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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Lots of interesting photos from the swimsuit shows - top left is the pic that impressed me a lot, Izabel Goulart should appear in VS catalogues fairly soon. Next to her is a little-known model, Patricia Luvisoto, who has worked a lot in Europe since the late 90s and has many magazine covers and editorials to her credit. Top right should be 14 yo Monique Olsen. Then we have the gorgeous Renata Maciel, who returned to the catwalk, Carol Francischini, the sensual Tatiana Rossi, Ana Claudia, Ana Hickmann and Ana Beatriz.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ana Beatriz was in Poko Pano - but not Sais ??? Hello !!!!
Any sign of Ale Ambrosio?
The mod that impressed me the most so far - Izabel Goulart, displaying her streamlined bod and certainly making a statement (maybe something like "I can kick Ale's ass...")
Sais - Ana Hickmann easily had the most impressive presence. Some complained that celeb/model Carolina Bittencourt, who headlined the show, had "imperfections". Yeah, right - have they looked at hip "high fashion" mods recently? They are one big imperfection.

Brazilian mag Istoe Gente (similar to People) has the "Top 10" Brazilian mods on the cover page of issue 307 - in the US, mainstream mags ignore models and the public seems to "only be interested in celebs" - which is to be expected with the war that A Wintour and her cronies, with the help of many spineless model agents, have waged against proper fashion models during the past decade.

The names are 90% correct - I would probably put Talytha or Jeisa in Carol Trentini's place

Gisele (uber alles)
1º- Adriana Lima
2º- Isabeli Fontana
3º- Ana Beatriz Barros
4º- Fernanda Tavares
5º- Alessandra Ambrósio
6º- Letícia Birkheuer
7º- Fernanda Motta
8º- Raquel Zimmermann
9º- Michelle Alves
10º- Carol Trentini

The Cia Maritima show on the first day of SPFW had a great concept - 70s hippie chic. The end result looked good on video, but the massive makeup made most mods look weird in photos. Gisele wasn't there, so someone else had to grab the attention - the stylist picked Daniella Sarahyba as his fave mod. She said in an interview that she had to lose (or IMG forced her to lose) 5 kilos in the past year, so that she could get work in NYC. Adriana Lima and Isabeli were also in the show - but no Ale Ambrosio or Ana Beatriz.
It was nice to see one of the Brazilian veterans, Giuliana Massiviero, returning to the catwalk - she stopped modeling after her daughter was born, a couple of years ago, but now she is back with Ford Models and a Wella campaign. The casting included several other mods who were popular in the mid and late 90s.

From Cia Maritima - Fabi Nunes, Isabeli, Isabel Goulart, Adriana Lima (x2), Giane Albertoni, Daniela Sarahyba (x2), Ellen Jabour (Gisele lookalike)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

From the opening party/show that dk attended - the gorgeous Shirley Mallmann - on the Vogue Italia cover in 1996 (!!) - Leticia Birkheuer, Giane Albertoni - who did Versace, Armani and Prada in Milan at 13, in late 1995 - Carol Ribeiro, Schynaider with Laryssa Castro and friend, Fabiane Nunes and Jeisa.

dk et al - Don't forget to grab lots of TicTac mints - they sponsor the Mega model contest, and the packaging features past contest winners, like Carol Francischini and Laryssa Castro. I think there is plenty of free Guarana Antarctica Light too....

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Parties - the big official SPFW party is scheduled for Monday (June 27th) in the Memorial da América Latina- organized by the SPFW people and GNT Fashion.
Lots of mods will be there - confirmed names include Shirley Mallmann, Fernanda Tavares, Ana Beatriz Barros, Renata Maciel, Alessandra Ambrosio, Isabeli Fontana, Marcelle Bittar, Letícia Birkheuer...a total of over 110 models!!!
Gisele "refused to participate", since she has the Vogue China shoot, but nothing can be ruled out...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Your e-mails" Dept - let's see.. Liz asks what the heck hapened to all those fab Eastern European models I used to write about. The answer is - whatever happened, I know little, coz there isn't much info on them. I actually know quite a lot about many of the Russian mods - they mostly live happy lives, away from fashion modeling.
Viera Schottertova
Even when the Brazilian wave hit big, in the late 90s, I was still mostly into East Euro models. The models I tend to like are not the ones in the hip "A-list", with very few exceptions - Hana S is a classic good Czech model, but you won't find many other Czech/Slovak names often mentioned, even though these countries traditionally supplied many of the top models throughout the 90s. It's not that good mods don't exist - the modeling biz powers just ignore them.

