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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Isabeli now has her own sensual calendar(pic), a Helena Rubinstein cosmetics campaign and is firmy established as a celeb in Brazil - irrespective of her fashion biz status. The affair with actor Henri Castelli certainly played a role.
The vogueys in mentioned Bianca Klamt - who doesn't belong to the group of forgettable faces who usually populate the US Vogue "hip" lists. Bianca is with 40 Graus in Brazil, Elite in Paris and ??? in NYC?
She was quite visible in the Paris Couture shows.
Does anyone care who did an exlusive show for Jil Sander? I bet even Jil doesn't, since she left the company, for the second time...

I don't pay much attention to "major" FW shows and the hip model scene anymore - the model situation has gone from sublime to 100% ridiculous.
Right now, in a "glam supermodel" year, the stars so far seem to be Lily Cole, Karen Elson and Kate Moss. Very few people care about models anyway - even the vogueys are into celebrity (hetero) weddings these days.
It's a good thing some of the better mods from the mid and late 90s still grab headlines, otherwise there would be little to talk about...

The transcript from the Ana Beatriz internet chat on AOL Vivo reveals a few interesting factoids

It looks like she will be in the upcoming SI Swimsuit issue, since she talks about some pics taken in Thailand, in a polo camp, with elephants.

The boyfriend is James R, who lives in Paris - "for the last 3 years", I guess the other guy got deleted.

Interesting story - the mother of a "friend" at some point told her ex-agents that she was complaining and swearing about the agency - she had a fight with her ex-agent and ended up leaving the agency. The model mom did that to benefit her daughter.
I wonder whom she is taking about...

Her schoolmates used to call her Olivia Palito, she was already 1m80 tall at 14 (I can verify that, I met her in 1997). After she was discovered on a Rio beach, her dad, who had transferred to Rio from Minas Gerais, didn't want her to become a model and it took some time for him to be convinced.

When Ana went to LA to do the J-Lo campaign, Jennifer was there and took care of her personally - she also called her several times to negotiate her fee.

For 2005, she signed a contract with Osklen, re-signed with L'Oreal and has her own bikini brand.

Her best friends are Isabeli, Alessandra, Jeisa and Renata (Maciel?)
She never had cosmetic surgery, although she might do it when she gets older.

Interestingly, her model "inspiration" in the mid 90s was Cassia Lara, the mod who was one of the winners of the 1994 Brazilian Look along with Gisele, and is today with Marilyn Brazil.

As for freebies - J-Lo ordered everything she wanted, her family "cleaned up" the Osklen shop when she shot the campaign, and she can have any VS stuff she wants

She listens to the Rolling Stones, Beatles, the Cure, Badley Drawn Boys, Hip Hop. She likes to dance hip hop. She also loves the Tribalistas, Marisa Monte, Chico Buarque de Holanda, Caetano Veloso.

In 2004 she had five movie offers - from people like Brian de Palma, Luc Besson and Denzel Washington. She refused, because she needs to dedicate at least a year to an acting career, but if Jonny Depp called, she would accept the offer immediately !!!

She is thinking about working for 5 more years - and having children after 3 years (she likes tall men with brown hair).

She will lose a lot of money from other jobs if she does many shows during FW, like last year, so she prefers to do one or two big shows. She invests mostly in real estate. She will be 23 this May.

The model who won that TIM model contest during SPFW is Jessica Pauletto, 14, with Marilyn Brazil.

Joke of the year - so far - John Casablancas returns to NYC to re-organize Elite Models.

Monday, January 24, 2005

A Wintour again a loser in 2004...

No big news here - InStyle finished the year ahead in total ad revenue and ad pages...

US Vogue performed lousy all year long - but by some amazing miracle, in December 2004, their ad pages went up 31.6% (year average is only 1.8% !!!) and the ad revenue was up 45.8% (year average 11.5%) - compared to Dec 2003.

Despite the obviously "cooked" numbers, Instyle finishes in front, with $357 million (up 22.0%) and 3,368.93 ad pages (up 10.6%) compared to US Vogue, who had revenues of $317 million (up 11.5%) and 3,011.11 ad pages (up 1.8%)

IMO Vogue should have finished in the minus column in the ad page count, but they obviously played with the December 04 numbers to help AW save face.

