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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Rio FW starts next week - Adriana Lima is confirmed, and so are Isabeli, Jeisa and Gisele, who will do an exclusive show for Colcci.

"Useless fashion news" Dept - apparently there was a "CFDA Awards" event in NYC - probably of similar importance to the "Outstanding Mother Awards" one, of C Murphy fame. Kate Moss got an award for "Fashion Influence" - or maybe it was for her record-breaking "Under the Influence" performance, since she stated -back in early 1999- that she never appeared sober on a catwalk for over a decade.

"Annals of fashion history" Dept (actually old Chic Happens columns)

From late 98 - early 99 reports:

"...Friends of Kate Moss have acted to quell rumors that the real reason the pooped pixie checked into a chi-chi London clinic last week may be a lot more sinister than “exhaustion.” According to those closest to the pint-sized prima donna, Kate is suffering from her “addiction to men” and needs help to learn how to live on her own... Apparently the catwalk queen is tired of the men who hang around her “using her for fun” and forcing her to drink too much...Kate Moss has been discharged from the Priory clinic in London after setting fire to her room. Reports vary as to how the fire started, but British tabloids are claiming the spiritual supermodel was meditating by candlelight before stepping outside to test-drive a new “get well soon” BMW from former flame, Johnny Depp. Apparently the candle ignited a nearby scarf, setting off fire alarms and almost occasioning an evacuation of the facility...She’s been through denial but now Kate Moss is coming clean about her addictions. Moss 'fesses up in the latest issue of The Face, where she says that until this year she had not appeared sober on a catwalk for a decade. Moss, 25, who in November checked herself into rehab, says she lived on a diet of champagne and drugs. “In France and London we're allowed to smoke pot all day,” she tells the magazine. “After the first picture, skin up.”..."


At 6/07/2005 9:08 PM, Anonymous kent said...

this blog is amazing! i love the juicy gossip and satirical tone. how do you know so much about the fashion industry? i am impressed.

At 6/09/2005 8:27 PM, Blogger FV said...

I don't !!!

I am only interested in models... not fashion.

I often poke fun at some of the prime crass characters of "high fashion" -- that makes people think I am an "insider"

I couldn't care less !!!


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