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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Ana Beatriz will be in the new Diesel campaign - shot by Mert & Marcus.
She is on the cover of French Marie Claire, and also on the cover page of Sports Illustrated Europe
Gee, why not C Murphy on the SI cover? She only sells(?)in NYC?

Jeisa Chiminazzo is doing quite a few campaigns lately - inc lots of Calvin Klein stuff. David Sims reportedly likes her.

Is Donatella Versace 100% OK after her treatement for cocaine abuse? The news that she plans to use Demi Moore for the next Versace campaign may cause some to wonder...
Demi is famous for a number of things - one of her feats is that she has been voted worst actress of the year (the RAZZIE award) for acting in the worst movie of the year, the unforgettable lesbianistic epic "GI JANE". Demi has actually won 4 RAZZIES and has a career total of 9 nominations !! I think only Stallone can beat that - Demi's most recent award was for some "Charlie's Angels" sequel last year. According to the trendy NY Times Fashion section, lots of American women flocked to movie theaters to see Demi and other ladies beat the shit out of the "bad guys" - apparently they think that kicking someone's butt is "empowering". So maybe Donatella wants to sell to all those empowered women - or it could be that Madonna did some Kabbalah magick and sold her Kabbalistic friend to the hapless Italians. Oops - Madonna actually has more RAZZIES than Demi, maybe there is a pattern here...

Guess what - Donatella actually said that "...she wants to appeal to sophisticated, empowered women"...

Also from our "trash meets trash" Dept - Tom Ford will work for the E Lauder family business...

Friday, April 29, 2005

Fabiana Tambosi can be seen in the new ads for Canal Concept in Brazil - she also appears in current Clarins ads (as does Petra Nemcova - gee, I thought she was a just a swimsuit model...)
The news item says Fabi is 19 yo, which is unlikely considering she was 21 some years ago. Is she still with Ford? Any more news?

Fabi for Clarins

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

NAOMI CAMPBELL posed with President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva yesterday to highlight his campaign to fight poverty in Brazil and launch a line of "We love Brazil" T-shirts. "Anyone who loves Brazil should wear the T-shirt to raise awareness and raise funds," said the supermodel, who said the shirts would be sold in airports and shops with profits going to children's charities in the country she calls her second home. Campbell, who will act as an ambassador for Brazil's tourist industry, presented a shirt to the president at his palace and announced that U2 singer Bono planned to join the Lula campaign to wipe out hunger by 2006 - as well as other artists including Lenny Kravitz who donated an electric guitar to raise funds last month. "Things are going to change here," she said. (April 27 2005, AM)

Ana Beatriz, from a QUEM magazine feature, July 2004, scans by Bill

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Lauder family dirty laundry

With E Lauder models dominating both the 'sexy' and the 'edgy' side of modeling in NYC, the Lauders will obviously attract a lot of public attention - the family may not be as squeaky clean as AW would hope though, as these past stories indicate:

TV Venture by Cosmetics Heir Raises Questions. New York Times, April 5, 1997

"Ronald Lauder and Vadim Rabinovich could scarcely be more different. An urbane former U.S. ambassador to Austria, Lauder [once the president of the Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations] is heir to a cosmetics fortune, chairman of the board of the Museum of Modern Art and a former candidate for mayor of New York. Rabinovich, a self-made Ukrainian millionaire, spent nine years in a Soviet prison for theft and has been linked to a suspected Russian criminal figure. But the two men are joined as partners in a television venture in Ukraine that has raised eyebrows among Western diplomats and businessmen in Washington and Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, both because of Rabinovich's background and because of the apparently favored treatment the venture received from the Ukrainian government ... U.S. government officials acknowledged that embassy officials had told Lauder and other company officials about Rabinovich's conviction and his links to Grigory Loutchansky, a Russian whose company, Nordex, is suspected of having ties to criminal organizations ... Rabinovich was jailed from 1982 to 1990 for theft from the state...

