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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ford Models is a weird agency. Until fairly recently, the granny who run the place was interested mainly in English-speaking models - Ford was the most xenophobic of all NYC agencies. Since the late 90s, Ford scouts are known to appear in all kinds of strange places in the ex-Soviet Union - one example is the Chuvash Republic, where a model contest that's being held in the capital, Cheboksary, attracts the best model potential from nerby republics up and down the Volga river. Some of these girls signed with Ford - and then disappeared. I mention all this coz Wim has a new gallery featuring Daria Smolka - Daria is not the typical Slavic blonde, she comes from near the Black Sea, an area which traditionally produces very interesting models, mostly brunettes (Diana Kovalchuk, Katya Bespiatykh, Olga Maliy, etc).

Daria won a number of model contests in Russia a couple of yeras ago, signed with Ford, did some shows in NYC, and then...nothing. Most of her early Ford pics were really poor - the girl looked very impressive while in Russia, and looks much better in recent publicity pics - at least 1m80 tall with classic body dimensions. Compared to Ukrainian Natalia Gotsiy, Daria is a better model. Which of course doesn't mean much in the modern modeling "biz".


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