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Saturday, February 26, 2005

The amazing Fernanda Motta - check out her Palmolive cream ad, she can't be hip in NYC since she doesn't look anything like the juvenile characters in the Versace show...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

'That's news to me' Dept

NAUGHTY Naomi Campbell is blaming her infamous violent outbursts on cocaine abuse. "You become short-tempered. You know?" the supermodel shares with Diane Sawyer on "Prime Time Live" tomorrow night. "Your little charm goes. The little glow in your face goes. It's a very nasty drug . . . I think what is very scary about cocaine is that you start to feel too confident and you start to feel indispensable, although none of us are indispensable."

Next episode - the mod who admitted that she was "drunk every day for the past ten years" and the one who used to "throw up lunch/dinner" also on a daily basis, talk to Pagesix and explain how they can still be modeling biz darlings and not get bad press like Naomi.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

NYC/London fashion 'pros' are never afraid to display their geography skills - we are informed that "...Natasha Poly is from Perm, Russia (a town close to Siberia)..."

If anyone knows why IMG's Guinevere is hip in NYC, call me at 1-800-CLUELESS (I live in a place not so close to Siberia btw)

Many continue to express their amazement at C Murphy's 'curves' developing late in her modeling career - meanwhile, the SI web site continues to downplay their cover girl, she was even left out of the webcast...I guess Ivan and Co got what they wanted, and won't mind if C Murphy doesn't get very popular with the 'tits and ass' crowd...and don't forget to boycott the SI Swimuit issue, buy the DVD only!

French Elle celebrated Gisele's 10(?) year career - even though Gis rarely showed any interest in their publication, which is not considered to be sufficiently 'hip' by the top echelons in 'high fashion'...but then again, they even put Karen Elson on their cover, so their self-masochism shows some consistency...

London FW is over - in case anyone noticed - it's time for Milan FW, where K Elson/M Rayder are the Armani girls (poor Giorgio has totally lost it) and Kate Moss is the Cavalli icon...

The elegant and sensual Elena Rosenkova, from Kristina T

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A few pics from the SI party...

This was probably intended for the cover page - from the SI Thailand shoot

As for model selection - Daniella Sarahyba is in the issue, not much else to talk about - short video clips with individual mods from the DVD are available at the SI site.

11 am NYC time update:

When you visit the SI page, you see Ana Beatriz and not the issue cover model !!!!!!

As Jake points out, USA Today run a story on the SI cover, showing a massively photoshoped pic of Carolyn "I am gonna nickel and dime him to death" Murphy - obviously the point is to demonstrate IMG's swing to the "swimsuit" market
(Ivan whatshisname and his pals used to giggle when "swimsuits" was mentioned in the past, but the new owners probably can use the money).

The joke is that Carolyn admits she only got "hips and boobs" after childbirth !!!!
That's a new concept in swimsuit modeling - models becoming curvy late in their modeling lifes. I guess it had to be celebrated by an SI cover...

btw C Murphy didn't really replace Liz Hurley as the article mentions - if the SI people do their homework, they'll find out that the Lauder family recalled Liz when it turned out that Mrs Murphy was nowhere near as successful as the mod she "replaced".

"...Other models featured in the issue include tennis star Venus Williams, Olympians Jennie Finch and Amanda Beard and 19-year-old Alicia Hall, winner of NBC's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search series..."

How more pathetic can this get?
Why not write to these assholes and tell them what you think about it? I certainly will...

Friday, February 11, 2005

Congrats to the incompetents who run J-Lo's PR - the show is tonight, but still no mention of the model who headlines her current campaigns. Very professional.

JENNIFER Lopez just delivered a diss to DNA Models. An insider tattles that J.Lo's lackeys had a falling-out with DNA this week that resulted in the agency's models being replaced with ones from rival shop IMG at tonight's premiere of Lopez's Sweetface line.
"DNA wanted too much money," said our source. A rep for the agency could not be reached for comment.
Carmen Kass and Naomi Campbell are expected to strut the runway tonight along with a slew of lesser-known beauties. (Pagesix)

So the IMG mods are "lesser-known" than CK and Naomi- not that many people seem to be overwhelmed by the quality of Bart's "stars", even in hip NYC

Ana Beatriz can be seen wearing the pricey Oakley MP3 glasses in US mags
The ad is on the left, below, and two pics from the Oakley show on the right - Fernanda Tavares and Bianca Klamt were also in that show

Monday, February 07, 2005

"I would rather be some place else" Dept

I don't know if anyone spotted Gisele in the "hip NYC mods benefit" party - Gis was actually in Rio for the opening of the carnaval, partying on stage with some zezebelian local dancers...

