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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Adriana Lima for TIM Italia

Adriana hits the really big time in Europe - she is in the new TIM mobile commercials on Italian TV. The models who appear in these ads become celebs in Italy and beyond - looks like the time has arrived for Adriana to become a huge success commercially, where it matters. After this, she couldn't care less about the objections of the NYC "homoerotic Mary Poppins" crowd, who can't stand her boobaliscious VS ads (but have no such trouble with AW-approved Gisele doing the same) - next season, she'll be the celebrity model in Milan catwalks, while Meisel's faves will remain internationally unknown, begging for a spot in a Banana Republic catalogue.

ROME -- On September 26 TIM launches its latest advertising campaign for "TIM TURBO", TIM's innovative third-generation offering, in a format adopted specially for this campaign.
TIM's high-speed communications technology and services feature in a series of new adverts starring a young couple that fit together to make a film story. The story unfolds as we might expect from the action/romance genre: the woman is pursued as she puts her suitor's true feelings to the test.
The spot was made by Leo Burnett Italia.
The new format was developed by executive creative director Sergio Rodriguez, art director Alessia Casini and copywriter Gaia Stagnitti. The series of adverts stars a brand-new female face for TIM. When her boyfriend Diego (played by Spaniard David Guillo') asks her to marry him, beautiful Brazilian-born top model Adriana Lima runs off and sends him the first of several MMS messages: "Marry me if you catch me."

Thanks to Giulio F for the news item.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Gisele's dog drama - Vida said to be "abandoned" in LA

The Sun reports that Leo lets Gisele go, but not her dogs - or why pics of Daria+Josh are already outdated
(btw when the British media says that someone is "comforting" somebody, that's a euphemism for bonking)

"...LEONARDO DiCAPRIO has been dumped by his lover of the last four years, GISELE BUNDCHEN.
The supermodel fled their Los Angeles home for New York and is now being comforted by Pearl Harbor star JOSH HARTNETT.
A pal said: “It’s definitely over. Gisele got fed up waiting for Leo to pop the question. She loves him but no longer sees him as the man she will marry.
“The whole experience has been traumatic — Gisele has left her three dogs behind in LA because Leo is very close to them.
“They have a lot to sort out and hopefully they can remain friends.
“Gisele has become very close to Josh. He’s been a great help to her over the last few weeks.�
Gisele and Josh met at a party thrown by designer MARC JACOBS in New York, where Josh lives.
Gisele, once dubbed The Boobs From Brazil, left Leo once before but went back to him.
This time it looks like it’s for keeps

After this episode, I am transferring my old "love/hate Gis+Leo+Vida" poll here...

Another major news story in the paper - Christina Aguilera calls Britney "trailer trash" !!!
"...The singer — who has had a long-running feud with Britney — insists that when she and fiancé Jordan Bratman get married they WON’T be wearing tracksuits or scoffing hamburgers afterwards...
She says she was horrified to hear Britney bought her own engagement ring and said it looked cheap. “I can’t believe that girl bought her own ring. I’ve seen it up close. It looks like she got it on shopping channel QVC.
“She’s not trailer trash, but she sure acts that way

Monday, September 27, 2004

Milan FW pics

This site may be in Italian, but it features pics from all the Milan shows, not just the ones Vogue/Elle consider "important". Click on the pics - more photos are added every day.
The selection features, from top left - perhaps Bianca Klamt (not sure), Nicole Witte, an obviously "enhanced" Gianne Albertoni and the sort of Aussie model Italians like better - Megan Gale.

Nick N send me this pic of Ale Ambrosio - I don't think the dress fit is 100% right...

Sunday, September 26, 2004

VS Tour details...

NEW YORK - The Victoria's Secret Angels will be hitting the road for the lingerie retailer's first nationwide tour: Angels Across America.

Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio will present the 2004 holiday gift collection in New York on Nov. 8, then travel to Chicago (Nov. 9), Las Vegas (Nov. 11) and Los Angeles (Nov. 12).

In Las Vegas, the Angels will be inducted into the Hard Rock Hall of Fame. Outside the Bellagio Hotel, the renowned fountain show will welcome the models with pink water.

The tour will end in Los Angeles in a Victoria's Secret version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

A one-hour special documenting the tour will air Dec. 13 on VH1

When they get to LA, someone should show Ale the Jet Propulsion Laboratory - it's better than NASA.

Any good pics from the Saturday Un-Dress show in Milan?

Friday, September 24, 2004

Isabeli Bergossi Fontana is now famous enough to participate in charities. In the state of Parana, you can buy an "Isabeli for Life" - Isabeli pela Vida - t-shirt with the money going to a hospital for young children with cancer in Curitiba, the capital of the state. Other celebs from the area, like Luana Piovani, also take part.
Her mother, Maribel Bergossi, in late August, attributed the problems with Alvaro to (Isabeli's) "precocious success", jealousy and "competition in the profession" saying that both are very young and Alvaro behaved "stupidly".

