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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A few pics from the SI party...

This was probably intended for the cover page - from the SI Thailand shoot

As for model selection - Daniella Sarahyba is in the issue, not much else to talk about - short video clips with individual mods from the DVD are available at the SI site.


At 2/19/2005 10:13 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

If Ana beatriz wanted to be one of the hip girls in nyc, then she should have never done SI. Or at least not continue to do it for so many years in a row (4).
Ana first appeared in SI, when she was still with IMG, i think.

She lost weight to do the shows? She doesn't even get casted for the shows anymore, wtf! constant appearances as a SI girl/pinup girl took care of that.

Saw Ana in the SI webcast interview, she looked lovely IMO but very jittery, she mentioned about her websites/fans but i think she was talking about websites already up and running not the new one because she mentioned, fans being excited about her doing SI.

Probably alot of horny old men or adolescent boys that have no sense whatsover about the fashion world. They just want to see more Ana skin. I wanna see more Ana Vogue! some high-end campaigns. Cut this SI..BS! seems like it's not doing nothing for her career already! Next..
She mentions J.Lo in the webcast interview, why? J.Lo didn't even cast her for the show! embarrassing. btw, i hear J.Lo is sick right now, with some un-disclosed illness, she just cancelled all her shows with some concerts/tour i guess she was going to do
sorry about the ranting. Just upset that Ana isn't doing better and more madder at the people who manage her career! or maybe it's Ana herself..who knows?

VS has a hot model selection in the latest VS swim catalogue, Fernanda M. is in it. Better model selection IMO than SI.

Would be much happier seein Ana bb doing the Pirelli calandar this year, shot in Brazil.
You don't see Adriana Lima doing SI, SMART GIRL!

Any opinions/feedback?

Mike: It's not that they don't cast Ana for shows. I believe she mentioned in her web chat at spfw, that she loses a lot of money when she does too many shows, money from her different campaigns.

So Mike, that means that ALL the models that do spfw and new york fashion week, paris, london and milan only do these shows because they can't get casted for campaigns?
You're really making me laugh over here! That is so bogus!
Then tell me, how come the top girls do all the shows and they are still casted for the BIG campaigns.
Learn more about modeling please before you comment or at least ask someone that knows at least a little about the modeling industry.

Models like to do shows. true some take a season or two off from the catwalk but it's good exposure for the model and shows allow for the model to get seen by the various designers and designers become familar with them if they are not already and that's how many models get casted for these big campaigns and make big money.
Well at least that is one of the ways they can or may get casted for a campaign.
Shows give the models lots of exposure and it helps out with thier careers.
I've never heard a model losing out on money from a campaign, because she decides to do shows? give me a break.
Agencies, try to do flexible scheduling for the models during FW because these girls like to do the shows so that they can get the exposure to the public, fashion world, clients, designers, media etc.
Now if Ana bb was as famous and in as much demand as Gisele Bundchen, then NO she wouldn't have to do shows, Gisele has already proven herself as a top notch model and she's in the position to pick and choose..unfortunately not Ana. I wish! IMO Ana is a much better model than Gisele and by now she should have that kind of status

At 3/13/2005 12:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before the attacks start, let me say I know nothing about the modeling industry. I'm just a magazine addict. You guys obsess that she's not an A-lister with the fashinistas but maybe Ana is looking for mainstream exposure. Everyone who cares knows her name now thanks to S.I.
Obviously she's far more beautiful than Gisele. I'm just glad for any photo of her I can get. Though I must say her editorials have been rather pedestrian except for a couple she did with Gilles at Elle. Her ads have been striking, however, and the very few VS photos she does are always the best in that issue.Perhaps her look isn't considered edgy enough for the foreign Vogues. Daria gets all that work.
And Yes, I want to see more Ana skin but it's her face that is so jaw-dropping. She's still on the upswing as far as I can see.


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