Good news from L'Oreal - the elegant Talytha Pugliesi will be in a new campaign, shot by Greg Kadel.

Pagesix runs an item on the love adventures of some "Mary Poppins" characters on A Wintour's payroll - two of them are the alleged designers of an internationally unknown but NYC-hip label called Proenza Schouler, the other two are a "Vogue staffer" and his boyfriend. The interesting thing here is what the Voguey type reportedly said...

"...The Vogue staffer and McCollough bear a very striking resemblance to each other, and Hernandez and the Vogue guy's boyfriend are both handsome Latino heartthrobs." The source says the magazine staffer "banned" the boyfriend from New York following his escapades with McCollough. Hernandez and the Vogue employee spent New Year's together in Miami consoling each other, we're told..."

if AW's minions can "ban" people from NYC, you can imagine what power their alpha female master weilds in freedom-loving Big Apple...

If you are looking for good puke-inducing content, S Meisel is pursuing a "glamour" theme for the upcoming Vogue Italia

Saturday, February 05, 2005

zzzzz....whoa, it's NYC fashion week time...where the parties are far more interesting than the shows and the models...and where the local fashion biz "pros" manage to "discover" more mediocre models than anyone thought could possibly exist...any news from the J-Lo show casting?

The NYC "pros" like them naturally anorexic...

THE U.S. will never follow Israel's lead and try to force fashion models to fatten up, say industry experts at New York's Fashion Week. Tel Aviv model agent Adi Barkan has joined with Inbal Gavriely, a member of Israel's parliament, to pass legislation requiring models to undergo health examinations, have their body mass index checked and be certified healthy by a nutritionist before they can work.
But model moguls here say the freedom-loving U.S. government will never infringe on a catwalker's right to starve herself.
"We don't set forth the notion that all girls should be the same size," said IMG Models Senior VP Ivan Bart. "What Christian Dior wants is different from what Sports Illustrated wants. To set a mandate is silly."
"Models are people, but they're hired for a job as mannequins," said Jessica Weinstein, who casts fashion shows for designers Kenneth Cole, Vera Wang and Narciso Rodriguez. "I don't think they should be ill or make themselves sick, but they should be thin."
Kelly Cutrone, who is overseeing casting for 14 shows at Fashion Week, said: "That's why they're models - they're natural phenomenons."

Freedom-loving my ass - wearing a tshirt with a political message can get you arrested in the "land of freedom"...

if the NYC DA - who is too busy attending FW parties probably - demanded that underage models couldn't work legally unless "certified healthy by a nutritionist", many of Ivan Bart's girls would have to look for another job...

"Starving yourself" is a right in freedom-loving NYC - but when the Dior people demand that a mod should lose 10% of her already low weight if she wants to be in their campaign, or when the "moguls" blacklist anyone who chooses not to "starve" herself, it's called something else...

Joke of the week - Mrs "family values" Bush loves the fashion shows...I guess to support the freedom -loving models in starving themselves...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Does Scarlett "walking, talking product placement" Johansson, on the cover of US H Bazaar, look like a (low budget) version of a certain Brazilian model?

The world beyond such "Conde Nast friendly" publications as the NYT or WWD can be cruel - check out what the UK Guardian had to say about the photography on the Vanity Fair cover and compare to the usual US suckup jobs.
What about models on covers?
Who cares?

Clueless Q #698 - now that AW's darling chic trashiette, Kate Moss, hooked up with a dude who openly does heroin , will the "Mary Poppins" crowd in NYC show any concern?

Amy Wesson was blacklisted in NYC for nearly a decade - not because she had a drug habit, but because she embarassed some top biz people when her habit hit the headlines and it turned out that the hip fashion characters at the time knew about it and did nothing to help her (anyone remembers who were the photographers who used Amy a lot back in 95-97?)
One of the premier blacklisters in the NYC biz started using Amy again, in his pet mag project - as for the rest of AW's fun club, I bet they will only get shocked if an unhip model does "excess nudity"...

17 yo gauchinha Cintia Dicker is in H&M, L'Oreal, MAC cosmetics and the new campaign for D Squared (shot by S Klein).
Meanwhile, some hip IMG mods are not exactly visible lately - Guinevere's lack of work is getting embarassing...not that her "NYC hip" status will suffer too much.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

He he - major blunder by the Sports Illustrated people - this is the cover of the "2005 SI Swimsuit issue DVD" to be released on February 15 - I hope Ana also gets the swimsuit issue cover in addition to the DVD cover !!!