Alvaro btw is in the Custo Barcelona campaign along with Susan Eldridge.

Marcelle Bittar remains popular - she will do an exclusive for YSL in Paris on October 10th, and also appears in the new GAP campaign.

A new Brazilian model, Solange, reportedly impressed F Costa, the CK designer. She is with the Eskimo Models office in Brazil and is 15 yo, from Florianopolis. She may do exclusives for Jil Sander and Chanel and appears on the cover of a Vogue Paris beauty special.

Carol Francischini - or her sketch - is in a new Calvin Klein perfume campaign.

London fashion week is over, Milan shows start this weekend. Meanwhile, trashmeister Karl Lagerfeld "...has stipulated that photographers at his show next month must wear black trousers, white shirts and suit jackets".

Lots of models show up in leopard prints this season - I think Ana Bia looks ultra-vixenish in this one, photographed by Ellen V Unwerth, making Gisele for Valentino look more like a spotty kitten.
I posted Tally Weijl ads before, it looks like they liked Ana and used her again. The campaign appears in Germany and around mainland Europe (btw they have two shops in Milan).
The 1.66 by 1.16 meter ad poster is 30 euros - from their e-shop.
I suspect this will be a Halloween-only look in the US - certain ladies tend to choose leopard outfits for the festivities - unless there is a "Mary Poppins" version.

Elena Rosenkova is an example of a model that may be considered as an "alternative beauty" - in fact she can look similar to Daria Werbowy from certain angles, but is probably too complicated for NYC types or their clients.
She is doing great in Europe where she was among the stars of the Spanish fashion weeks (free of Bugs and other strange high fashion creatures - although Liya, now "legendary" in NYC, was present) and appears in the Andres Sarda campaign. The outfit she had in one of the shows made the headlines around the world - in this report from the Pasarela Cibeles Sarda show on the 22nd, she is in the last photo.
In my scan from back in 2000, she appeared in the March issue of Nylon as an Elite Models "fresh" face in NYC

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Linda E under the knife

I previously poked some fun at Linda Evangelista for her "new" look - "now looking ten years younger" according to the mainstream media - and wondered how some cosmetics companies could swindle their customers (although that seems to be standard practice in NYC/London, with Katie's fake eyebrows for Rimmel, etc) by putting her on their cosmetics campaigns
The usual AW/Meisel/Katie fan club of course claims that Linda achieved her new look by natural means - now she herself admits some "surgery" was used...

"...Supermodel Linda Evangelista has confessed to undergoing cosmetic surgery and is planning to have more.
The Canadian beauty has only had minor surgery -- but she's considering major work in a bid to prolong her catwalk career.
The 39-year-old says, "I am certainly thinking about it. I have already had Botox, like all the models. I am happy to admit it..."

Like "all the models" ????
Remember that before you buy "luxury" cosmetics products, as advertised in Vogue, etc

The ex Miss Teen Niagara also shows how ungrateful she is - in the interview she gave to the Style magazine included with the UK Sunday Times (and which Cathy posted) she gives this explanation about how she became big:
"...Even after I moved to New York, it took three years for my career to get going. I went to see photographers more than once, usually with a changed portfolio, but the answer was always no. Eventually, Peter Lindbergh gave in and used me. Don’t ask me why — I think he just got sick of seeing me...".

About her ex, Gerald Marie: "...The “mistakes� include a disastrous marriage in 1987 to Gerald Marie, who was the director of Linda’s model agency, Elite, in Paris. “It was a mistake to marry him and it sure was a mistake to let him take control of my affairs,� she says bitterly. “But my life restarted when I walked away from my husband..."

Yeah right - others asked "why", and everyone who read the M Gross book (Linda is obviously not aware of it) knows that she was a nobody before she met and married Gerald M - her previous relationship with photographer Andre Rau didn't help much - and it was the Elite Paris boss who arranged the makeover (the same Paris hairdresser who did that also gave Leticia Birkheuer the brunette makeover that made her "high fashion hip", I think) and made sure, along with AW, Meisel and Lindbergh, that she appeared on Vogue covers for over 12 months in a row - it was part of the "high fashion supermodel" marketing plan, engineered by Elite and Gianne Versace on one hand, and certain biz figures on the other. All that is verified by many different sources, quoted in the Gross book.

I wonder if the Mac Viva Glam V and Nars cosmetics people have informed their customers that Linda E has at least a major Botox operation - I suspect the UK Advertising Standards authority will get involved with this soon...

I am sure that many good beauty/cosmetics models, who never had any such "enhancements", will voice their disagreement with the "all mods do it" comment

All that hoopla has to do with Linda E catwalking in London again - and she'll probably do a few shows in Milan and Paris as well. I wonder if W mag has removed her from the official "bitchy" list...