You won't be reading any of this in the usual "Conde Nast friendly" publications - AW's minions in the NYT fashion section are busy describing how AW "advised" the losers at LVMH on who the next Givenchy designer should be (as if anybody cared)

US H Bazaar was spectacular, with ad revenue up 42% and ad pages up 31%, compared to 2003 - while US Elle did very well, with revenue up 21.9% and ad pages up 12.7%. W and Allure did only slightly better than Vogue.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Bill told me there was going to be a chat on AOL Brazil with Ana Beatriz - either last night or tonight, 9pm Brazilian time.
There are several pics of Ana visiting an AOL Brazil booth, sitting in front of a PC, along with sis Patricia (an "actress"). Ana mentioned that she was discovered at the Barra da Tijuca beach in Rio, along with Patricia - while she was at school she had problems with her figure, and fellow students were calling her "Ana Bia Perna Fina" and "Bocao Royal" (the Brazilian babes who visit this site can tell me what it means?)

Ana Beatriz looks very "bronze" lately - she reportedly got her tan in Ilhabela, Florianopolis and Jamaica. Today, she is to visit a children's cancer charity in Sao Paulo, supported by Rosa Cha (Casa Hope). Combined with the blondish hairdo, the new "look" may be related to a swimsuit (SI?) or maybe cosmetics (L'Oreal?) job...

Valentia Zelyaeva (not Zelianova !) got a mention in Babado - she is to appear in the Babesh catalogue, while her Brazilian husband ("empresa'rio de Vale Tudo em To'quio") was also mentioned.
Other major news from SPFW - Jeisa lost her $5,000 dollar jacket...

From the Rosa Cha show - Ana Beatriz, Carol Trentini, Gianne Albertoni, Fabi Nunes, Mariana Marcki, Simone Vilas Boas, ?, Ana again

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Rastaman who shagged me

Bob Marley once bonked A Wintour?
In 70s London/NYC, nothing would surprise me...

BLISTERING new biography of Anna Wintour reveals the icy Vogue editrix once had an affair with reggae legend Bob Marley.

In "Front Row: The Cool Life and Hot Times of Vogue's Editor in Chief," due next month from St. Martin's, Jerry Oppenheimer recounts how in the late '70s, Wintour's pal, Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, introduced the fashionista to Marley and got her a backstage pass to one of Marley's shows in New York. She immediately "fell for" the pot-smoking musician.

She was "riveted" and acted as if she'd "met God," one friend tells Oppenheimer, who reports she "virtually disappeared for a week" while notorious womanizer Marley was in town, spending all her time backstage.

When Wintour finally resurfaced, she looked utterly worn out from her exertions with the rasta legend, but denied to friends she'd spent the week in Marley's bed. Pals didn't buy it and assumed she merely wanted to keep him to herself.

Throughout her colorful career Wintour had affairs with many men, including British gossip columnist Nigel Dempster, who bedded her at a young age, and "Monty Python" star Eric Idle. But she was always somewhat frosty, which Oppenheimer attributes to the fact that she had a "pretty screwed up childhood," growing up in a "horribly depressed and icy atmosphere."

The first signs of trouble came when she was reported to have gotten the top job at Vogue via an affair with Si Newhouse.

In 1999, Shaffer learned that Wintour was having an affair with Texas mogul Shelby Bryan when Bryan left a message on their answering machine. Shaffer called Bryan's wife and told her, "Your husband and my wife are [bleeping] each other." Bryan and Wintour, now 55, are still together.

The Men's shows are on in Milan - last shows on Thursday - a few female mods are also catwalking, FTV should have the videos soon.
Sao Paulo FW is also on - Gisele will be in Triton, Naomi in TNG and probably Rosa Cha, Daniela Cicarelli and Ricky Martin are the top celebs. Daniela will do Ellus and present the awards for a model contest organized by TIM (Dream TIM)on the 25th.

