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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ha Ha Ha.. GUESS? model in Prada ads...and maybe Melania Knauss on the US Vogue cover?

It was no joke - 22+ yo Shannan Click appears in new "delightfully tacky" Prada ads.
That's the first time a GUESS? model -"discovered" in a GUESS? casting and not by Russell whatshisname in London - works for Miuccia...
Not that Rowland - she is with Women Models - is willing to advertise her past exploits, but only a year ago, Shannan was flying to Singapore as the guest for the opening of the local GUESS? store...

SEPT 25 2003

IT took the patience of a saint and a seemingly unending supply of mushroom quiche to witness the arrival of Guess? models Shannan Click and Travis Goldstein.
Last Friday, Click and Goldstein - the faces in the label's current advertising campaign - were flown to Singapore to open the Guess? flagship store at the Paragon.

The media was invited to meet them at 6pm, before the 7pm party.
t wasn't until 8.30pm before the pair turned up.
And it was an underwhelming entrance.

Click and Goldstein were certainly attractive, but they lacked that knockout va-va-vroom of an Anna Nicole Smith or Tyrese.
Dressed in black, the pair blended into the crowd and - except for her blonde hair and his height (he's at least 1.85m tall) - it was near impossible to tell them apart from the other well-dressed party guests.
But what the Guess? duo lacked in overt sexuality, they made up in down-to-earth niceness.

Click - who looks like an elongated Baby Spice - was friendly and her radiant smile never left her face.
The 21-year-old Californian was discovered a year ago at a Guess? audition.
She was immediately noticed by Guess? boss Paul Marciano.
'He said he was going to make me a Guess? girl,' she revealed.
Click had to wait five months before getting that call to confirm her job status.
'In this business, people will always make promises, so I didn't expect it.'

Click is now onto her second ad campaign for the fashion label.
'When I was younger, I was like, 'Guess? girl - wow!'. And now, I'm a Guess? girl too!'
She broke into a girlish giggle and rewarded us with another sunny smile.
Click is happy where she is professionally.
'I'm not rich but I've got more money now than I ever did in my 21 years!'
She has ambitions for Hollywood's bright lights, but not now.
'I definitely have plans to move on and I'll probably go into acting. If something comes along, I'll go with it, but I'm happy where I am now.'
She added: 'All I want is to buy a house, have my garden, and live happily ever after.'


Shannan - the usual biz "pros" think she is "new" - has also worked for Wonderbra and J-Lo !!!!!!

She did GUESS? Spring 2003, in Maui, Hawaii - with Fabiana Tambosi (guess who impressed me more !!!!)

Who knows - maybe Landi Swanepoel will be the next Prada girl...


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