If you get your info from the NY Times or WWD, you would think US Vogue was doing great and their competitors were struggling -in fact, AW's mag was down over 11% in ad pages in August - compared to August 2003 - whereas H Bazaar was up over 44% !!!
January to August, Vogue is still down over 5.4% while HB is up 14.4% and US Elle up 1.9%.
What AW is really worried about is InStyle -- they are up 8.7% in ad pages and 22% in ad revenue, to over 210 million dollars, while Vogue is only 3.6% up in ad revenue, to 146 mil
Looks like the InStyle editrix is going to whip AW's ass again - is it the third year in a row?

Monday, September 20, 2004

CINEMA by YSL Beaute, etc

Michelle Alves looks amazing in the campaign for the brand new CINEMA perfume, by YSL Beaute - photography by Mondino. The product launch is slated for October, but promo posters may already be available at your local beauty store - in Europe at least.

Why didn't they use one of the NYC hip "beauty" models, like Omahyra, Karen Elson or Anouck L? (Katie is way too exclusive)
The usual suspects will be pissed - Rowland, Bart and Co will end up making bugger-all money if clients choose to use proper models. Not having Tom Ford around (he was responsible for casting K Elson for the re-launch of YSL Rive Gauche, the ludicrous S Dahl for Opium, etc) is already hurting the hip crowd - AW was right when she said that his departure from fashion was a disaster (for her cash flow).

I got the Special Mode issue of French Elle - I buy it every year, even though I stopped paying much attention to the mag after it went semi-edgy. The Natalia Vodianova pics (dozens of them) are actually quite good, no shitty high fashion photography here. Elle can claim they used her before the hipsters knew she existed, although that's like me saying I was wearing a baseball hat before it became hip with the fashionistas.

Vodya impersonating the Copenhagen Little Mermaid, my scan (seems to be the only one) from an old classic French Elle beauty feature - I don't think the types who salivate over S Meisel's homoerotic female nudity will be as elated about this one...
The ads are mixed - the usual globalization high fashion fare dominates (but the Moschino CheapandChic models don't show their faces, as in most Euro mags so far). Why should I care about Luca G impersonating Daniela Urzi for BOSS - Hugo Boss? Among the few ads worthy of mention are Tod's (Anja Rubik?) and the two campaigns with Diana Dondoe - the Nina Ricci one beats the various Bug "specials" by miles. Diana is a high fashion aberration, like Hana, Raquel Zimmermann and a couple more among the "hip" mods - she was actually one of the best young models in Romania before she became widely known, while Hana was the top young Czech mod when she was 13/14 yo. Girlie kittenish Hana btw looks convincingly sensual in the Gucci Envy Me perfume ad.
Sportmax looks like the promo poster for a sequel of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Nadine S could easily get a job for Hustler mag and looks naughty enough for the Malizia line of LaPerla - her boobs look smaller than a year ago.
Isabelli is overused this season - her Versace ad certainly looks better than the average for the brand. The Nina Ricci "Love in Paris" perfume ad went overboard in the hair styling dept. The Chloe mods are a good example of what non-descript blondes look like. Erin Wasson running in some ersatz Fontainebleau forest for Legerfeld Gallery is too eclectic for me. The French lingerie ads are a complete disaster - although the Etam vixens look interesting. Some of the girls in the NafNaf ads are intriguing - any IDs?

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Kabbalistic Britney goes bonkers - reports...

Relax, it's just fiction loosely based on fact - sort of like the DaVinci Codes

Read about Britney being told to lose weight - she was advised to have more sex by her doctor to burn off the calories (they are just joking !!) The story about Britney planning to "stuff her beaver pet, Kevin" may not be 100% factual either - to say the least !!!

"...Lynne Spears alleges that 'dark forces' have turned the innocent pop princess from a sweet, carefree teenager into a sex-crazed junky fag hag with a serious weight problem. "It all started when that slut Madonna gave her that Kabbalah book," sobbed the tearful mother-of-two. Lynne's shocking revelations come hard on the heels of recent allegations that Britney has sacrificed two chickens — or possibly her pet Canadian beaver — to win the forthcoming MTV awards. Kabbalah, a charismatic cult which is sweeping America, numbers such celebrities as Madonna, Demi Moore, Roseanne Barr and Posh Spice amongst its followers. Its fanatical fans are encouraged to 'empower' themselves by 'raising the love monkey' — cult jargon for frenzied self-gratification — and the donation of huge wodges of cash to the movement's headquarters in Los Angeles.

Pausing only to wipe away a tear from the enormous cheque we handed her — Lynne went on to list a chilling catalogue of crimes Madonna has bewitched Britney into, explaining that the teen tartlet had:
Tasted the LOVE JUICES of the Olsen Twins at a celebrity party hosted by Demi Moore.

