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Monday, May 30, 2005

"I would rather be in Rio" Dept
Brenda Costa and Yasmin Jordao, with agency 40 Graus in Rio, during a shoot for an upcoming French PHOTO issue
As for that Testino shoot in Rio - some pics appeared in V, but the rest is in the new Vogue Paris, which features Isabeli and Jeisa on the June issue cover. The French seem to get increasingly interested in Brazilian models...

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Interesting pic of Gisele, climbing on a boat after she had an akward fall from a ladder, during the shoot for the Pirelli 2006 calendar in the French Riviera. Brings to mind one of the more infamous comments J Casablancas has made - ranks second to calling Heidi Klum a "talentless teutonic sausage" - a rather pissed JC, when asked if Gis had "enhancement" surgery, commented that "her boobs defy gravity"

The Blog's poll is still relevant - so you get another opportunity to vote...

Friday, May 27, 2005

What about the 2006 Pirelli calendar? Unfortunately, high fashion photographers are involved this year...while they experiment with glamour photography, one of their subjects seems to be Gisele, seen in a Barbarella-style outfit in recently released photos - she "...was seen hanging from a rope ladder in a black bikini and rising out of the sea, mermaid-style..." while shooting in the French Riviera. Also in the calendar - Kate Moss "...who'll appear in a topless one-piece black swimsuit..." Jennifer Lopez, Karen Elson and Natalia Vodianova.
Good grief...

Michele Alves is to appear in the new M Kors campaign, shot by J. Teller...

Ha ha ha - GIORGIO ARMANI said yesterday that profits for the 12 months ending December 31 2004 slipped 5.7 per cent to £86.5 million and blamed a higher advertising budget for the year.
Serves him right - maybe he should have blamed S Meisel's geriatric models...Giorgio has now officially joined the "high fashion losers" club. At least he made the right decision when he invested his fortune in hotels, rather than his fashion business...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

What about Cannes? Well, Eva Herzigova was huge this year, she looked like she finally put the unfortunate "starved" episode with A Wintour and her NYC minions far behind her - in the pic, with John Galliano, who apparently impersonated Sarah Jessica Parker. Wonderbra girl Inna Zovova (top left) looked great and attracted lots of media attention - last year her hairdo looked like a Moldovan hair salon special. All the money was Natalia Vodianova - in addition to making other L'Oreal models look miserable next to her, she showed up at an event in a see-through dress, proving that uninspiring high fashion photography haven't made her forget how sensual she can be...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Brazilian mods playing futebol (or soccer) in Central Park - Carol Trentini, Ana Bela, Fabiane Nunes, Palloma Dreher, Jessica Pauletto, Cintia Dicker and Bruna Erhardt.

Giane Albertoni fans will soon see her on TV, she appears in the HBO Brazil miniseries "Mandrake", as Gigi.
Adriana Lima, who hopefully will be catwalking in Brazil next month, was in the news last week as she launched Victoria Secret's new fragrance, "So in Love" in NYC. As for Gisele, she may appear in an NBC reality show.

Brazilians appear in current ads for two popular Italian swimsuit/lingerie brands - Daniela Sarahyba for Calzedonia, and Ana Beatriz for Intimissimi (new pic). Thanks to Giulio F for the scans.

Politics - G. Galloway testified in the US Senate, confronting the committee members who thought it would be another business-as-usual smear campaign against "non-friendly" foreign politicians - the NY Times supressed the news while other "freedom-loving" US media missed some essential statements from Galloway's testimony, such as:

"... I have met Saddam Hussein exactly the same number of times as Donald Rumsfeld met him. The difference is that Donald Rumsfeld met him to sell him guns and to give him maps - the better to target those guns..."

That was back in 1984, when Saddam was fighting the Iranians - his crimes were well-known at the time, but neocon ethics can be "flexible". More on Galloway's testimony, here and here, inc the video.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Looks like Ford NYC decided to hype Priscila Uchoa, one of the many good young mods they have in Brazil - in the last couple of years, it seemed they were interested only in Liliane F clones.

