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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Recent pics from Brazil - and exciting new evidence that Vida is alive and well !!! The miniscule furball once had to be taken to a Milan pet clinic after munching on suspect model food, and on another occasion was snatched by a couple who demanded ransom - seen in the pic together with Gisele, during a shoot for a Barrashopping Natal campaign, shot in Los Angeles. In another pic from the same shoot, Gis is signing an autograph.
Top left - on Nov 29th, Ana Beatriz showed up in Sao Paulo, for the launch of the new car models by Lamborghini - the MCs were Dani Cicarelli and Mari Weickert. You can see Dani in one of the cars, and Elisa Joenck with Sabrina Gasperin, who were also present.
The other Ana Bia pic is from Bahia, perhaps the Club Med in Itiparica - Isabeli with beau were also there. Their wedding is just around the corner, with Donatella V said to be involved somehow. You can bet all the top Brazilians and more will be at the ceremony. That was a hint...
There was also a "Havaianas top model" contest, won by Beatriz Back, ex- Garota VerĂ£o 2004 de Santa Catarina.

The Ford Brazil "Supermodel 2005" contest was won on Nov 29th by a 13 yo from Jundial, Augusta Lucchini. Ultracute Camila Finn was also 13 when she won last year, even if Ford NYC claimed she was 16 when she showed up in NYC...the international final is on January 18th.

The Ukrainians themselves refuse to "discover" crappy models of the sort Meisel and his cabal work with in NYC - you can see the contestants of the Ukrainian "Supermodel 2005" contest, from earlier this month, here . The winner, bottom right, may look less than exciting, but she obviously has to conform to NYC modeling biz standards if Ford NYC is to make any money out of her...


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