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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Yeah, Paris FW is on...Zzzzzzzzzzzzz...the Parisienne demand mods with 83cm chest maximum - sod them...
The shopping experience for the NY crowd could be better if it wasn't snowing...not exactly "Paris in spring", eh?

Back to more interesting stuff - top left, the four mods are the gorgeous Constantini, a previous Brazil Model Look winner - Ingrid Kelly, the very pretty Fabiana Semprebom and Leticia ?
Top right, Raica, from the cover page of Vizoo magazine.

Below - three pics from the Brazilian No Tricks site - thanks to Debora Dias for the info...

Left - massively cute Carol Francischini, the sensual Carmel Bortoleti, Renata Klem - by now a veteran in the biz, and Joao Veluttini.
Middle pic, Gianne Albertoni with Simone Hanke - and on the right, Roberta Bastos with Fabio Luis.


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