Young Priscila reportedly reminds NYC "pros" of Katie - if she was bowlegged, maybe...
They have plenty of interesting fresh faces in Brazil - Sabrina Onzi, Julia Pereira, Sheila Klein, Bruna Armbrust...and many more.

PATRIZIO BERTELLI isn't about to sell off Jil Sander, in spite of all those rumours to the contrary....Admitting that it was a mistake to try and transport the label into new style territories after Sander's first exit, Bertelli says that it will stick with what it knows now – but that doesn't mean Sander will reappear after her second shock exit late last year. "Jill Sander is a person who, despite selling her company, never mentally sold the company," he told WWD. "That is the real problem. She shouldn't have sold the company." ...he has put the IPO in second place. And he won't be rocked by speculation about the level of debt he has secured for Prada despite that fact that a $910 million bond is due next month...

Yeah - and with consumer spending slowing down in both the US and Europe, things are far from getting rosier. Maybe Jil shouldn't have sold her company - but why the hell did Prada buy it???? Isn't that a prime example of poor management skills? But who dares to question the business of AW's fave "designer"?

More Priscila Uchoa - posing as the Little Mermaid, pic from her own fotolog

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Let's try the Video Blog thing once again - if you go here you'll see details on how to send me videos and pics from your mobile phone.
If I like them (!!!) they'll appear in the Video Blog. So, say you are in a club or show or someplace where interesting models show up - or you are a model and want your fave pics/videos to show up here, as in the various fotologs mods are known to use. In Europe, any camera phone can send an MMS photo, and many brands can also send video - go to a mobile phone shop and ask, if you are not sure how pic/video sending works. If your mobile, anywhere in the world, allows you to send pics and/or videos to an email address, you are OK.

Marina de Paula - pic by S Mattos

Of course, you can also send videos and pics from a computer (after you upload them from a digital camera or grab them with your webcam, for example) to the same email address -

Mobile phone video files are small, up to about 100K since that's the limit set by most PTTs for videomail, so they are easy to send via mobile - the fact that some sites now let you store up to 25 megs or so of data and allow any number of people to stream videos freely, makes mobile video Blogging a reality.
(Bandwidth is the problem - free video hosting sites only allow up to 100 megs streaming per month, for a 2 meg video file, that means only 50 viewings !!)
Check the video Blog site for more technical details...
It's also possible to post pics/videos directly to the Blog, but I can't let too many people do that...

Some time ago, I reported that Testino was seen shooting Isabeli and other mods around Rio - a related ed in the new issue of V, called "Brazilian Heat", includes a number of male and female mods with agency 40 Graus, inc Viviane Surgek and Marina de Paula

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The latest news is that AW's Conde Nast boss, S.I. Newhouse Jr, is also pressuring the Italians to "shorten" Milan FW by concentrating on "important shows" (code word for shows by Conde Nast publications advertisers) because their FW is "too big" and it inconveniences Botox Wintour and her minions, who would rather do their partying with their Parisienne cronies.

It never ceases to amaze me when the Italians take all these assholes seriously - we are talking about a business worth over 70 billion euros, with over 40 billion euros in exports !!! Despite some recent weakness, caused mainly by the overvaluation of the euro against the dollar (due to the artificially low rate set for the dollar by the US government to help their economy) Italian fashion remains huge - according to Italmedia, Milan FW coverage can boast of numbers such as "...1522 journalists, of whom 833 Italian and 689 foreign, 489 newspapers, 40 television networks, 218 collections on display at the 96 fashion shows (36 taking place at the Milan Trade Fair) for 89 designer labels - alongside the high-range prêt-à-porter fashion shows there was a full series of 129 open presentations, six of which were hosted by the Trade Fair and the other 44 by appointment in locations spread throughout the urban territory of Milan..."

Compare all this to the sorry spectacle in Paris, London and NYC - instead of the president of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Mario Boselli, giving them one -or two- fingers (there are lots of Londoners involved in all this) he has to listen to "advice" from the "edgy" element - what are the Nasties going to do, convince their readers to buy Zac Posen instead of Armani, etc if the Italians don't follow their dictates? And who gives a shit even if they manage to do so?

