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Thursday, November 17, 2005

US Vogue readers...

It's a well-known fact - the trailer-trash crowd that's the mainstay of the NYC fashion industry loves US Vogue and detests all its competitors...but the clueless often assumed that actual US Vogue (paying) readers must be very chic and wealthy, if they can afford the fashions and other haute stuff found in the mag...not quite... (from AdAge)

...In Touch Weekly has surged to the top of the celebrity weekly category in terms of average household income, according to the fall 2005 report from Mediamark Research Inc. In Touch readers have an average household income of $66,180, topping rivals like Wenner Media’s Us Weekly ($65,169) and Time Inc.’s People ($63,364) for the first time.
It also surpasses household incomes for readers of well-regarded and widely-read titles like Martha Stewart Living ($65,995) and Conde Nast’s Vogue ($60,432) and Glamour ($55,260)...

In fact, US Elle readers have far higher income than Vogue's - whose average reader was once described as a "thirtysomething racy NYC divorcee with 2.5 kids" ... I guess divorce payments have gone way up, since the median income of US Vogue readers used to be closer to $50,000 last time I checked...

October was a good month for several US fashion mags, compared to last year - did AW's rag perform well? You guessed right..

InStyle's ad revenue was up 30.7% to 45.66 mil and Elle's 27.1% to 33.17 mil, very close to Vogue which made 36.97 mil, a 13.6% increase...respective ad page increases were 26.1%(InStyle), 22.1%(Elle) and 1.9%(Vogue)...only W and H Bazaar did worse.


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