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Monday, January 03, 2005

Oi !! G Bensimon came out of his creative coma?
There is an ed with Ana Beatriz in the February issue of US Elle.

So - was there any chance JC could stop the AW onslaught? After the phony BBC-televised "Elite sex & drugs scandal" exploded in November 1999, things got very tight - the London agency grannies were so eager to condemn the "mediterranean playboys" who were threatening the chastity of their cokehead darlings that I wonder who really gave BBC's McIntyre the idea for the "expose"...which only exposed the fact that Carolyn Park was doing heroin/coke and her London agency, Select, as well as Marilyn Paris, knew all about it and did nothing. We also learned that maturing French playboys have a poor sense of humor, but that was hardly news...
Whatever the case was, the damage was done, and Elite Models effectively disintegrated after that - they lost their Brazilian and Eastern European contacts and the agency was sidelined - only after some strange episode, when the US Vogue "model editor" got the boot, did AW's minions start to include Elite mods in their "hip in NYC" lists again.
Maybe JC will publish his "tell-all" book after all - or he can email me the text, and I'll gladly print any "compromat" material that has anything to do with my fave obnoxious NYC characters...


At 1/04/2005 1:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's a nice ana b. editorial in brazil vogue this month, as well as one with isabeli which i'll scan. -dk

At 1/04/2005 2:22 AM, Blogger FV said...

The Vogue with Loiane Bienow on the cover, where Ana Beatriz goes tropical?

See if you can find "Lumiere" mag, Isabeli is on the cover

At 1/04/2005 4:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i bought lumiere as well - how could i not? it was a no-brainer! the isabeli section is amazing. the ana b. editorial in brazil vogue is definitely tropical.


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