The Italians started digging their grave when they departed from the Gianni Versace winning formula of championing the "drop dead gorgeous woman" and accepted Meisel's anti-models, mostly inspired by some Andy Warhol transvestites his NYC cabal used to hang out with, when they were all basse classe Warhol groupies, back in the 70s.
Now they have to listen to advice from the "Mary Poppins" crowd - and risk the scorn of the alpha female who runs US Vogue! It is still not too late to kick all the Katie Grand types and AW's operatives out of Milan, bar NYC PR firms from producing the big shows along with their laughable models, and Italianize the whole process - the Nasties don't even count anywhere outside NYC, so the Milanese have little to worry about...

Monday, May 09, 2005

Alessandra Ambrosio gets the cover of the new Men's Vogue (Vogue Homem) in Brazil

I also saw her while browsing the May issue of Marie Claire (not sure if it was US or UK) - very nice editorial

Alessandra is now single - and Marcelo is sometimes seen with other Brazilians in clubs, in case you are interested...

Debora Dias from NoTricks tells me that Fernanda Tavares renewed her contract with Dolce & Gabbana and L'Oreal Paris. She will also be in the Nine West campain and a GAP campaign. Cute gauchinha Carol Trentini continues to be popular, with 8-page editorials in both US and UK issues of Vogue

The Alessandra pic, from Vogue Homem, is by Gui Paganini

Thursday, May 05, 2005

This news item will interest the people who claim AW is just another editrix...

ANNA WINTOUR will today meet with Stuart Rose to discuss moving London Fashion Week's position on the fashion week schedule. Speaking at The Sunday Times Style lecture at The British Museum, the esteemed editor-in-chief of US Vogue...explained that she was passionate about doing everything she can to help the British fashion industry. Wintour believes that moving the bi-annual shows so they happen between Milan and Paris Fashion Week each season would ensure the world's press and important buyers factor it into their travel plans, thereby bringing much needed publicity and money into the capital. "You have the most talented designers in the world," she said.

We alredy know that the only reason AW goes to Milan is to see her good friend Miuccia - the rest don't deserve her attention. So why not schedule London FW the same time as Milan?

And from our "Annals of Fashion History" Dept - mostly old Chic Happens reports - interesting news items from years past.

On Nov. 4th 1998, Linda E was attempting a catwalk comeback (AW brought her back three years later...)

They don’t shoot clothes horses…they just send them to Portugal. Just ask the once ubiquitous Linda Evangelista and Claudia Schiffer, who this week strutted their stuff far from the commotion at Bryant Park. The original 80s supermodels were booked instead for an appearance in the throbbing fashion metropolis of Oporto, Portugal’s second largest city, to add a little faded glamour to the country’s top fashion show. Evangelista, who scaled the vertiginous heights of fashion with a prowess that suggested she could walk the tight-rope in stilettos, had an uncharacteristic case of the wobbles on the catwalk. Observers were left wondering whether she was drunk but Evangelista’s minders swear food poisoning was the cause. In any case, the woman who was famously misquoted as saying she wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 was forced to reduce her fee for the outing. Ouch!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

This cartoon has something to do with Gisele's Nivea campaign - that's all I know...
Not much is happening in fashion/modeling, so let's take a look at literature...
As -almost- everyone knows, the book DaVinci Code by Dan Brown is very popular, even among fashion models!
I won't say much about the book thesis, except that a lot of people have observed that Brown seems to associate Christianity only with the Vatican - and doesn't even mention other Christian denominations. There may be a good reason for that - even though the Catholic Church accepted in the past that Mary Magdalene, the book's heroine, travelled from Bethany to Marceilles, France, and then to Provence, this was due to confusing the Mary in Lazarus' house with Magdalene. The popular myths concerning Mary Magdalene and her French exploits, as described in the book, are based on that error.
In fact, in 1969 (!!!!) the Vatican accepted the error and officially corrected it...

