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Friday, July 01, 2005

SPFW is almost over, but the official cancellation news item regarding Alessandra Ambrosio was issued only today - "Victoria's Secrets commitments" is listed as the reason.
Both Raquel Zimmermann (August?)and Adriana Lima are slated for Brazilian Elle cover appearances. Gee - haven't they heard that celebs sell better?
Fernanda Tavares is to appear on the UK Cosmopolitan cover page.
Men's FW moves from Milan to Paris - where Couture week also starts on Monday.

Yeah, I ignored the news of Katie's weird Glastonbury wedding. Just in case you missed it...
"...Kate checked into the Chapel of Love and Loathing in Lost Vagueness for a fake wedding that apparently was only valid for the duration of the festival..."
The local "vicar" also does fake divorces.

Here is the latest on her amore - "...PETE DOHERTY might be going out with Kate Moss, but he still wouldn't say no to a man. The singer, who claimed in a Vanity Fair interview this month that he used to work as a male prostitute, hasn't ruled out homosexuality altogether. "Fuck it, yeah!" he said. "I find men beautiful. I find it in their souls and the wisdom they give you."

I don't think the NYC "Mary Poppins" crowd will be too alarmed - they are more concerned with displays of sensual female "nudity" than Potty Pete's alternative lifestyle choices.

What - the fashionable crowd knew all about Donatella's little problem? The NY Times makes it official: "...Ms. Versace's cocaine addiction, which she discussed in the May issue of Vogue, was an open secret in the industry. At the end of every runway show she would teeter out to greet the audience and the news media, dazed and expressionless as an inflatable doll. It was in June 2004 that friends and family persuaded her to start rehabilitation..."
We also learn that Versace, "...valued at 870 million upon her brother's death, hemorrhaged fiscal value and creative relevance..."
Gee - this is not what I remember reading in US Vogue. AW couldn't possibly be swindling her readers while her rag benefited from Donatella's ad revenue? There wasn't a single AW cronie who wouldn't hail Versace "creativity" all these years - as well as S Meisel's fab campaigns for the brand, which apparently did little to stop the "hemorrhaging"...


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