Gisele says she is really a boring person - and she was jealous of sis Patricia at 14 coz she was luckier with the boys.
The SUN reports that Kate Moss is dating a "crackhead" - and in Prada Group news, Jil Sander has left for the second time, but the brand will be run as "nothing has changed". Tells you how important "designers" are these days.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

"Donald's New Bride" on the US Vogue cover

Doesn't she have a name????
That makes Melania Knauss (originally from Slovenia) one of very few mods on the US Vogue cover in recent years - I guess a fashion model has to get married to Trump to make it on the cover. Hillary Skank or whatever her name is was the other cover contender - she won some movie award recently, but she obviously couldn't sell as many newsstand copies as Melania.
Some vogueys played an important role - "...Knauss chose the Dior gown during the haute couture shows in Paris with help from Vogue editors Sally Singer and Andre Leon Talley... Because of the sheer volume of the dress, the magazine reports, Knauss decided to sit on a bench for dinner because a chair wouldn't work and change into a new outfit - by Vera Wang - following the traditional first dance with her new husband..."
No word if ALT will show up in his infamous lederhosen outfit. In another news item, Pierre Cardin was making fun of Dior dresses - "...You can't walk in shoes like that or hats like that -- to go where? You go to dinner and you need three chairs to sit down..." - or maybe a bench !!!!

Melania Knauss was born in Maribor in the ex-Yugoslavia in 1976, is about 1m78 tall and weighs somewhat less than 60 kilos. The NYC hipsters hate her, and she certainly makes the dowdy high fashion queens look even more boring - but as my favorite ancient philosopher allegedly said, "when money talks, bullshit walks".

Maja Latinovic, also from the ex-Yugoslavia, looks similar and appears in the Wonderbra campaign.

Meanwhile, Meisel's name appears in rather tacky fashion on the cover of the new Vogue Italia, along with the new Prada models and other predictable high fashion faces - does that mean he is no longer a CondeNast "contract photographer"?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

A&F spends more money for one campaign shoot than Meisel will do in 5 years of Vogue Italia studio photography:

VACATIONERS at Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, more than they bargained for when photographer Bruce Weber arrived last week with an entourage of 100 models, stylists and assistants for the latest Abercrombie & Fitch shoot. Weber rented the home of Mikhail Baryshnikov but partied with his crew Tuesday his cut-offs looking like a reggae Santa and accompanied by his "healer" from Iran...
Fashion Rio is over, and the SP shows won't start for another week or so. Gisele gave several interviews while in the Copa Palace pool (she made a really stealth appearance at the show venue and nobody got any off-runway pics) and mentioned that she won't be at the Rio carnival, but she will show up in Sao Paulo. She partied with Testino and Co before leaving Rio the next day, on a Colcci-chartered jet for NYC. The last FW day included appearances by Michelle Alves, Leticia Birkheuer and voluptuous Swiss mod Nadine Strittmatter.
Cintia Dicker won't be at the SP shows, she is now in Miami shooting for H&M and L'Oreal (that should be interesting !!) As for Paris Couture, she "is not into long dresses". Well, K Kurkova once told Valentino his Couture fashions reminded her of "hootchie moma pants" - this stuff is too complicated for teen mods !!!
Rianne Ten Haken wasn't really noticed since Gisele and Naomi stole the early headlines, but she is already booked for Valentino and Lacroix and enjoyed the Brazilian beaches anyway. No news yet about who Testino was shooting in Rio - except an ed with some new 40 Graus agency models for V magazine.

I was checking out the SI Swimsuit 2004 DVD - available on the net, for those who are into downloading stuff - Ana Beatriz went to Cody, Wyoming, which she described as "big mountains, no discos". Sums up the place.
Other factoids - Fernanda Motta looks 10 times better on video than she does in photos. One of their "Fresh Faces" winner was Michelle Lombardo - wasn't she with Elite Models?

The Blog's flying correspondent was in Rio de Janeiro, and got these exclusive pics of Gisele in the Copacabana Palace hotel pool - Gis in bikini (rather rare !!) the lady in the middle is her agent, Monica Monteiro, not sure about the guy.
Thanks dk !!!

Friday, January 14, 2005

January 14, 2005 -- THE 44 contestants in the Ford Supermodel of the World contest learned evasive maneuvers at the after-party at the Tunnel ... and worked the red carpet. The winner, who also got a $250,000 modeling contract, was Brazilian Camila Finn, all of 14. She might look even better when she grows up.

Oh well, another Brazilian wins the Ford Supermodel contest. Camila looks like a cross between Vika Sementsova and Schynaider. The second winner was Romanian and the third winner Canadian.

