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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Chanel follows...Burberry too

"Chanel announced this afternoon that Moss would not represent its Coco Mademoiselle fragrance once her current contract expires in October. Later, Burberry said it was cancelling a planned advertising campaign.
Chanel, which was rumoured to be seeking a younger woman to replace Moss, 31, before renewing her contract earlier this year, said the decision had nothing to do with recent tabloid allegations of cocaine abuse.
"Kate Moss has a contract until the end of October," said Julie Le Blevec, a spokeswoman for the French couturier. "The contract was always going to end in October."
Moss is reported to earn £750,000 a year from her role as the face of Coco Mademoiselle, a contract she won in 2002. The current poster campaign shows her wearing nothing but the perfume, a string of pearls and a black bowler hat

This certainly puts a lot of pressure on Dior - as for Dior Homme, the Hedi dude loves Potty Pete instead, but hardly anyone cares.

Nobody sems to have noticed that the Gloria Vanderbilt people also used Katie in a 70s themed campaign with Gisele and Daria - tells you how successful the "top" IMG package was. I guess they need to issue a statement terminating Katie if they want to get any publicity...

As to who the future Katie will be - Mary-Kate Olsen signed with Calvin Klein, she has a drug addiction and eating disorders history, so she certainly qualifies...

Update: Burberry announced that it too would be ending its association with the model, who has worked with the company since 1998 and has appeared in nine out of its last 16 campaigns.
"At the current time we had one project scheduled with Kate for this autumn and in the circumstances both Kate and Burberry have mutually agreed that it is inappropriate to go ahead," a spokeswoman for the company said in a statement.
"Kate has always been a fantastic model and highly professional for Burberry. We are saddened by her current circumstances and hope she overcomes her problems as soon as possible. We wish Kate all the best."


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