Given EXECUTIVE RELIEF to Secretary of Defence, Dick Cheney, at a drug-fueled orgy held at the President's ranch.

Lit up a cigarette in front of children in a busy shopping mall.

Indulged in casual FRENCH KISSING with dozens of celebrities, some of them men.

Laughed while she KICKED her sister, Jamie-Lynne's cat down a flight of stairs.

Faked her knee injury to be able to spend more time on her back.

Shamelessly FONDLED Madonna's LOVE BUTTON during a satanic ritual designed to steal Kevin Federline away from his fiancé, Shar Jackson.

Cast an appetite-loss spell on Mary-Kate Olsen.

Faked her ORGASMS during live performances to boost her flagging popularity.

Summoned up the GHOST of Elvis Presley and had EXPLOSIVE sex with the King.

SCREAMED out the 72 names of god while Madonna WHIPPED her ample BOOTIE with a length of wet string soaked in Red Bull.

Driven her mother's SUV over a reporter while sticking PINS in a wax effigy of arch-rival, Christina Aguilera.

Hypnotized Paris Hilton into exposing her LEFT BOOBIE on live television.

"Kabbalah is a dangerous cult," fulminated Rabbi Immanuel Sprocket, a New York-based scholar of Jewish philosophy and mysticism. "These sickos are distorting the Jewish faith by taking our sacred books and using them to summon up the emissaries of Satan."

The 22-year-old pop princess is reported to have been introduced to the cult last year by Madonna at a party held at the bisexual megastar's Scottish Castle. Afterwards, Ms Ciccone's director-husband, Guy Ritchie, is said to have 'initiated' the teen tartlet in a bizarre ritual during which Britney orgasmed thirty-seven times.

"I have seen tens of thousands of teenagers whose lives have been ruined by this evil cult," added Sprocket. "I'm not talking about a bit of girl-on-girl after a few beers too many. These sickos will stop at nothing to gain their five minutes of fame."

Utterpants has learned that Ms Spears had asked Efraim Rabidobitch, the cult's fifty-seven-year-old charismatic leader to bless her forthcoming marriage by the exchange of genital rings — a traditional custom among the followers of this decadent movement. But Britney Spears' plans to have an intimate body piercing session with her fiancé Kevin Federline on their wedding day have been nipped in the bud in the nick of time by her mum, Lynne.

According to an impeccable source who delivers pizzas to the teen tartlet, the junkie fag hag and her husband-to-be were planning to get pierced together on their wedding day in November. Efraim, an enthusiastic advocate of circumcision, had generously offered to attach the matching diamond studded, platinum pentagrams in exchange for being the first to kiss the blushing bride, or possibly nail her, we're not sure which, as Mr Rabidobitch's English is none too good. Britney, no stranger to having a tiny prick between her muscular thighs, is said to have jumped at the chance, only to have her hopes dashed when her mum Lynne burst into her bedroom while the Jewish prophet was trying to pierce Britney's beef curtains with a safety-pin.

Britney is said to be 'devastated' — or possibly 'deforested' — by the cancellation of the ceremony, after paying through her pretty nose for a deluxe waxing at an exclusive Malibu beauty parlour in anticipation of the ritual piercing.

The duo reportedly already have matching navel piercings, with Britney sporting a fetching miniature can of Red Bull attached to her love button and Federline having a platinum coke spoon dangling from his rather less attractive beer gut..."

Thursday, September 16, 2004

A UK Guardian hack, covering the R Lauren show, pointed out the obvious:

"...Fashion is always about idealisation, but without a pinch of realism it merely looks like a costume. This was inadvertently highlighted by the models themselves, whose tattoos (still popular among models these days) and multiple ear piercings looked odd juxtaposed against the white angora sweaters and baby-pink satin gowns.
When clothes can't even overcome the reality of a fashion model, you have to wonder how they'll cope with actual women..."

Obviously, that's hardly a concern for those responsible for model selection - and the "clients" seem powerless to do anything about it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

As is evident from this photo, among the pics in the S Meisel editorial in W mentioned before, in addition to the male "homoerotic" theme, several female mods -some displaying their breasts- are also featured.
Here is another example (the pics appear in the W magazine website)

It would be interesting to know what the idiotic US Vogue editor who criticized Jessica Miller for "losing her clothes too often" -because she showed some of the same body parts in a W mag editorial (yep, the same mag, allegedly known for its hip imagery) has to say about this...

Maybe poor Jessica's nudity wasn't Meisel-endorsed?

Perhaps certain Conde Nast characters see nothing wrong in "homoerotic" or otherwise "alternative" nudity but object to any nudity involving sensual women that may appeal to (straight) men...

