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Monday, August 29, 2005

Conde Nast bigwig says no to "fat babies"

From Gawker - it couldn't be just AW... S.I. likes them anorexic, too

S.I. Newhouse on fellow Nastie James Truman (from

"..."What exactly does James do?"
Indeed, everybody seems to turn into a novelist when it comes to trying to describe his role:
"He is Chance the Gardener."
"He has a studied sexual ambiguity, so he can appeal to women like Anna Wintour and men like Billy Norwich -- women and gay men being Condé Nast's largest power blocks -- as well as a class ambiguity. It's unclear where he's come from."..."

So, now you know which men appeal to AW...

More evidence "high fashion" models aren't terribly busy doing fashion lately - Karen Elson is one of 30 members of Citizens Band, "... a sexy take on Weimar-era cabaret" which includes trapeze artists and "aerialists". No word if the "two clowns engaged in cunnilingus" from Paris Vogue are also in the cast ...

The usual suspects are importing obnoxious aristotrash Tilda Swinton to NYC - she is allegedly "a kind of goddess of the avant-garde...a fashion muse". AW will be thrilled.


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