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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Venus in fur

Isabella Blow (!!) is a shadowy "influencial" character, responsible for supplying NYC anglophiles with crappy non-models for some two decades - this is what she had to say about her close pal, Kate Moss:

"... "She's like a very intelligent shrimp, so tiny, so clever, so perfectly formed. She's a pocket Venus."..."

Sophie Dahl was a Blow discovery (the actual story of how it happened is so hilarious, I think the UK Telegraph withdrew the article) - Sophie was also a "Venus", but of the 18-wheeler variety...Why don't you read more about her in the Vogue-friendly NY Times since she is behind nearly every Voguey great? Maybe because in the US, slapping your assistants or squeezing their breasts can actually get you in trouble...NYC fashion people who had rather "burgeois" notions of taste didn't like her:

".. 'Polly Mellen [New York fashion power] wouldn't give me a job because she said I had no taste. But I was friends with Warhol, Basquiat and Lichtenstein, and I think that helped to develop my eye.'..."

Blow reportedly "...told Andy Warhol what to do..." when she worked for Cruella Wintour in NYC...since the NYC hipster cabal operatives have common roots - like S Meisel, they were all basse classe Warhol groupies in the 70s - it's obvious why they love to follow her "guidance". Blow was the one who actually "discovered" fellow posh totty Stella Tennant - if you read the standard bios, it was supposed to be Meisel who was responsible for the deed...

"...Anna Wintour once asked me to find 12 beautiful girls in two days, so I called everyone I know, all my friends, and that was how I found Honor Fraser and Stella Tennant. But I don't just find beautiful girls, you know. I find artists, designers and photographers: Jurgen Teller, Julien Macdonald, Philip [Treacy] of course, and Alexander McQueen.'..."

As for yobo McQueen, he had some trouble with the vogueys - they apparently refuse entry to "common people" who attempt to enter CN HQ...

"...They wouldn't even let Alexander McQueen into Vogue House at first! Because he was too common, I suppose, and had dreadful teeth..."

Mr Blow at some point "ran off with a lesbian", as the Scotsman profile reveals...


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