Not to mention that the usual assholes who object to "excess nudity" (of the "conventional" kind, of course) will probably find nothing to complain about this time around...

For the more recent Blog visitors - here is what M. Gross says about Meisel in his book:

"..."Meisel and a pack of powerful fashion friends were trying to resurrect the cult of the fashion photographer of the sixties...In the beginning, he was imitating his idol, Avedon, whom he worshipped since grade school...he copies anything from Horst to Bourdin and poses his models as actresses and mannequins of earlier times..."

Gross also mentions an interview Meisel once gave to gay mag "Advocate", in which he said that he always liked to photograph "...more effeminate-looking men, more masculine-looking women, and drag queens in hopes of teaching that there is a wide variety of people...there's absolutely a queer sensibility to my work...but there's also a sense of humor...a sarcasm and a fuck you attitude as well as a serious beauty"

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

William M send me this pic from Kiev - apparently the Ukrainian leg of the Ford Models "Supermodel" contest will take place in Kiev, on September 25th. The model babe is apparently from Donetsk - click on the pic for more details. Karin Kiev is organising the contest once again, they have loads of good mods so the winners should be OK. The second model agency mentioned, Model's D-Vision MG, is in the Donbass (river Don basin) region of Eastern Ukraine, probably in Donetsk.

Anyone knows if Elite Look will take place in Russia/Ukraine this year? If not, it won't be very credible as an international contest.

A horrible thought just occured - what if the dudes in Meisel's W ed show up in "Mary Poppins" fashions? The Wal-Mart types will certainly applaud the concept.

Shows so far - people were waiting for Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui to see who the new season "hip" faces will be. A busload of mostly nondescript ex-USSR types along with loads of "fresh" US models arrived just before the shows, and apparently stole a few show casting places from the better known (but not really) faces - that was also evident in the MJ show. The Bugs were present in force in both. In the Sui show, several of the "Ye Olde Faithful" types - like Audray Marnay -showed up (don't tell me, Betak was involved in the show?) and even Naomi C was there. I don't remember Naomi doing so many shows in NYC before, looks like the locals finally accepted that she is the the only real supermodel still active, whether they like it or not. The negative publicity that she continues to receive from AW's "fans" isn't helping the "use supermodels to sell clothes" concept championed by Vogue, but old habits die hard.

Alessandra Ambrosio in the Rosa Cha show, photo by dk

Monday, September 13, 2004

I wonder...

Could the startling revelation (read Update II, below) that S Meisel - rather than the mature Italian lady with the doorless office who pretends to run the mag - is the real Vogue Italia editrix, shock the fashion world?
Yeah, right.
Mr Xerox (M. Gross revealed in his book that Meisel was known as such in the biz during the late 80s/early 90s) is in the news again - the predictable NY Times hacks (Don't Try This in Vogue, Sept 12) reveal that Conde Nast management decided to enrich W magazine with Meisel's artistry, for the very first time - an ed titled "ASexual Revolution" appears today (NY Times articles are always timely)

The pics in the article depict models in an attire familiar to anyone who frequented provincial British dance clubs in the 80s - I bet the Londoners will find the aesthetic as amusing and novel as the Ozzy Osbourne revival. The hack explains that "W has long been the most adventurous of mainstream American fashion magazines in imagery" - ie they print semi-naked pics of Kate Moss, which always drive the local hipsters crazy.
The rest, who have seen countless pics of Katie in full fluffiness (her stolen anatomically-correct butt casting from a London artist's studio has not yet been recovered though) couldn't care less.

We are informed that the editorial's "gender bending" is so significant for NYC fashionistas that "Next week under the tents, people will be talking about it ...That may be all they're talking about."
No wonder, since the NYFW is so terminally boring, with all the Bugs and assorted weirdos. No lesbian queens making news either - where is Amanda Moore with her vixenish Vogue editor partner? She didn't dyke-punch anyone this time around.

We also learn that US businesses like Wal-Mart and 7-Eleven may ban the mag because they will object to Meisel's "overtly homoerotic portfolio".
If Blog readers know any 7-Eleven customer who buys one of the measly 45,000 newsstand copies of W sold anywhere, tell me and I'll print his/her name.

On top of all that, a "curator" who had something to do with a "Men in Skirts" museum (!!) show apparently believes that the retro-editorial will be a "really potent social critique" - obviously of the "Mary Poppins" world that AW advocates.

Another scandal - not only is Meisel running Vogue Italia, he is now also "critiquing" A Wintour's shitty fashion dictates !!!

Some pics I found - dunno who took them - from the Lenny show in Rio Fashion.
The models are:
Gianne Albertoni with Fabiane Nunes, Ana Beatriz Barros with Elen Jabour, Isabel Gulart with Constantini and Isabela Tavares and finally, Mariana Marcki.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Fabiana Tambosi offers her interpretation of "Let me be Your Teddy Bear" - from a Brazilian Triton campaign.