"...Pope Gregory preached a sermon in the late 6th century that merged Mary Magdalene with two other biblical characters: an unnamed "sinful woman" in the Gospel of Luke who anoints Jesus' feet with perfume poured from an alabaster jar and dries them with her hair, and Mary of Bethany, the sister of Jesus' friend Lazarus, who was raised from the dead.
The pope can't get all the blame, says theologian Jane Schaberg of the University of Detroit Mercy."The legend had a life of its own" before the pope's sermon, says Schaberg, author of "The Resurrection of Mary Magdalene." "He just puts the cap on it."
From that point, the image of Mary Magdalene as a repentant public sinner became fixed in the imagination of Western Christianity.
The Vatican formally repudiated the false image of Mary Magdalene in 1969. But that teaching has never filtered down to many of the faithful..."

There was actually a double error...

"...In France, it is held in this tradition, Lazarus and the other disciples from Bethany converted Provence to Christ. It is also held that Lazarus was the first bishop of Gaul. But it turns out that the Lazarus in question is not the same Lazarus as in the Gospels, but a bishop of Gaul who lived in the fourth century. The assumption that Mary Magdalene went to Provence was therefore not only based on the bringing of what someone claimed were her relics to France, but in fact was also based on a mistaken case of identity concerning another man who was also named Lazarus..."

That is half the story - but if the Mary who travelled to France was the wrong Mary, where did the real Mary go?

If Brown did not ignore non-Catholic Christians, he would have to mention the teachings (and not "medieval tradition") of the Eastern Church (the Western and Eastern churches split after the schism of 1054 AD, the Protestants appeared much later) that Mary Magdalene travelled to Ephesus, in present-day Turkey, and helped St. John the Apostle write the first 20 chapters of his Gospel. She died and was buried in Ephesus, and in 899, Byzantine emperor Leo VI took her relics to the St. Lazarus monastery in Constantinople (present-day Istanbul). Rather than just a sinner, the Eastern Church regards Mary Magdalene as an 'equal of the Apostles'. Saint Gregory of Tours agreed that the Ephesus version was the true one.
As for what happened to the relics - they apparently remained there until the 13th century, when the 4th Crusade (1204 AD) sacked Constantinople and many relics were stolen, with the ones belonging to Mary taken to France.

So much for the Mary-Jesus "happy couple in France" theory - the rest of the book sells the typical gnostic/occult message, and don't forget that on October 13th, we have 700 years since the Vatican wiped out (not 100%) the Templar Knights, and the pope is supposed to apologize for it by that time. Not to mention the movie, coming out sometime next year...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

If you were looking for a good excuse to fly to Brazil this June for the shows - I hear that Adriana Lima will be catwalking there this season. Details when the dates are fixed...

More recent Barros sisters stuff - top left, Patricia Barros, with agency Madison Models in NYC, for Meet Mark - below, Ana Beatriz Barros from the Bloomingdales catalogue, Spring 2005, both scans by Iris.
The two scans on the right show Ana in a pose photographers often have to use to show good face detail coz she is too tall to fit in a photo frame - top right, from the contents page of the US SI Swimsuit issue, below another ad for Intimissimi.(feel free to claim your scanning credits!)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Brazilian PR for Gisele's dad and his new book broke only a couple of days I ahead of the news, or what...see my April 10th post.

Leticia Birkheuer (and Cintia Dicker) aren't very popular with the 'Mary Poppins' crowd in NYC it seems - they were removed from the 'hip in NYC' model charts. Not that too many people care anyway, but I just saw the TV spot for a Dior perfume, Poison, where Leticia looks great... and she is testing for the new soap opera by Silvio de Abreu, to star in the main role as 'Belissima'. Leticia's sister, Michele, who also models for Pantene and Triumph,is already a well-known TV star in Brazil. NYC fashion 'professionals' however see more potential in names like IMG's Guinevere van Seenus, one of S. Meisel's faves back in 1997 - and other similar beauty-challenged models...

"Lost" mods Dept - what happened to Maria Talyzina? Drop me a line if you know what she is up to...