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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Cocaine is running around my brain...

Another good reason to stay away from snorting coke - embarassing singing performances in public:

"...The Mirror today reveals how Kate snorted cocaine in front of teenagers in Ibiza last month.
A friend of the model said: "She was out of her head on it and didn't blink an eyelid taking lines in front of the kids.
"There was a big bash at Jade Jagger's house and she was holding court and chopping out up to six lines of coke for her friends at breakfast.
"She was in a bad way during the whole holiday. She would put on expensive designer dresses in front of everyone before deciding she didn't like them and ripping them off like a five-year-old.
"Up close, her cover-looks were nowhere to be seen. She looked tired and haggard and her skin was blotchy.
"At one point she jumped up and down when high on cocaine and sang, 'My mum works in McDonald's'

Meanwhile, Naomi C went to Colombia - to protest against "women trafficking"?


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