Alvaro a baby snatcher??

I don't think too many people know who Lillian Pieroni (in the pic) is - she's been around for a while, seemed to enjoy an active social life in NYC, Leticia Birkheuer mentioned her as a very close friend in interviews, but I hardly see why her wedding warrants a story in - unless it's a Zampolli plug since Nadejda is with ID Models, she is an ex Miss Moldova I think.

The interesting news is the stuff about Isabelli's baby. If the police is involved, it's obviously more than a petty family dispute.

"...COUNTLESS international models and New York jet-setters converged on Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Palace Hotel for IMG mannequin Lilian Pieroni's wedding to a very fortunate Brazilian banker a few days back. Gothamites including Adam Dell, the venture-capitalist brother of computer mogul Michael Dell, joined top models like Leticia Birkheuer, Michelle Alves and Galliano girl Nadejda Savcova in the festivities. Fashion world moguls were in attendance as well, with Valentino big Giancarlo Giammetti and ID Models owner Paolo Zampolli on hand to toast the lucky couple. The hottest topic of conversation was the recent disappearance of Hermes model Isabeli Fontana's 1-year-old son Zion, who police suspect was snatched by Fontana's ex-husband, a former model named Αlvaro Jacomossi. The child had yet to be found, but cops were scouring the island paradise of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil in search of the missing toddler..."

Alvaro and Isabeli lived in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina province, from what I know - perhaps with Alvaro's parents, but I am not sure.

I suspect that if Isabeli had not suddenly become so hip with high fashion types, all this may not have happened.

When did Alvaro stop modelling btw?

Below,Alvaro and Isabelli just 2 months ago, in Rio

As for the bullshit stories about Isabeli being Vogue's and AW's "face of the millennium", most people should remember the time when she was in the "hip in NYC" lists along with many other Brazilians, back when Gisele was really big, in the late 90s - but she was removed from the hipster charts after 2001, when AW's lackeys publically declared (via their London mouthpiece, the Daily Telegraph) that "Brazilian models are over". Then the "Belgians" arrived and much changed in the past 5 years - but the Brazilians proved to be too popular and AW's cronies could not afford to ignore them for long.
German Vogue once mentioned Polish mod Malgosia Bela as the Vogue empire's "Face of 2000" - but that was before NYC modelling biz types consolidated their power, and Paris was still the modelling biz center. I remember when the better IMG people were operating from Paris (Isabelli, Jeisa and Ana Beatriz moved there and got a lot of hype in late 1999/2000, when IMG was really pushing their Brazilians) - they declared an Olga Maliuk as their "face of the future" - if you know where Olga is nowdays, drop them a line.
This crap usually comes from biz "professionals" of course, who are always the biggest ignorants when it comes to models and modelling history.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Rosa Cha show "exclusives"

Our trusty fashion correspondent, dk, infiltrated the Rosa Cha show and shot these pics:

Friday, September 10, 2004

Bugs, etc

This may be useful for those who find the recent high fashion hip names to be "pretty", "glamorous", "elegant" and even attempt to compare them to proper fashion models - according to the NY Times, "...current runway stars like Heather Marks and Lisa Cant, two from among a crop of large-eyed creatures who resemble John Currin paintings and who are known in the business as the Bugs..."

Of course, "Bugs need love too", some would claim - OK, but can't they give them some other job to do and keep them away from modelling?
Some obviously hadn't had enough of this post-modern "ironic take on everything" bullshit.

I thought that this Currin fella may be yet another celebrated transvestite from the Warhol era - an artsy type explains: "..Take one look at John Currin's paintings and you could assume he likes stupid women with big tits. Pouting, wide-eyed ingénues look vacantly out of his canvases while ladies in mini-skirts measure each other's immense breasts...Currin depicts a bizarre and very American world of ageing divorcees, 70s pin-ups and cliché gay couples..."

According to a marketing type, the average US Vogue reader is a "33+ yo NYC racy divorcee with 2.5 children..." so maybe there is a connection somewhere.

Yet another indication that high fashion continues to operate on a London aristotrash / Miuccia Prada mentality. For those who may not be aware of Miuccia's mindset, she claimed several times that her clothes (she is not a designer of course, she employs low-cost British art school labor for that, like most hip Vogue advertisers) are really intended as a joke on middle-class people - and that she is inspired by the "banal".

A look at high fashion hip model faces is certainly inspiring, in that regard.