Lauder Media Company Faces US Inquiry. New York Times, June 12, 2000

"A company owned by Ronald S. Lauder, the cosmetic heir and former New York city mayoral candidate, is under investigation over allegations that it paid at least $1 million in bribes to Ukrainian officials for a valuable television license, according to lawyers and U. S. Justice documents."

Gee- the family heir paid bribes?
I guess the honourable Botox Wintour would never even consider getting involved in anything like that - after all, the E Lauder model on her mag cover page is allegedly 'legendary' in 'Mary Poppins' NYC fashion circles, that alone explains the departure from using celebs on the US Vogue cover

And very recently - how you can lose your job if you "misuse a quote" by a Lauder family member...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Lumiere Model Management site is online - several interesting names are in their roster. The Barros sisters, Adriana Lima, Fabiane Nunes and Raica are joined by Mariana Marcki, Amanda Salvato, Danielle Nogueira and more...
Maybe the boss will decide to send me the latest info on Ana Beatriz and her job schedule? The Paty Barros pic collection is very interesting -- I have all those French Biba/Madame Figaro mags btw, he he

This is one Patricia Barros pic I missed...

Friday, April 22, 2005

With Melania looking like this, it gets a lot harder for IMG to sell Gisele...and Melania was born in 1974, while Gis in 1980...
The pic is from some event where the E Lauder model triad showed up - I met Liz Hurley once, talked to her and got her personal autograph - as for the other two, you know what I think...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

GISELE BUNDCHEN – property magnate? Apparently the Brazilian beauty now sees herself as a retail expert and has relegated modelling to second place in her career priorities. "My hobby is to buy homes," she says. "Modelling is 40 per cent of what I do. The rest is contracting." Gisele, who bought her first property in New York at the age of 18, now also owns a Manhattan penthouse as well as places in Los Angeles and Sao Paolo. "I am the queen of construction," she told a US magazine. Now 24, Gisele is considering the idea of writing a career retrospective, admitting that she was already tired of the catwalk scene by the age of 19. "I know it sounds stupid to say I was 19 and tired," she went on. "But I was a workaholic since I was 14, working two shoots a day for six months, without a day off." These days the odd modeling job only serves to assist her in her contracting projects. "When I come back, they actually have stuff done," she explains. "[If not] I get a new contractor." reports

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Ana Beatriz Barros on the cover of the Greek edition of Harper's Bazaar, May 2005 issue
Photo by Pavel Havlicek. Fashion Editor - Kristen Ingersoll.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ah - the 2005 SI Swimsuit issue DVD finally downloaded...let's see...
It starts with Ana Beatriz, Oluchi and Jessica van der Steen frolicking in Thailand. I've said before that Jessica looks about 100 times more interesting than Dewi Driegen - which I guess is the reason Dewi is the one who is the 'high fashion' success. Oluchi and Ana Beatriz are slightly unreal as usual - but if you want reality, watch 'Big Brother'...
Bridget Hall - she looked great in the mid-90s, before some Russians with a similar but more refined look came out. Bridget still manages to look 'different' and more interesting than various supposedly more 'modern' US faces...
Yamila Diaz-Rahi,Michelle Lombardo and Fernanda Motta - Michelle Lombardo looks like a bionic Kim Smith, which is an interesting concept...certainly far more impressive than your usual US/Canuck/Oz 'high fashion' queens. Yamila - I bought my first US mag, Glamour, when she was on the cover, back in late 1997 - she looks just as good today. Fernanda - people haven't yet noticed her legs, the Brazilians should give her some headlining chances in the upcoming shows...phew

Marisa Miller pretends she is both Cathy Ireland and Christie Brinkley - by today's standards, she looks respectable. She gets most of the attention in the DVD, it's obvious they were considering her for the issue cover, which IMG probably bought for C Murphy.

