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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Looks like there are still some people who were left out of Conde Nast's "marketing support" program - they got the NY Times covered, but not the W Post... I bet this guy knows bugger-all about "directional shows" and appropriate model selection...

Men's Vogue: Guys and Dollars
By Peter Carlson
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Human history is, among other things, a compendium of bad ideas -- monarchy, communism, Prohibition, the designated hitter, the XFL, reality TV. And now, the folks at the Conde Nast magazine empire have added another horrific idea to this wretched list:

Men's Vogue.

Men's Vogue? The very name is a truly moronic oxymoron, like holy war or garlic mouthwash. But alas, it is true: Last week, after a century of Vogue and a few years of Teen Vogue, Conde Nast launched Men's Vogue, the first Vogue for American men. And the company is pondering the possibilities of a magazine to be called Vogue Living.

Why? Wasn't one Vogue enough? Was there a groundswell of demand for more Vogues? Were men and teenagers besieging the Conde Nast building, wearing Armani suits and chanting, "We want our own Vogues," while pumping their meticulously manicured fists into the air?

Probably not. But the folks at Conde Nast are always eager to clone profitable magazines. In 2000 they launched a women's shopping mag called Lucky, which spawned a men's shopping mag called Cargo and a home shopping mag called Domino. Vast forests are felled to produce slick paper bearing pictures of expensive consumer goods.

What is Men's Vogue like? Well, it's a lot like GQ, the Conde Nast mag that I always thought was the men's version of Vogue. Except GQ has more stories that aren't about buying stuff.

Thumb through Men's Vogue and you see picture after picture of sensitive young men who haven't shaved since the day before yesterday wearing absurdly expensive clothes and looking perturbed, as if they're thinking: Jeez, did I leave the stove on at home? Or maybe they're just bored. Or constipated.

The ads in Men's Vogue are for absurdly expensive stuff, such as Macallan Scotch, whose slogan is: "Drunk by People Who Sign Off Their Own Expenses." The articles in Men's Vogue are also about absurdly expensive stuff, such as the Hermes Etriviere briefcase, which costs $3,575, and the new Bentley sedan, which costs $170,000, and the Tour de l'Ile wristwatch, which costs $1.5 million.

There's also a photo spread called "In Her Eyes," in which "three ultimate women reveal what really makes them take notice when a man walks in the room." The three "ultimate women" are Jacquetta Wheeler, Karolina Kurkova and Sophie Dahl. (Who are these babes, and how did they get to be ultimate?) They're lovely lasses but apparently quite shallow: What makes them take notice are $4,500 evening jackets and $4,650 watches and $75 pocket hankies.

Of course, what all this boils down to is that Men's Vogue is a "wish book." Like the original "wish book" -- the Sears catalogue of a century ago -- Men's Vogue is a publication for people who want to drool over stuff they'd love to own. Unlike the old Sears catalogue, however, Men's Vogue does not double as an alternate source of toilet paper -- its pages are way too slick.

But I don't want to be too negative. Men's Vogue does have a couple of articles worth reading. One is a profile of Walton Ford, an eccentric and talented artist who hikes the Berkshires to paint strange nature scenes. The other is "A Bloody Good Time," A.A. Gill's arch and mannered essay on British bird-shooting weekends, which contains this sentence:

"Hunting involves a fox being chased by hounds being chased by horses being chased by merchant bankers, gay interior decorators, farmers, resting criminals, nymphomaniac girls with faces like farriers' anvils . . . and Camilla Parker Bowles chased by psychopathic vegan animal liberationists chased by fat policemen chased by paparazzi chased by insurance-claim lawyers."

Wow! That sentence is so wonderful that it almost makes up for the drivel in the rest of the magazine. Almost but not quite.


At 9/14/2005 5:14 PM, Anonymous r.c. said...

Hey you! It's Natal Fashion Week here in Natal..spring/summer 2006..The event started on monday, it sucks, since there's nothing we hadn't seen on SPFW a couple of months ago. Anyways, i just wanted to see Ana Claudia Michels. She had a single appearence in every show of the night (it usually starts at 7pm....more like 7:40pm, since it's always late, and it gets ended around 9:15pm). First day i didn't get to go, but last night i went to, and managed to get a free invitation (since usually only clients of the local fashionbrands get to enter in it). I graduated in journalism a while ago, so i said what if i wanted to shoot at the end of catwalk, they would allow me..LOL i didnt even have my cam last night. Oh well, i talked to some people right where the event was placed, and they gave me an invitation, they were very nice to me, i was lucky..

I was so very sorry i didn't have the stupid cam with me. I could see every inch of Ana Claudia's body so perfectly. And people were like "awwwwwwwww" any time she was in the catwalk. She's so gorgeous, and i was so happy since i'm a fan like..since 2000. She kinda smiled every time people put the hands up for her. Most of the models were local models, and didn't have much on to cover themselves.. There was even a lingerie show. So lots of boobs and ass. Quite brazilian. And Ana Claudia in it. I had a horrible headache last night...but every time she showed up i was like :-D hahaha

oh too bad i have no pics

I will search the local papers and scan something for showing ya



At 9/15/2005 5:02 PM, Blogger FV said...

well, Ana Beatrice once said "models should have boobs and ass" - I agree...

Brazilian lingerie shows are rare -there was a Lycra event in SP, but little more...

I saw the news item about Natal Shopping Fashion, but no pics...I guess Gianne Albertoni was the big name mod some years ago...


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