Ana asks - "who are you, where are you from and why are you writing all this stuff???"
I obviously still have some time to waste - not much though!!! As for the rest - you'll find out eventually...
Natalia Zavillova
To Spencer and Tony - thanks for the interest and the traffic, as you noticed I don't do links anymore, I don't have the time to maintain them...

A good link to see pics of many excellent Eastern European mods - mainly Czech/Slovak - is -they may be the old Elite Vienna people. Many of the better names are also featured in Wim's site -
I'll just mention a few Chech/Slovak mods, who should be in any "A-list" - Helena Houdova, Ivana Vankova, Linda Nyvltova (Chanel, Helena Rubinstein, Wella, Pantene, five German Elle cover pages...) Natalia Zavillova (Lolita Lempicka perfume, JP Gaultier PaP), Viera Schottertova (Chanel, Rimmel, Emporio Armani) Petra Kvapilova, Petra Kyzlikova, Greta Slezakova (Dior perfume) Sylvia Cerhakova, Petra Kyzelova, Petra Rybarova (Gucci, YSL, Dior)...
Linda Nyvltova
The usual suspects are constantly trying to assure AW's groupies that W magazine is somewhow "daring" (by NYC standards) and represents the bleeding edge of the homoerotic "Mary Poppins" aesthetic.
Well - here is an example of how "daring" W is - from "Chic Happens", Oct 13 1999
"...Crack Problem
It's always been known for kissing ass, but now W is the magazine for missing ass. Kate Moss—whose mole-ridden boobs were recently airbrushed for the cover of British Vogue—is the butt of jokes over news that W magazine rendered her crackless in a shoot in the October issue. The rear cleavage was removed from a picture, taken by Juergen Teller, of a naked Kate resting on an armchair. We're appalled that a market-leader like W would stoop to such computer-aided cosmetic surgery. What's next--Amy Mullens painting her toe-nails?

Kate's celebrated butt went missing? I wonder if Mr Teller complained about the slight alteration to his artistic creation. As loyal fans know, this Blog is on a relentless quest to find the anatomically-correct plaster casting of Kate's butt - the sculpture was stolen from an avant-garde artist's London studio a few years ago, before it could be revaled to the adoring public.
(Update: some allege the butt casting was found later in a garbage dump - I am not convinced...)

As I mentioned, AW is currently busy designing US Men's Vogue. WWD fired the first PR salvo - one of her minions, who does the kulak work, says "..."there will be no abs, no beer...there will be women, but they won’t be young starlets...". Yeah - get ready for more Karen Elson - and the thinking man's surfer girl, C Murphy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The countdown to Sao Paulo FW has started - the shows begin next week, on the 28th. It's going to be a big event, since they celebrate their 10th anniversary.
The bikini heavy artillery starts on the first day with Cia Maritima - Água de Coco, Água Doce, Sais and Rosa Cha follow.

Ana Beatriz and Jeisa are already in Sao Paulo - they were seen shopping together in the Jardins area. The official SPFW site announced some good news - the return of Renata Maciel to Brazilian catwalks.
Meanwhile, Marcelle Bittar's agent stated that she is "too chic" for Ronaldo.
Fashion Rio roundup - the excitement wasn't as big as last year, while Naomi C and Gisele provided most of the publicity, as usual. Isabeli was supposed to be the big No 2 this time around, but the media frenzy did not materialize - maybe we have to wait for SPFW. Many of the hip names were missing, but the casting (over 100 models and 14 agencies involved) included some interesting new and familiar names.
In the pics - Ana Bia and Jeisa, Talytha Pugliesi, Daniela Lopes, Michele Alves, Gisele and Jeisa, Juliana Imai, Isabeli, cute Yasmin Brunet and even cuter 14 yo Camila Finn.

