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Saturday, October 01, 2005

In the past, I had quite a lot to say about models with the close of Milan FW...these days, the less said, the better...after watching Dolce and G and their opera-themed show, with Gemma and Co representing their 20 yo history, I thought - was all this done intentionally, or is it typical high fashion poor taste? And why should I care?
Katie's agent says she is a "fantastic mother" - for some reason, this comment reminded me of the joyful eighties, when you could go to pretty much any mediterranean beach, and see most female tourists sunbathing nude...there were few waifs, I guess they liked the "official" nudist spots better...tourists and family types lived in a happy coexistence - except for lunch time at the seaside tavern, when dad would summon the waiter and instruct him to "tell that %$#*& to cover up her %$#*& coz we are eating now"...the statuesque winner of the "Miss Fantastic Breasts" contest was on TV - I wonder if that contest still runs...all this has of course nothing to do with Katie being a "fantastic mother", but the combination of a dodgy mushroom pizza and too many hours fixing a shitty DSL connection probably resulted in the flashback...


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