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Friday, August 26, 2005

US Vogue goes to Wal-Mart

The NY Times (Business section) was recently ecstatic about US Vogue's September ad page performance - despite the rag's downward spiral, they somehow managed to slightly increase the ad page count relative to September 2004. If you are among those who find NYT journalism suspect, you should know that the "record performance" is due to a Wal-Mart advertorial, which of course the NYT forgot to mention...

Fashion modeling may be getting ever more boring, but the prospect of AW's fans becoming Wal-Mart shoppers guarantees some comic relief...
Notice what sort of deals the Nasties are negotiating - it's not plain full-rate ads, as the Conde Nastie publisher was boasting in the NYT piece...

"...Wal-Mart Stores is running advertisements in Vogue magazine to polish its image and attract upscale shoppers.
The eight pages of ads in the September issue feature women, including an art professor, a fundraiser and a stay-at-home mom, offering testimonials about Wal-Mart's apparel, Vogue spokeswoman Elissa Lumley said. The ads may have cost about $800,000, according to Vogue's Web site, and are part of an agreement in which Wal-Mart will buy 68 pages of ads over two years.
Wal-Mart is seeking to transform its image as a discounter after rival Target Corp. boosted sales growth by offering exclusive products by designers, including Michael Graves.
Target has also used ads to appeal to affluent consumers. The company bought all the ads in last week's issue of the New Yorker.
...Wal-Mart has also bought 12 pages of ads for Vogue's December issue and has committed to buy another 48 pages over four issues next year, Deborah Cavanagh, associate publisher for marketing at Vogue, said in an interview. Vogue approached Wal-Mart executives earlier this year, she said, and the magazine's in-house ad agency helped create the ads.
"Wal-Mart's apparel has improved significantly over the past two years," Cavanagh said. Vogue readers "shop at Wal-Mart as much as they shop at every other platform."
As part of the deal, Wal-Mart will sponsor Vogue's syndicated Trend Watch television program, and merchandise featured in the ads will be given special tags in stores that say "as seen in Vogue."..."

Cross-sponsoring deals and all that - expect Vogue aficionados to maintain their pathetic support for anything AW does, and learn to love Wal-Mart shopping...they even learned to appreciate beauty campaigns after S Meisel got involved...after all, before many of IMG's "top" voguey models arrived in NYC and discovered Prada, Wal-Mart was the most upscale shopping option in their hamlet...


At 8/26/2005 9:56 PM, Anonymous Just Curious said...

Walmart??? Eek eek eek!!!! I can't stand the place. And if Vogue is going to start printing ads for them, I'll definitely include Vogue in my "Never Purchase" list. How low can Vogue sink???? But I guess that if Walmart will help them stay afloat, they can always say the choice to accept Walmart ads was based on a "business and only business" type of decision....

Gotta say that I like Target...Perhaps because it's Minnesota-based, and I LOVE MN!!!


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