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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Looks like Ford NYC decided to hype Priscila Uchoa, one of the many good young mods they have in Brazil - in the last couple of years, it seemed they were interested only in Liliane F clones.

Young Priscila reportedly reminds NYC "pros" of Katie - if she was bowlegged, maybe...
They have plenty of interesting fresh faces in Brazil - Sabrina Onzi, Julia Pereira, Sheila Klein, Bruna Armbrust...and many more.

PATRIZIO BERTELLI isn't about to sell off Jil Sander, in spite of all those rumours to the contrary....Admitting that it was a mistake to try and transport the label into new style territories after Sander's first exit, Bertelli says that it will stick with what it knows now – but that doesn't mean Sander will reappear after her second shock exit late last year. "Jill Sander is a person who, despite selling her company, never mentally sold the company," he told WWD. "That is the real problem. She shouldn't have sold the company." ...he has put the IPO in second place. And he won't be rocked by speculation about the level of debt he has secured for Prada despite that fact that a $910 million bond is due next month...

Yeah - and with consumer spending slowing down in both the US and Europe, things are far from getting rosier. Maybe Jil shouldn't have sold her company - but why the hell did Prada buy it???? Isn't that a prime example of poor management skills? But who dares to question the business of AW's fave "designer"?

More Priscila Uchoa - posing as the Little Mermaid, pic from her own fotolog


At 5/23/2005 6:35 PM, Blogger spencer said...

i'm thinking illegal thoughts.

At 5/25/2005 12:59 AM, Anonymous fashfann said...

BRuna A. has been modeling in teen catalogs for years.....not really a fresh face thoug...isnt she 20 or soemthing????


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