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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

French PHOTO also has an article on J Casablancas, where he reveals the plans for his return to the international model agency business. His partners are Andrei Krapotkin and Xavier Moreau (one of the original Elite owners) and the Paris agency is known as FirstModels - run by Sebastien Tranchant, with Beatrice Bruno as the booking director. That's part of a network, called StarSystem, including Lumiere in Sao Paulo, 40 Graus in Rio, and other agencies in many countries. The only model I know from those listed with the Paris office is Callie Mahoney, a sexy US mod that once won a model contest in Italy, and used to work a lot in Milan.
Ford Paris lists Cameron Russell as their No1, Fabiana Semprebom (1m77, 84-60-86) as their No2, Flavia Oliveira (1m77, 84-62-90) as their No3 and Camila Finn (1m75, 76-60-85) as their No4.
Anouck Lepere had a 76cm chest at 23 years of age, same as Camila at 13/14.
Ford was the original Paris "edgy" agency, unlike the NYC geriatric outfit - back when "edgy" was little known in Paris and few people cared about AW or S Meisel - they used to rep Karen Elson and Erin O C, and they still rep Kristen McMenamy...


At 12/21/2005 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it never mention where models party in Paris. The "old spots" (Milliardaire, VIP, La Suite, ...), they used to go in, are only boring places now ....



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