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Thursday, June 09, 2005

We are getting close to the mid-year mark, and AW's rag continues to perform miserably - when Botox Wintour was in London recently, to issue her usual diktats about who should do what in high fashion, she was asked about her suffering mag - she replied that she is more into Teen Vogue and Men's Vogue these days. In case you haven't heard - Conde Nast plans to introduce Men's Vogue in the US, this September.
No wonder - InStyle still whips her ass in every respect, despite what you may read in WWD or the NYT.
The Vogue Teen performance has to do with the fact that Conde Nast bought YM magazine early in 2005 and moved the subscriber base to Teen Vogue - same thing they did with Allure some years ago.

The source is PIB - the data reflect January to May 2005 performance relative to the same period last year

These are the numbers that really matter - Ad pages, and of course, Ad revenue.
Circulation data - expecially single copy sales - are interesting, but it's the dollars which count.
Note that Bazaar has slowed down considerably, but still outperforms Vogue, while Elle continues to do very well - even if Bensimon appears to be brain-dead.
May was a disaster for Vogue and W, both with an 19% drop in ad pages - while Elle and InStyle did very well the same month, so the usual suspects can't blame the poor performance on a "general trend", HIV/SARS, Bin Laden or whatever...


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