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Friday, September 23, 2005

I've been a snorty girl...

...Katie issued a statement, but she won't go on camera to tell her story - Rimmel say they now feel a lot better and they'll stop sounding pissed and making statements showing "concern"...

Menwhile, Potty Pete was seen snogging and fondling with a 16 yo girl - or so the Sun insists...
We also learn that "...Doherty also launched into a savage verbal assault on ex-lover Kate Moss.
Dane Skelton said the singer called Kate a “cokehead slut”.
He added: “He said the drug allegations were true. He also said she slept around and was a slut.”
Crazed Doherty caused havoc on a flight back from his drug-fuelled trip to Ibiza, it emerged yesterday.
He swigged vodka, abused fellow passengers and even tried to light a cigarette.
During the trip he allegedly smashed up a villa, causing £50,000 damage

Just in - in an interview with Radio Tay, in Scotland, where his band is touring, Doherty said: "A lot of people basically are obsessed with the missus and I don't know really ... she's just a bird from South London."

In other news - Italians and Milan FW visitors will probably have to go on cocaine to survive the new FW show schedule, which was adopted solely to please Cruella Wintour...who claims she only bothers to visit Milan for Miuccia Prada's creations.


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