This DVD proves that Anne Vialitsyna is the Russian version of Alessandra Ambrosio. The Russians themselves may not be that excited about the concept - they are more 'perfection' oriented - but Anne looks original enough to attract attention. C Murphy and Frankie Rayder look like they won a NYC 'hip mod' lottery with an SI shoot as the prize - the NYC crowd regards Frankie as a 'sex bomb', which explains why US models have disappeared from the international glamour model scene for the past 10 years or so. Shakara looks very Bahamian cute.
Daniella Sarahyba, Michele Alves and Jessica White - Jessica is a very good US model and -predictably- more appreciated overseas. Michele is the classic big brunette, she would look much better with a few more kilos. Daniella is what the Brazilians think the 'Girl from Ipanema' should look like - I tend to agree.
Then we have Nemcova/Varekova, who always make the usual glamour girls look boring, and come out as far more 'modern' than any '21st century' NYC face.
I am not sure what this Mallory Snyder is doing in the DVD - probably won her spot as a prize in an MTV high school swimsuit babe contest?
Should you buy the DVD? Not a bad choice...

Sunday, April 10, 2005

More on Brazilian model agencies - a new agency, Ten Model, now includes Raquel Zimmermann in its roster. Raquel will be in a Versace campaign and in Dior beauty/cosmetics campaigns.

This Blog brings you more useless factoids than you could ever imagine - did you know that Gisele's dad has authored two books?
Yep, here are the details on Valdir Bundchen's "O ENIGMA DA MUDANCA - Mudar é Romper".
The first one was titled "Como Construir a Si Mesmo – Novos Tempos = Novos Paradigmas", you probably have to visit a Horizontina bookstore to get that. I am clueless.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Four Brazos in a party...

What can I say about this one?
Well, I see two of the winners of the 1996 Brazilian Elite Model Look, one of the finalists from the same contest, and the winner of the 1996 Brazilian Ford Supermodel contest - I guess 1996 was a very good year !!!!!!

Pic from Victoria's Secret "Sexy Volume 3: A Tribute to a Decade of Sexy Swimwear" After Party in New York City, Milk Studios

Who is missing from 1996? Isabeli (she was one of the three winners, along with Ana Beatriz and Michele Alves - Ale was a finalist and the Porto Alegre regional final winner, I think), Daniela Sarahyba, Patricia Barros...

The 'official' Alessandra Ambrosio site is online, here

Notice the videos in the 'Diary' section, in the 'Halloween' one, she talks about Ana Beatriz

Saturday, April 02, 2005

A pic from the "Russian Supermodels" feature of Vanity Fair, feat Valya Zelyaeva (left) and E Volodina.
Valya first appeared in the Russian leg of the 2000 Elite Model Look contest - I know, coz I was present at that contest. I admit that I paid more attention to other contestants, and I have to look really hard to find out if I have any pics featuring her from that event, although I certainly have her on video. Unfortunately, the Russian model contest system collapsed soon after, along with the big Moscow agencies - coz it was cheaper for the NYC model agencies, which by then had taken control of the market, to get mediocre models from obscure agents rather than pay more for the high quality mods who rose through the very competitive ex-USSR contest system, the same system that produced Natalia Semanova, Irina Bondarenko (Gerald Marie's wife) Diana Kovalchuk, Maria Nevskaya, Tatiana Zavialova, Olga Otrokhova (the dude who represents Volodina, Vodianova and over 100 other ex-USSR mods, knows her very well) and all the rest.
After all, very few in NYC could tell the difference between good and mediocre models - and it didn't really matter in any case, since high fashion was quite happy with "Belgians", "bugs" and other creatures...

Valya wasted the years after her modeling debut in Japan and other peripheral markets, married a Brazilian with connections to Mega agency, was "discovered" one day by Ralph Lauren, and the rest is history...
Volodina's fiancee/husband(?) and his one-man show is still the most powerful force in ex-USSR model representation...

Check out GODELS by Giulio Fabris - inc the VF pics and some recent Ana Bia stuff from Italian GQ...