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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Let's try the Video Blog thing once again - if you go here you'll see details on how to send me videos and pics from your mobile phone.
If I like them (!!!) they'll appear in the Video Blog. So, say you are in a club or show or someplace where interesting models show up - or you are a model and want your fave pics/videos to show up here, as in the various fotologs mods are known to use. In Europe, any camera phone can send an MMS photo, and many brands can also send video - go to a mobile phone shop and ask, if you are not sure how pic/video sending works. If your mobile, anywhere in the world, allows you to send pics and/or videos to an email address, you are OK.

Marina de Paula - pic by S Mattos

Of course, you can also send videos and pics from a computer (after you upload them from a digital camera or grab them with your webcam, for example) to the same email address -

Mobile phone video files are small, up to about 100K since that's the limit set by most PTTs for videomail, so they are easy to send via mobile - the fact that some sites now let you store up to 25 megs or so of data and allow any number of people to stream videos freely, makes mobile video Blogging a reality.
(Bandwidth is the problem - free video hosting sites only allow up to 100 megs streaming per month, for a 2 meg video file, that means only 50 viewings !!)
Check the video Blog site for more technical details...
It's also possible to post pics/videos directly to the Blog, but I can't let too many people do that...

Some time ago, I reported that Testino was seen shooting Isabeli and other mods around Rio - a related ed in the new issue of V, called "Brazilian Heat", includes a number of male and female mods with agency 40 Graus, inc Viviane Surgek and Marina de Paula


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