It's amazing to see people still using the same lame arguments that model agents employ to fool their teenage mods, when they try to judge fashion models and their abilities:

a. "She has only one look". Gisele has exactly one look, one hairstyle and dresses the same since 1995. It never seemed to bother anyone in "high fashion".
Kate Moss looks exactly the same since she had long hair in the 1995 Pirelli calendar - nobody ever asked her to change.
If the agent can't sell the mod successfully as is, he/she has to give her a "makeover" - fashion people can fall in love with a mod they used to ignore, just because she changed her hairstyle. Leticia Birkheuer wasted over four years in NYC getting nowhere before she got her "Linda E" hairdo, which she has now abandoned. All this has more to do with the mentality of the fashion "pros" rather than any actual problem the model may have.
In fact, the models who tend to lack versatility are the "quirky" ones - it's hard to imagine how Lily Cole or Gemma Ward can change looks - and if they do, what sort of appeal they may have, beyond the trendy "bug" or "dollface" image they were chosen for.

b. "She can only do sexy". Just because her agents can't or won't sell her to different markets doesn't mean the mod is "limited" - in Europe, where the idiotic NYC mentality of distinguishing between "sexy" and "high fashion" mods does not apply, models like Petra Nemcova or Adriana Lima can do anything, from Couture and beauty to shampoo, catalogues, TV commercials and swimsuits. That's exactly what the 90s top models did - and that was the reason they commanded a higher rate, not because some asshole decided they should be the "hippest".

c. "She is too commercial" - that's what the pissed agent says when his "high fashion" mod abandons him. Again, some agents manage to sell their ex-GUESS models to Prada, others are not so competent. Are there really models who are not suitable for fashion shows? If she has the "model of the moment" stamp of approval, the show organizers will use the mod, whatever she looks like. Traditional model qualities are no longer a requirement - the Milanese claimed that Karen Elson was "too fat" and couldn't catwalk properly when she first showed up in Milan in 97/98, but they've never complained since.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I still browse French mags regularly - it's usually a waste of time, but the June issue of Jalouse has a 4 page report on Olga Kurylenko and her movie career. She stars (and I mean stars, it's not another of the 2-minute "roles" that models usually get) in the film L'Annulaire
Release date was early June, so it should be playing across Europe right now.

Izabel Goulart is getting quite a few editorials in France - and a recent Marie Claire cover.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Gisele says - "I can do funny faces just like Ana Beatriz" !!!
Right - interesting camera angle, Ana Bia from the Animale show

Ronaldo - the footballer - showed up at the Lenny party in Rio - the gossip says that he was seen hitting on Marcelle Bittar, and there was some kissing action...the zumzumzum (wild gossip?) claims that "a quiet conversation" was involved - this may translate to bonking, I dunno...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ana Beatriz looking gorgeous here, with Raica and boyfriend (and dog) - probably from the Lenny show backstage. Credit goes to Daniellah.
The earliest show Ana Bia appeared in was Animale, on the 17th

I also noticed Talytha in the Animale show - it's a shame she doesn't get more attention in Brazil. Other interesting appearances - Daniela Lopes, Giane Albertoni, Michele Alves, Leticia Birkheuer, Ana Claudia, Jeisa, Carol Francischini, Isabella Tavares, Fabiana Semprebom, Juliana Imai, Julia Pereira...

Ana Beatriz was in Rio after all - you can see pics of her from the Lenny show and backstage - I also noticed her in the W Rodrigues show.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

From Fashion Rio - Raica and boyfriend Lucas Babin. The dog's name is Beth, I think...

Looks like my report on Ana Beatriz appearing on the cover of French Marie Claire (one of the few remaining mags consistently featuring quality models on their covers) was one month off - she is on the July issue cover page. Fernanda Tavares was on the June issue cover. Scan provided by Zyana.
Btw - the early (agency) info from Brazil indicated that Adriana Lima was expected at Sao Paulo - another report, by a gossip site, about her catwalking in Rio FW shows did not materialize.

I've mentioned before that the comic relief provided by the crass "biz" characters is one of the things that still keeps me involved in all this "fashion" thing. The latest episode in the laughable saga -also known as "A-list high fashion"- is the news that M Testino shot the infamous St John campaign - and that the venerable Kelly Gray is replaced, after 22 years, by...Gisele!
It will be fun to see how the usual NYC suspects try to explain the "makeover".
And don't forget - we have "Marie Antoinette" coming up...