The NY Times hack does yet another pathetic suckup job to AW (but that was expected)-it looks like the article was written when the September US Vogue issue came out, but they decided to scrap the "Vogue story only" and add some totally unrelated stuff to the piece to make it look less of a Conde Nast promo. For anyone who cares, they quote some AW wisdom too - she says: "I had a sort of feeling that we were saturated and slightly OD'ing on the celebrity factor..." (no shit, says FV)"...Models are more reserved, less overexposed, if you like...they have more mystique and glamour...They also help you pay more attention to the clothes"

This year's sucker (last year the title went to Escada) is Ann Taylor. Their people got swindled out of several million dollars - as the hack explains "...a multimillion-dollar campaign that Annie Leibovitz has photographed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ann Taylor and that features 50 models drawn from this week's catwalks...The campaign itself is being promoted in the 685 Ann Taylor stores, as well as in a 50-page Vogue insert..."
Everyone gets to cash in with a client like this one, inc Karen Elson's sister, Kate, who did some sort of filming project. A company executive says that "...From its beginning in 1954, Ann Taylor has worked with some of the world's most beautiful women..."
Sure, but what does that have to do with AW's fave models? Calling them "beautiful" is something they may find insulting.

Update: I didn't comment on the hack's observation (Not to be obvious, Models are back, Sept 10, NY Times) that the mods on the Sept Vogue cover looked "submissive and unchallenging" - after all, that's what the biz expects from models, and it certainly suits the mentality and the agendas of most of the major players who are involved in model selection and promotion. I pointed out in the past several instances when the NYC/London "pros" tried to manufacture "fresh" models with an empty book - most of the time they manage OK, but their ignorance doesn't always alert them to the fact that the mod had been around for years doing shows in NYC for nothing - which of course raises the question of why the "pros" didn't notice the mod's "qualities" two, three or even seven years ago.
One day I may publish some of the dialogues between the Prada hip model picker in London, Russell Marsh, and some models who had to endure his bullshit attitude - not that anyone will bother...
As to why male fashion models are "conventionally" beautiful 90% of the time and female (high fashion) models are quirky 95% of the time, again, it doesn't take a MSc in Psychology to figure out why the discrepancy exists.

Update II: From a Canuck Bug interview, revealing some of retro-photographer S Meisel's tricks - btw, I used to refer to the Vogue Italia editrix as the "alleged editrix" - Ms Bug confirms that cover selection is not one of her duties...
"...The switch to a smaller agency paid off. Last December she (Lisa Cant) met renowned photographer Steven Meisel. Aside from shooting many top ad campaigns, Meisel is responsible for much of the editorial in the highly influential Italian Vogue. "He chooses the cover every month. He has a lot of power because his pictures are amazing," Cant says. "He pretty much took over my career."
Meisel locked Cant into an "exclusive" meaning, "he wants to know every job you are doing, and he'll say yes or no to it."
(tells you how much power bookers and agent bosses have these days...)
Her first shoot with Meisel resulted in an Italian Vogue cover for March. "That was such a surprise," Cant demurs. It was followed by a second in April. Having been anointed by Meisel catapulted Cant on to 40 runways for the fall 2004 show season including Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Chanel..."

So maybe it's not the clients who demand these "quirky" models, as the various hacks allege - they probably just follow AW's and Supreme Anointer Meisel's dictates, or no Vogue advertising for them. They are hardly in a position to bargain - they know that blacklisting by the Nasties, for going against the retro-Illuminati of high fashion means certain high fashion death. Either that, or they are just insecure characters who can't exercise any personal judgment and will simply take whatever Meisel and Co foists on them - the choice is theirs.

Rosa Cha NYFW show casting

The casting choices for the Rosa Cha show later on Friday are reported (by Erikapalomino) to be the following:

Isabeli Fontana, Natasha (?), Carol Ribeiro, Carol Trentine, Caroline W, Heather Marks, Nicole T, Valentina Zelyaeva, Susan Eldrige, Dewi Driegen, Linda Vojtova, Julia (Stegner), Marta, Naomi, Michelle Buswell, Ujjwala, Michele Alves, Jeisa, Jessica Miller, Liliane Ferrarezi, Natalya G, Cameron, Polina, Maja (Latinovic)

Too much high fashion "clutter" in my opinion, with many important Brazilians missing. The locals will like it (although they have yet to grasp the swimsuit thing, which is alien to them) - the rest will probably be indifferent.

Argentinian supermod Ines Rivero was in the Gottex show, while "Mortal Combat" star Irina Pantaeva appeared in the Yeohlee show.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Wim over at has a new gallery with many Mariana Marcki pics I've never seen before - Mariana may be the best young Brazilian fashion model, I think she looks better than Gisele looked at 19.

Mariana with Ana Hickmann and Schynaider in what must be the latest "Shopping Iguatemi" ad in Brazil.

The pros tell us that Karin Models NYC has a "Nicole" and a "Witte" among their "breaking faces" - and I thought one of the best known mods in Europe, Nicole Witte (from a Blumarine luxury lingerie show in Milan, below) finally made it to NYC...

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Note the new email address...


