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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The December issue of French PHOTO was always a must buy for model fans - it is the "Top Models" special issue, where all the big Paris agencies list their current and future top names...I had all the issues since I started to follow models back in 1997, but I stopped buying the mag a couple of years ago, when the model lists had become a repeat of the "hip in NYC" model charts. I burned some euros for the mag this year for one simple reason - there is a full-page pic of an Ana Beatriz nude, by Demarchelier, a shot that was perhaps destined for Chanel - unfortunately for Ana it's an "inedite" - "unseen" - it was never made public...she is wearing just a white watch...the article is an extensive look at the work of Jacques Helleu, who is closely associated with Chanel campaigns. There is also Stephanie Seymour showing her nipples and a rather low-budget boob job, shot by Terry R - she did not botox herself like Linda E, and looks ten years older, rather than "ten years younger" as Linda does. There are two more photo features, with N Vodianova and H Christensen. Add to that Pirelli 2006 - the usual pics, with Karen Elson fingering herself and the like. Guinevere V S looks a lot less fluffier than in past nudes, for those interested. Like I said - it makes female nudity look boring - maybe that was the purpose behind the whole concept.
The model agency feature is pathetic - the same faces you know from NYC, not a single name that is Paris (or Milan) based. I don't know how most Paris agencies manage to survive - probably just barely. As for the smaller agencies - nothing too exciting.
I have no idea if Visions still exists - but even back when it was the hippest agency in NYC and supposedly just as hip in Paris, PHOTO refused to mention them. Maybe they thought it was some sort of swindle - I wonder...


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