Meanwhile, one of the major VS investors is looking for a model agency - as reports:
IS billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein making a bid for IMG Models? As we reported last summer, Epstein tried to buy Elite Models when the bankrupt agency was auctioned off. In 2003, we reported that Epstein, who's been described as "a connoisseur of beautiful women," was talking to Karin Models owner Jean-Luc Brunel about doing a deal, but it went nowhere. Epstein has also met with Elite's Gerald Marie and 1 Management's Scott Lipps. Now we hear Epstein has been having talks with fellow billionaire Teddy Forstmann, who paid $750 million for the IMG group a few months ago, about buying the company's modeling division, which reps the likes of Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss and Heidi Klum. Reps for IMG and Forstmann deny any such negotiations are taking place. Epstein's rep did not return calls. Forstmann has been talking to top Hollywood talent agencies about a possible merger.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Info and pics from Fashion Rio, here.

A few pics featuring Bruna Brignol, with Marilyn Brazil.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Yes folks, it's Brazilian fashion week time, with Rio shows starting on the 11th. To get the ball rolling, here are the Ana Beatriz photos from the Dec issue of UK Arena - notice that Ana plans to study marketing...

Two more photos from Dec Arena, and the two remaining pics from Dec French PHOTO

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ha Ha Ha.. GUESS? model in Prada ads...and maybe Melania Knauss on the US Vogue cover?

It was no joke - 22+ yo Shannan Click appears in new "delightfully tacky" Prada ads.
That's the first time a GUESS? model -"discovered" in a GUESS? casting and not by Russell whatshisname in London - works for Miuccia...
Not that Rowland - she is with Women Models - is willing to advertise her past exploits, but only a year ago, Shannan was flying to Singapore as the guest for the opening of the local GUESS? store...

SEPT 25 2003

IT took the patience of a saint and a seemingly unending supply of mushroom quiche to witness the arrival of Guess? models Shannan Click and Travis Goldstein.
Last Friday, Click and Goldstein - the faces in the label's current advertising campaign - were flown to Singapore to open the Guess? flagship store at the Paragon.

The media was invited to meet them at 6pm, before the 7pm party.
t wasn't until 8.30pm before the pair turned up.
And it was an underwhelming entrance.

Click and Goldstein were certainly attractive, but they lacked that knockout va-va-vroom of an Anna Nicole Smith or Tyrese.
Dressed in black, the pair blended into the crowd and - except for her blonde hair and his height (he's at least 1.85m tall) - it was near impossible to tell them apart from the other well-dressed party guests.
But what the Guess? duo lacked in overt sexuality, they made up in down-to-earth niceness.

Click - who looks like an elongated Baby Spice - was friendly and her radiant smile never left her face.
The 21-year-old Californian was discovered a year ago at a Guess? audition.
She was immediately noticed by Guess? boss Paul Marciano.
'He said he was going to make me a Guess? girl,' she revealed.
Click had to wait five months before getting that call to confirm her job status.
'In this business, people will always make promises, so I didn't expect it.'

Click is now onto her second ad campaign for the fashion label.
'When I was younger, I was like, 'Guess? girl - wow!'. And now, I'm a Guess? girl too!'
She broke into a girlish giggle and rewarded us with another sunny smile.
Click is happy where she is professionally.
'I'm not rich but I've got more money now than I ever did in my 21 years!'
She has ambitions for Hollywood's bright lights, but not now.
'I definitely have plans to move on and I'll probably go into acting. If something comes along, I'll go with it, but I'm happy where I am now.'
She added: 'All I want is to buy a house, have my garden, and live happily ever after.'


Shannan - the usual biz "pros" think she is "new" - has also worked for Wonderbra and J-Lo !!!!!!

She did GUESS? Spring 2003, in Maui, Hawaii - with Fabiana Tambosi (guess who impressed me more !!!!)

Who knows - maybe Landi Swanepoel will be the next Prada girl...

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Kristina Semenovskaya was the Dior Dune girl in the mid-90s, and that pic dominated every major airport duty free shop, magnetizing the passengers and helping to sell lots of product (the only exception was Vienna, where a huge photo of Cindy C in Palmers lingerie in the departure area grabbed everyone's attention instead !!)

