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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Horse drug Kate?

...hey, this is more fun that photos of Andre Leon T in lederhosen...the Mirror is rolling...and the big ones will drop tomorrow, since Sunday is the day for major exposes.

"KATE Moss turned into a "mad woman" after taking a potentially lethal cocktail of drugs including a horse tranquilliser, it was revealed last night.
She snorted line after line of cocaine and ketamine - known as Special K in drugs circles - after a night out at a London club.
She said: "We were at a party at a lovely flat by the Thames. Kate used a credit card to cut up the powder then hoovered hers up first. She was quite greedy. She was like a machine.
"Then she wiped her nose and started jumping around the room like a mad woman. She was going on about Special K, saying how great it was."
Ketamine has killed several users.
Kate, who has publicly apologised for her drug taking, is due to check into a rehab clinic today.
...Kate, 31, also kept a secret stash of cocaine in an antique silver pendant around her neck - so she was never without a "hit" of the class A drug.
She was said to be "like a machine" as she snorted line after line of coke and Special K during a debauched night at a plush apartment in London.
A former model who witnessed the wild bender said she was "amazed" at the amount of drugs Kate got through.
She also claimed the catwalk queen - exposed as a cocaine user by the Mirror last week - invited her for a threesome with another man.
The source - who does not want to be named - ended up at the flat after meeting associates of Kate at West End club Kabaret in 2000.
She said: "My friend and I bumped into a couple of other people we knew at the club and someone said there was a party going on at his flat and asked if we would like to come back.
"When we arrived, Kate was already there in the kitchen with two other people. She was wearing a white vest and black jeans.
"She seemed quite hyper. She was moving her jaw in a weird way and her eyes were huge. I could tell straight away that she was on something.
"She was out of it and seemed really wired. She didn't look anything like she does when she is modelling. Her face was sweaty and her eyes were rolling. She was friendly and offered us a drink. She was drinking neat vodka with ice.
"I guess there were around six other people in the apartment when I was there, but I didn't know who they were.
"While we were in the kitchen, Kate got a white, over-sized dinner plate and put it under the grill to heat it up. I asked her what she was doing and she said, 'It's for the Special K'. I knew that meant ketamine.
"Once the plate was warm enough, she took it from under the grill, opened a packet up and poured this white powder on to the plate.
"She was saying how the warm plate helped fluff up the ketamine and made it easier to snort. She said it was what you do with Special K.
"Then she took control. She used a credit card to cut up the powder and then they snorted it with a straw. She definitely knew what she was doing. She hoovered hers up first. She was quite greedy about it. She was like a machine.
"Once she had snorted the line, she wiped her nose and started jumping around the room like a mad woman. She wouldn't stop talking. She was going on about Special K, saying how great it was. She said she had done a lot of it.
"She also said it was a great drug to mix with cocaine but said you had to be careful, because if you had too much you could hallucinate.
"She said she once did too much ketamine and started tripping out. She said she started seeing things and it scared her.
"After 10 minutes, we moved into the lounge. Kate did a line of coke off the table. I was amazed she was doing coke so soon after the ketamine.
"She couldn't stop talking and was also chain smoking. She was acting quite big-headed, and boasting about how much drugs she could do.
"Then she started dancing on her own in the room. She was gurning and her eyes were rolling.
"After a bit, she said, 'Okay, who's up for another line of K?' I couldn't believe it. The others said no, but she went back to the kitchen.
"I could see them heating up the plate again and snorting more ketamine. She came back into the lounge even more wired than before."
Once back in the living room, things turned even seedier as Kate began boasting about her sex life.
"She started talking about sex," said the source. "I was quite shocked by the things she was saying but she didn't seem to care.
"While all this was going on, she kept getting her own stash of cocaine out of a pendant. It was attached to a silver chain, about two inches long. It was like a miniature flask, with a spoon attached to the inside of the lid. She kept unscrewing the top, scooping some coke out and snorting it off the spoon.
"She was alternating between the pendant, the coke on the lounge table and the ketamine in the kitchen. I would guess I saw her snorting at least eight or nine lines of ketamine during the night."
The model - who has since quit the industry to raise her young son - says she was stunned when Kate made a pass at her. "She tried it on with me," she said. "She kept putting her hand on my leg and at one point tried to kiss me. I just told her I wasn't into that type of thing. Then she pointed to the bedroom and said, 'Do you want to come in there for some fun?' I said, 'No thanks'.
"Then she moved on to another girl, and they started kissing with tongues. I was really shocked.
"I'd never experienced a night like that one - and certainly haven't since."..."


At 9/24/2005 7:17 PM, Anonymous Hundreds of Eggs said...

thank you for the tabloid relay *shiver*

now the question is, who is the so called model who is "raising her young son"...?

AL Talley in lederhosen? oh dear, I missed out on that one too.

At 9/24/2005 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We would have to find out if that event was recent or years ago...I am not sure what other model friends Kate Moss keeps recently...
there are lots of models who have had children recently but I can think of a lot of 90's models mainly.

At 9/24/2005 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just from reading this; it gives me this feeling like this was not a resent event. If I had to guess I would say it took place 5 to 9 years ago. As of 2002 Kate has been more closed circle with her friends and associates. And the way this "model" spoke, it was obvious it was the first time they were meeting. Who ever this "model" is, I doubt she was ever big, bcs big people don't run their mouth like that and they don't like to stay anonymous. That's why I don't like to party with the lil people, they will always run their mouth at some point in their life.

At 9/24/2005 10:21 PM, Blogger FV said...

read the bleeping text - it says "...ended up at the flat after meeting associates of Kate at West End club Kabaret in 2000..."

she probably wasn't pregnant then, so the mod has a 0-4 yo kid...

Valentino just said the Hilton family noone is safe !!!

At 9/29/2005 6:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

let's not forget how sensational this stuff is: ketamine is not a "horse tranquilizer." it is in the same chemical family as PCP, which has been the drug traditionally labeled as "horse tranquilizer."

it has been and is still occasionally used on humans, although it is much more frequently used on cats and dogs in veterinarians' offices before surgery.

ketamine is very unlikely to have "killed several users" because the dosage required to get high from it is extremely low compared to a toxic dose. not only that, but the dosage that would result in total anaesthesia is still very far from a lethal dose.

when i first moved to new new york about 8 years ago, ketamine was not a scheduled drug in the united states (only a "controlled" substance) and it was incredibly popular in the underground club circuit.

when these biased and uninformed news organizations make sensational claims about the dangers of drugs, it really pisses me off. in the vast majority of cases where illegal drugs have been found in club kids' bodies during ER visits, the dumb kids combined the drugs with alcohol, and that's a sure way to die or go into a coma. yeah, it's easy to O.D. on heroin and even cocaine, but not ketamine.

when i hear about kate's problems, i actually think it would be cool to party with her rather than judge her! if she's held herself together for this long with the partying she does, i tend to believe she has it under control. going to rehab is just for P.R. purposes.

At 9/29/2005 7:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know....many models do coke. Maybe even some of the models you like a lot. Let's just say it wouldn't surprise me...

Anyway, the point is that you dislike Kate because of her looks. Why use this to complain about her? I mean, everyone does a bit of Charlie. That's just a fact of life. But not everyone has a vengence seeking tabloid breathing down their back.

At 9/29/2005 7:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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