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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Only Rimmel and Dior are holding out...

The situation Wednesday evening - "...A spokeswoman for Mr Cavalli said that he was furious about reports that his company was prepared to stand by the model dubbed “Cocaine Kate” by tabloid newspapers. “He is very heated up about this because he is totally against drugs,” she said. Asked whether he would use her again, she responded: “I don’t think so. Not at the moment. He certainly had no clue that there was a problem. She is not in the plans this year, but that was decided before all of this.”...H. Stern, the New York jeweller which had described Moss as “the best representation of the H. Stern woman”, said that it did not approve of her actions. It said that Moss was not their spokeswoman, but “the face of a short campaign”...Fashion magazines said that they would continue to print advertisements featuring the supermodel, but French Vogue, which Moss guest-edited, said that it was keeping an eye on the coverage. “We are concerned,” a spokeswoman said..."

Concerned my ass - if AW wants Roitfeld's head on a platter, after Carine put her Iliad-reading daughter Bee next to "two clowns engaged in cunnilingus" in her rag, she now can make her move...Roitfeld is more concerned about her job.
As for H. Stern, the original press release - in Brasil anyway - stated that Kate was selected because she WASN'T the typical H. Stern customer, and they were trying to buy some coolness...

Burberry dropped her from autumn project

Chanel no plans to use her after October

Dior refused to comment

Hennes & Mauritz fired her from forthcoming campaign

H. Stern no plans to use her after December

Rimmel contract will continue until 2007

Roberto Cavalli no plans to use her for at least a year

And of course, nobody gives a shit about Gloria Vanderbilt and their IMG greats...


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