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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Men's shows are on in Milan - last shows on Thursday - a few female mods are also catwalking, FTV should have the videos soon.
Sao Paulo FW is also on - Gisele will be in Triton, Naomi in TNG and probably Rosa Cha, Daniela Cicarelli and Ricky Martin are the top celebs. Daniela will do Ellus and present the awards for a model contest organized by TIM (Dream TIM)on the 25th.

Gisele says she is really a boring person - and she was jealous of sis Patricia at 14 coz she was luckier with the boys.
The SUN reports that Kate Moss is dating a "crackhead" - and in Prada Group news, Jil Sander has left for the second time, but the brand will be run as "nothing has changed". Tells you how important "designers" are these days.


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