Kristina still looks good after 10+ years and motherhood - comparisons with the present "elegant" face of high fashion, fellow Russian Eugenia Volodina, will probably come out in Kristina's favour, who looked better in closeups as well as sensual shots or even bikini eds

Maybe the Dior people should give her the top cosmetics spot again - Kristina's replacements never matched her timeless elegance...

Blasts from the past

Petra Nemcova got a mention in the NYT fashion section - how many people know that she was in the 1996 Model Look final? I saw her pic in the official 1996 final programme, and she appears briefly in a short FTV clip that features some of the models from that contest.

If you ever wondered who is the person that A Wintour has been copying for the past 30 years, the answer is in this pic - Mary Quant in London in 1961, with her partner - Bazaar was the name of her second boutique, any resemblance to the logo and title of a famous fashion magazine is entirely coincidental...

From an old campaign Patricia Barros did for Joge in Brazil - shows why a certain Elite bigwig was impressed...

Long before Leticia Birkheuer was noticed by high fashion, she used to play championship volleyball - she then did glamour modelling and was actually one of the 10 top Brazilian names internationally, with several Milan/Paris shows to her credit, when Gisele hit the big time. Here is an old Morango pic, with Leticia in a minimalist "healthcare professional" outfit...

Natalia Vodianova in a classic lolita pose before high fashion "discovered" her...

Most NYC "pros" are still clueless about who the model in the Dior Beaute ads in the late 90s was - it's nice to see the elegant Kristina Semenovskaya (from a Russian H Bazaar cover in 2000, before overseas Bazaar editions became even more pathetic than the Vogue ones) appearing again in Dior cosmetics campaigns, after the "contemporary elegance" experiment with the usual high fashion heroes bombed.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Oi !! G Bensimon came out of his creative coma?
There is an ed with Ana Beatriz in the February issue of US Elle.

So - was there any chance JC could stop the AW onslaught? After the phony BBC-televised "Elite sex & drugs scandal" exploded in November 1999, things got very tight - the London agency grannies were so eager to condemn the "mediterranean playboys" who were threatening the chastity of their cokehead darlings that I wonder who really gave BBC's McIntyre the idea for the "expose"...which only exposed the fact that Carolyn Park was doing heroin/coke and her London agency, Select, as well as Marilyn Paris, knew all about it and did nothing. We also learned that maturing French playboys have a poor sense of humor, but that was hardly news...
Whatever the case was, the damage was done, and Elite Models effectively disintegrated after that - they lost their Brazilian and Eastern European contacts and the agency was sidelined - only after some strange episode, when the US Vogue "model editor" got the boot, did AW's minions start to include Elite mods in their "hip in NYC" lists again.
Maybe JC will publish his "tell-all" book after all - or he can email me the text, and I'll gladly print any "compromat" material that has anything to do with my fave obnoxious NYC characters...

Proof that J Casablancas is still alive - OK, US Vogue published a letter supposedly written by him, but it could have been any of a number or celeb impersonators - I guess his PR people have more important business...

The lady in the pic is Aline Wermelinger, the (then) 17 yo Brazilian Elite Look contestant whom JC married in 1993, allegedly while she was still a virgin - I think the pic was taken in JC's place in Leblon, Rio, where he threw a party, as dk mentioned...

Last time JC was in the news, he was planning to publish a "tell-all" book - then a San Diegoan accused him of impregnating her a long time ago, etc etc

The other interesting factoid is that Yfke Sturm is also in Rio - last time anyone published anything about fellow maturing playboy Gerald Marie, GM was talking about whichever piece of Elite Models he still controls and the fact that he had great models like Yfke...maybe there is a connection here?
I met Yfke back when she was discovered (she was the Model Look winner in 1997) and despite the onslaught of the "high fashion" trash brigade -about which I'd rather not talk about, since I am still in festive mood - Yfke proves that quality never goes out of style...

