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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Zonies go home

...seen on a bumper sticker in San Diego once...Katie is drug-free(?)- she left the picturesque Arizona desert behind and is reportedly gearing up for a "triumphant return"...her "high fashion" fans can't hide their excitement...
Eco-friendly Amber V is concerned about the dangers of mercury in foods...
Liz Hurley blasted Sienna Miller - no wonder the vogueys claim Liz will never be an "It girl"...
Sonia Rykiel, just back from interplanetary travel apparently, made the following statement, which qualifies for our "what else is news" award:
"...The Queen is one of the worst dressed people in Britain...She should stop wearing those garish suits and hats immediately. A woman in her position should start dressing in a more sober fashion..."
The Parisienne will never understand the British sense of fashion - and what "edgy" is about...

Robbie doesn't like girls?
Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher believes Robbie is confused about his sexuality - and says he is more famous for his personal life than his music.
He told Australia's Daily Telegraph: "I feel sorry for Robbie Williams because nobody once ever mentions his music.
"I wouldn't walk a mile in his shoes because he seems to be a very lonely and unhappy, very confused young man.
"He doesn't know whether he's straight or gay.
"He's forever going on about wanting a girlfriend and seems to be a lonely, sad man."


At 10/30/2005 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Robbie is trysexual. Oh I'm so surprised. And what's the big deal anyway. He likes pretty girls but I guess he likes male fellatio virtuosos as well or something?


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