Big image files are OK

"Exploring good taste" my ass - you can't teach an old dog new tricks, says me.

Some IMG toothless wonder I mentioned before appears in a list of "hip this season" hipsters find anything else to be expressive in a woman's face other than her eyebrows?...P Rowland is now into Polaroid photography...Carol Ribeiro is officially hip again...Yep, Jemma, Lily and Co will be hip this season also - their hype campaign costs have not been amortised yet...I dunno about "kitten faced" models, but hip NYC kittens must look really weird...IMG continues to "discover" ex-USSR faces in Canada - I wonder what will happen if they start scouting in Coney Island...if you thought An Oost looked bad, you haven't seen the new eclectic blondes the usual suspects are hawking...if you don't like them, go and buy Cosmopolitan... the concept of French Elle exporting semi-edgy models to NYC is so bizarre, I refuse to comment...Worry no longer, a US Linda Vojtova "lookalike" was discovered...Does the modelling world so desperately need an All-American superstar right this minute? I never felt that urge...what happened to Erin Wasson?...Oh, well...

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Brazilian model sisters in NYC

The Barros sisters, Ana Beatriz and Patricia, apparently in Soho, NYC.
Anyone knows who shot this pic?
They obviously shop for dresses at the same place - can someone tell what Ana Bia bought? (the bag says "Scoop" I think...)

Patricia looks like she is "expecting" something...

A good example for fashion correspondents - when you see a mod on the street, you don't freeze. You can shoot from far away, as in this case, which can be annoying, but why not be more daring and approach your subject(s). I could have shot 30 pics in burst mode while talking, if I was there !

Fashion has lots of pseudo-divas, but Svetlana Khorkina is the real deal, and looks better than them on the cover of a fashion mag - from the August 2004 issue of Russian Elle, photo by Calle Stolz/LundLund.

V mag shoot with Marilyn Brazil mods

You want babes - here is a megadose of Brazilian model babes, all with Marilyn Brazil

Starting from the one with the green t-shirt (Adriana) and going clock-wise:
Adriana Kaye, Cintia Dicker, Michelli Provensi, Schynaider, Renata Klem, Eliana Weirich, Palloma Dreher, Vanessa Gram and Carol Trentini.

The girls were taking part in a shoot for V magazine, in late August, along with other Brazilian mods (all from Marilyn) including Michelle Alves, Carol Ribeiro, Ana Bela, etc
Cute Carol Trentini, now with darker hair, remains popular, and recently shot several editorials for US Vogue.

Looks like S Mattos (Mega Rio) is starting a new model agency.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

More news on Lord Black and Barbara Amiel - Barbara is of course one of A Wintour's best friends, she appeared next to AW in fashion shows, they were often reported having launch together in NYC and she also appeared in a big US Vogue feature. Black ownes (owned?) the UK Telegraph, which is of course the official voice of the London vogueys.

"...Lord Black plundered his former company, Hollinger International, the then owner of the Daily Telegraph, on a vast scale, according to a 500-page report published yesterday. The document, the result of a yearlong internal investigation, embellishes an earlier $1.25bn lawsuit against Lord Black and other former executives of the company, accusing them of extraordinary greed. According to the latest report, Lord Black charged the company almost $43,000 (£27,000) for a birthday party he threw for his wife Barbara Amiel at New York's La Grenouille restaurant. Celebrity guests, including Oscar de la Renta, Barbara Walters and Ron Perelman, enjoyed Beluga caviar and lobster. The couple also claimed as expenses $2,463 for Lady Black's handbags, $3,530 for silverware for the Blacks' corporate jet and $24,950 for "summer drinks". Publication of the long-awaited report could accelerate parallel investigations by US criminal and financial authorities.
Lord Black and a small coterie, including the former deputy chairman of the company, David Radler, have been accused of skimming more than $400m from the business in the past seven years. The lawsuit, including damages, is for three times that amount.
They have been accused of taking excessive compensation, unapproved bonuses, fees and loans, and selling themselves assets from the company at bargain prices, as well as the headline grabbing personal expenses.
The report also singles out a former US assistant secretary of defence, Richard Perle (one of the top neoconservative heroes, says FV) who sat on the Hollinger International board, for particular criticism. It hints that the company may launch a separate legal claim against him to claim back money he earned as a director.
Mr Perle was accused of a "head-in-the-sand" mentality, rubber-stamping Lord Black's actions while being awarded a $3m bonus..."

"... it all went bad after Black's wife, Barbara Amiel Black, opened her closets to Vogue, gushing that "I have an extravagance that knows no bounds". The excess inspired a disgruntled Hollinger shareholder to go looking for Black's skeletons

So, company shareholders can thank AW for helping them getting rid of the Blacks (who also own half of Canada's media) - I don't think her NYC cronies will be too eager to report on all this...