They only reason we are all discussing models today is the 90s "supermodel" phenomenon - not just the original "trinity" (Linda E, Naomi C and Christy T) which is what fashion folks keep talking about, but all the top models who emerged when fashion modelling became newsworthy worldwide. I've said before that IMO, the "supermodel" was an agency-driven product - the fashion biz was clueless as usual, and the designers, stylists etc would gladly have accepted any trash, if it came with the "model of the season" tag attached. The model agency bosses at the time chose to push a high quality product - the top models would be tall, shapely, perfect and almost unreal. The purpose was to maximize their mass appeal, since the real money was to be made outside the women's fashion biz. J Casablancas was instrumental in all this, and pretty much adheared to the "classic/drop dead gorgeous beauty" principle until he sold his Elite stake and left NYC. It was the smart thing to do, since quality is what differentiates the top dogs from the wannabees - "contemporary elegance" and all that Wintour/Donatella/Lagerfeld crap only sells to a niche market (the "It girl" market was wiped out after the Wall St crash, a year before 9/11) and the nouveau riche. The fact that most big Vogue advertisers who signed on to the "new luxury" scheme have been losing money for the past 5+ years has less to do with 9/11, SARS or any other "disaster" and more with their advertising.
Not that JC didn't make mistakes - he allowed his own leading market position to be diluted by promoting inferior models (Amber V and Co were on the way out before AW/Meisel resurrected their careers, but Elite should never have signed the likes of Karen Elson or Erin OC) and failed to push the Eastern Europeans and the Brazilians early enough - the usual ignorami in NYC knew almost nothing about Russian models before Natalia Vodianova (who couldn't even get a job in Moscow) arrived in 2002, and that was a huge failure on Elite's part, with the model material they had from their contests since 1995. When the Brazilian wave hit, Elite and Ford found that their top Brazilians had moved to Marilyn, IMG etc - and they could do little with the mods still left with them. The bottom line is that when the trash crowd established itself, mediocrity became the rule and the game was lost - if JC had spoken out against AW's plans while there was still time, it may not have happened.

Thanks to David for the info - Petra in her hospital bed...

January 3, 2005 -- Supermodel Petra Nemcova agreed to be photographed in her Thailand hospital bed — to raise money for the tens of thousands of children who survived the tsunami disaster.

After the cover girl suffered a broken pelvis and internal injuries when the killer waves swept her from her Thai beach bungalow, the editors of US Weekly approached Nemcova, 25, about taking an exclusive picture. In return, the magazine would donate the proceeds from the sale of the photo to the children who survived.

Petra, whose boyfriend, Simon Atlee, remains missing after the tragedy, quickly agreed.

"She loved the idea. She really loves children," said US Weekly editor in chief Janice Min.

The paparazzi have surrounded Petra's hospital in Hai Yai day and night and Min said the first paparazzi photo of Petra was expected to fetch as much as $200,000.

"Demand for the [U.S.] photo will be high," Min said, declining to estimate how much sales of the magazine's photo would raise.

"It can only help," she said.

Proceeds from sales of the photo in the United States will go to the charity Save the Children.

Petra and Atlee, 33, were swept out of their bungalow through a broken window. She managed to survive by clinging to the top of a palm tree.

"2004 stuff I missed" Dept

GISELE BUNDCHEN says her family can prove that her boobs are all her own. "Some people says my boobs are fake," says the Brazilian supermodel, one of six sisters. "But all I can say is, go look at my family and you'll see mine are the smallest."

Hmmm. OK, but I am not yet 100% convinced...

Bundchen, whose first film, Taxi, is expected to hit London screens next month, admits to being more than a little nervous about the Sapphic scene she had to share with Jennifer Esposito on set. "I said to them, 'You've got to be kidding'" she told the Daily Mirror. "I had been travelling for four hours. I arrived at 5 am and I had never met this girl before. They told me what I had to do and at first I was very calm about it. Then when it came to the scent I was really nervous. The director said, 'Come on, Gisele. You have to remember your character doesn't care, she's not scared, she's reckless.' I said to Jennifer, 'I'm sorry, I going to have to do this'. So I did it and it was kind of embarrassing, to be honest. I was thinking, 'What are my mom and my dad going to say when they see this?' But everybody was behind us cheering while we were doing the scene...

Gianne Albertoni is to appear in the Abercrombie & Fitch campaign which is shooting this week in the Dominican Republic.
She is also in a sexy ed in Homem Vogue (Men's Vogue) shot by Gui Paganini in Hotel Fasano, in Sao Paulo.