Gisele is expected in Rio on Thursday - she was shooting in LA with Testino, probably the campaign for the tacky brand just mentioned. She will be staying at the Copacabana Palace, as usual. Meanwhile, the casting choices for the Salinas show include "...Isabeli Fontana, Jeisa Chiminazzo, Leticia Birkheuer, Caroline Ribeiro, Alessandra Ambrosio, Carol Francischini e Fabiane Nunes". So Ale is in Rio? I didn't see her in any of the published pics from the Salinas show...
The "model of the moment" is 14 yo Vanessa Retke, wth IMG Brazil, booked for 26 Rio FW shows.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The "Brazil Special" issue of French PHOTO that I mentioned before is about to hit the newsstands in Europe. It includes the work of many Brazilian photographers - the cover pic is by Ellen V Unwerth, featuring Ana Beatriz and Adriana Lima in bikinis.

Fabi Tambosi is included in the "Girls" list of FHM mag - how could I miss that??? Here is a pic...

Friday, June 10, 2005

NYC Events Dept - Gilette kicked off the "Gillette Venus Vibrance Contest", with various ladies showing off their legs in a big PR event. Since this is a family-oriented site, I won't make any jokes about the "battery-powered Venus Vibrance" product - it turns out it's a women's razor. The main leggy attractions at the party were Hilary are Haylie Duff, who I guess are US celebs - although they look like some ladies I once met outside a pub in Swindon.
Anyway - all this reminds me that fashion/beauty modeling used to be a lot more fun, and there was a time when the Russian mods who are nowdays hip in NYC "high fashion" couldn't even get past door control in Moscow agency castings. Back then, when Gilette wanted a good model to showcase their products, they would go for someone like Ksenia Agafonova. All I can say is - her legs looked even more impressive from a few feet away. I told Ksenia she could kick me all day long if she wanted - but no luck.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

We are getting close to the mid-year mark, and AW's rag continues to perform miserably - when Botox Wintour was in London recently, to issue her usual diktats about who should do what in high fashion, she was asked about her suffering mag - she replied that she is more into Teen Vogue and Men's Vogue these days. In case you haven't heard - Conde Nast plans to introduce Men's Vogue in the US, this September.
No wonder - InStyle still whips her ass in every respect, despite what you may read in WWD or the NYT.
The Vogue Teen performance has to do with the fact that Conde Nast bought YM magazine early in 2005 and moved the subscriber base to Teen Vogue - same thing they did with Allure some years ago.

The source is PIB - the data reflect January to May 2005 performance relative to the same period last year

These are the numbers that really matter - Ad pages, and of course, Ad revenue.
Circulation data - expecially single copy sales - are interesting, but it's the dollars which count.
Note that Bazaar has slowed down considerably, but still outperforms Vogue, while Elle continues to do very well - even if Bensimon appears to be brain-dead.
May was a disaster for Vogue and W, both with an 19% drop in ad pages - while Elle and InStyle did very well the same month, so the usual suspects can't blame the poor performance on a "general trend", HIV/SARS, Bin Laden or whatever...

More Rio FW news - Leticia Birkheuer and Michele Alves will be present, they are booked for the Lenny show. Leticia may appear in an upcoming cover of i-D magazine, and has shot an ed for German Vogue. Michele, who will be in the new M Kors campaign, is also in an upcoming Paris Vogue ed.
The recent Paris Vogue feature on Brazil includes photos of several model/celeb couples - Isabeli Fontana with Henri Castelli, Fernanda Lima with Rodrigo Hilbert and Alinne Moraes with Caua Reymond. I've mentioned Fernanda before - as for Alinne, she was a rather successful model even before Gisele hit the big time. As Aline Morais, I think she was one of the Elite model contest winners in Brazil in the early 90s.
Isabeli will reportedly be in a number of Rio shows - inc TNG (with Castelli), Blue Man, OEstudio, Lenny, and Redley.

Raquel Zimmermann cancelled her Rio tickets - she will reportedly be busy doing a makeup campaign for YSL.

