp, so tiny, so clever, so perfectly formed. She's a pocket Venus."..."

Sophie Dahl was a Blow discovery (the actual story of how it happened is so hilarious, I think the UK Telegraph withdrew the article) - Sophie was also a "Venus", but of the 18-wheeler variety...Why don't you read more about her in the Vogue-friendly NY Times since she is behind nearly every Voguey great? Maybe because in the US, slapping your assistants or squeezing their breasts can actually get you in trouble...NYC fashion people who had rather "burgeois" notions of taste didn't like her:

".. 'Polly Mellen [New York fashion power] wouldn't give me a job because she said I had no taste. But I was friends with Warhol, Basquiat and Lichtenstein, and I think that helped to develop my eye.'..."

Blow reportedly "...told Andy Warhol what to do..." when she worked for Cruella Wintour in NYC...since the NYC hipster cabal operatives have common roots - like S Meisel, they were all basse classe Warhol groupies in the 70s - it's obvious why they love to follow her "guidance". Blow was the one who actually "discovered" fellow posh totty Stella Tennant - if you read the standard bios, it was supposed to be Meisel who was responsible for the deed...

"...Anna Wintour once asked me to find 12 beautiful girls in two days, so I called everyone I know, all my friends, and that was how I found Honor Fraser and Stella Tennant. But I don't just find beautiful girls, you know. I find artists, designers and photographers: Jurgen Teller, Julien Macdonald, Philip [Treacy] of course, and Alexander McQueen.'..."

As for yobo McQueen, he had some trouble with the vogueys - they apparently refuse entry to "common people" who attempt to enter CN HQ...

"...They wouldn't even let Alexander McQueen into Vogue House at first! Because he was too common, I suppose, and had dreadful teeth..."

Mr Blow at some point "ran off with a lesbian", as the Scotsman profile reveals...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Notice how concerned NYC agencies are about the lifestyles of their models - but only when they end up "missing work"...

NEW York nightclubs are set to become even more boring. Model agency moguls are worried about an uptick in underage girls missing work because they've been out partying too hard. After numerous complaints by top agencies such as Next, IMG, Ford and Women, we're told the NYPD has promised to set up a special task force and crack down on clubs who admit mannequins who clearly aren't old enough to drink. We're told one 19-year-old Sports Illustrated model was found vomiting on a street corner the other night after club-hopping, while others have been busted with drugs. (

Models with drugs? I don't remember anyone ever busting Katie in NYC...but then again her agent never complained to NYC's finest...

Saturday, October 01, 2005

In the past, I had quite a lot to say about models with the close of Milan FW...these days, the less said, the better...after watching Dolce and G and their opera-themed show, with Gemma and Co representing their 20 yo history, I thought - was all this done intentionally, or is it typical high fashion poor taste? And why should I care?
Katie's agent says she is a "fantastic mother" - for some reason, this comment reminded me of the joyful eighties, when you could go to pretty much any mediterranean beach, and see most female tourists sunbathing nude...there were few waifs, I guess they liked the "official" nudist spots better...tourists and family types lived in a happy coexistence - except for lunch time at the seaside tavern, when dad would summon the waiter and instruct him to "tell that %$#*& to cover up her %$#*& coz we are eating now"...the statuesque winner of the "Miss Fantastic Breasts" contest was on TV - I wonder if that contest still runs...all this has of course nothing to do with Katie being a "fantastic mother", but the combination of a dodgy mushroom pizza and too many hours fixing a shitty DSL connection probably resulted in the flashback...