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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

"Donald's New Bride" on the US Vogue cover

Doesn't she have a name????
That makes Melania Knauss (originally from Slovenia) one of very few mods on the US Vogue cover in recent years - I guess a fashion model has to get married to Trump to make it on the cover. Hillary Skank or whatever her name is was the other cover contender - she won some movie award recently, but she obviously couldn't sell as many newsstand copies as Melania.
Some vogueys played an important role - "...Knauss chose the Dior gown during the haute couture shows in Paris with help from Vogue editors Sally Singer and Andre Leon Talley... Because of the sheer volume of the dress, the magazine reports, Knauss decided to sit on a bench for dinner because a chair wouldn't work and change into a new outfit - by Vera Wang - following the traditional first dance with her new husband..."
No word if ALT will show up in his infamous lederhosen outfit. In another news item, Pierre Cardin was making fun of Dior dresses - "...You can't walk in shoes like that or hats like that -- to go where? You go to dinner and you need three chairs to sit down..." - or maybe a bench !!!!

Melania Knauss was born in Maribor in the ex-Yugoslavia in 1976, is about 1m78 tall and weighs somewhat less than 60 kilos. The NYC hipsters hate her, and she certainly makes the dowdy high fashion queens look even more boring - but as my favorite ancient philosopher allegedly said, "when money talks, bullshit walks".

Maja Latinovic, also from the ex-Yugoslavia, looks similar and appears in the Wonderbra campaign.

Meanwhile, Meisel's name appears in rather tacky fashion on the cover of the new Vogue Italia, along with the new Prada models and other predictable high fashion faces - does that mean he is no longer a CondeNast "contract photographer"?


At 1/20/2005 8:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wondering here. Are there any NUDE pictures of Melena that have shown up, as of yet?

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