Some Alinne pics - she is currently known as an actress, but often catwalks as a "celebrity model"


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Rio FW starts next week - Adriana Lima is confirmed, and so are Isabeli, Jeisa and Gisele, who will do an exclusive show for Colcci.

"Useless fashion news" Dept - apparently there was a "CFDA Awards" event in NYC - probably of similar importance to the "Outstanding Mother Awards" one, of C Murphy fame. Kate Moss got an award for "Fashion Influence" - or maybe it was for her record-breaking "Under the Influence" performance, since she stated -back in early 1999- that she never appeared sober on a catwalk for over a decade.

"Annals of fashion history" Dept (actually old Chic Happens columns)

From late 98 - early 99 reports:

"...Friends of Kate Moss have acted to quell rumors that the real reason the pooped pixie checked into a chi-chi London clinic last week may be a lot more sinister than “exhaustion.” According to those closest to the pint-sized prima donna, Kate is suffering from her “addiction to men” and needs help to learn how to live on her own... Apparently the catwalk queen is tired of the men who hang around her “using her for fun” and forcing her to drink too much...Kate Moss has been discharged from the Priory clinic in London after setting fire to her room. Reports vary as to how the fire started, but British tabloids are claiming the spiritual supermodel was meditating by candlelight before stepping outside to test-drive a new “get well soon” BMW from former flame, Johnny Depp. Apparently the candle ignited a nearby scarf, setting off fire alarms and almost occasioning an evacuation of the facility...She’s been through denial but now Kate Moss is coming clean about her addictions. Moss 'fesses up in the latest issue of The Face, where she says that until this year she had not appeared sober on a catwalk for a decade. Moss, 25, who in November checked herself into rehab, says she lived on a diet of champagne and drugs. “In France and London we're allowed to smoke pot all day,” she tells the magazine. “After the first picture, skin up.”..."

Friday, June 03, 2005

The latest on flakey weddings involving Vogue-approved models: Karen Elson allegedly married a "White Stripes rocker" in Manaus, Brazil (!!) - the ceremony was performed by a "...traditional Shaman priest on a canoe at the exact point where the three rivers meet.."
Brings to mind other fashionable ceremonies - like the one where A McQueen married a dude on the yacht of the "Prince of Gambia", with Kate Moss as the bridesmaid (no info on who was the bride) and of course, the one involving the Lauder family darling, Carolyn Murphy, who married a surfer dude in a boho/new age affair in Costa Rica.

From the Rome show - looks like C Kass to me...
Ms Murphy, who recently joined the ranks of "sexy in NYC" models, divorced the surfer dude after AW recalled her to high fashion duty - the ex, according to, called her a "snobby little bitch" coz she regarded him as "a sperm donor, not a father" and also reportedly told him "Jake, I've got enough money to nickel-and-dime you to death" after the ex said to her "I'll see you in court" - for violating the terms of their divorce contract. Ms Murphy was nevertheless "honored" at the 25th annual "Outstanding Mother Awards" and applauded by IMG directors and the Lauder heiress as a "model mother".
Like the Ramones were singing -"We are a happy family"...

The fashion show from Rome was a tribute to the four top Italian fashion names - Armani, Valentino, Versace and Ferre. Don't ask why Prada or D&G weren't included - as for Gucci Group, I guess they are not considered "Italian" any more. The sad fact was that for the first time in memory, there was not a single "famous" model attraction - usually in these "specials", you would have someone like Naomi C, Valeria Mazza, etc. Afef Jnifer hardly qualified for the co-presenter role. Ferre was accompanied by Somalian mod Waris Dirie, who talked about her humanitarian campaign, while Valentino concentrated on Hollywood, with Gwyneth Paltrow as his star. There were quite a few "A-list" mods in attendance, obviously the event was a high-budget affair - I noticed Tiiu, Natasha Poly, Maria Carla, Carol Trentini, Rianne, Yfke, Linda V, Bianca Klamt and Michelle B, among others. Nobody bothered to mention any of them, since fashion models, whether "A-list" or not, are unknown beyond a very small circle nowdays. AW and her cronies tried hard to achieve that - even by hyping "bland" faces, a couple of years ago. I think Piazza di Spagna or the Fontana di Trevi would be a better setting than Piazza Navona...